Thinking about downvoting

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Your only guaranteed returns on Hive are those of your Hive Power APR

I had a long comment conversation with an Power curator who had down-voted a week's worth of my postings regarding Vote trading.

Refer to the reply comments between him and I

Organize my thoughts

Down voting might be acceptable on the premise that vote trading is prohibited within Hive system. If it is forbidden, why is Auto-bot allowed in this system?

If it was down voted because vote trader extremely extract rewards of low powers, doesn't the high reward of other sociable high hive power users undermine the value of low-power users in the system? Wouldn't it be more desirable to yield values ​​to them rather? Can we say with certainty that all vote traders undermine the value of social networks in terms of rewards?

It is also unacceptable if the post down voted because of simple text with the attached, the logic that it damaged the value of Proof of Brain. How can you prove that the content was not sincere because it was brief? Can we be sure that it was not a wrong decision due to prejudice?

Always be considerate of the justification for actions. A sense of justice disguised as ignorance or misunderstanding makes the situation worse.


You've got to just be acting dumb at this point.