I love Assisi

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Evening, on my way to guesthouse from the church of San Damiano, there were a sign for sale. I wished I could pay if I had enough money. 6/12/2019

It's always a shame before you leave anywhere. People are programmed to never be 100% satisfied by nature. Even more so if you enjoyed times you spent there. Assisi was a fascinating town to me in many ways.

Even the last moonlight seen from here is romantic.

The life at metropolitan of ​​Korea is too busy and hectic due to the overly intensive development nearby the capital. Not enough places to stay calming down the mind and body. Even living in the countryside is uncomfortable for those who are accustomed to modernization owing to the gap of life style between city and country. The only attitude is to find their own way in the place where they live. If I pick up a moderately civilized city with natural atmosphere in Korea, Jeju Island would be the case.

Before leaving Assisi, 06/13/2019

The most impressive thing coming to Europe was sounds of bell ringing dispersed in every place at the right time. This custom has been long since disappeared in Korea. Sound of wooden percussion instrument used for chanting by Buddhist monk or a bell cannot be found because temples are hidden deep inside the mountains. If the sound occurs in the middle of town, complaints immediately come in and might be justified not to be admitted selectively as religious excuse. It is ironic that the noise of commercials is tolerated. This era is built on the firm capitalism as religion. People of this era are disinterested in religions. That's why I seek for spirituality as alternative.