My Lucid Dreaming Journey Day 68 - Magical Wall Of Confusion

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I'm In Love With My Dreams!

It has been really hard to wake up at 10 AM when I'm suppose to, because... When I wake up, I immediately think about the dream I had and it's almost every time amazing!

I just want to return to the dream world and experience more awesomeness! I basically oversleep every day now, because it's almost impossible to resist.

Thus, I pay the price... There are days where I feel a bit dizzy, because I sleep for like 12 hours. It seems like the more I dream, the more I fail to wake up at 10 AM.

See, to be able to lucid dream, it's really important to keep a nice sleeping rhythm.

I go to sleep every day at 1 AM.

I wake up at 4-5 AM to perform the WBTB technique and then I go back to sleep again.

At 10 AM is when I finally have to get out of bed. almost 9 hours of sleep seemed to be enough for me. Some might say you don't need that much, but I do. I exercise a lot, so my body needs more rest.

But... Since I regained my dream recall, I'm unable to wake up at 10 AM. It's literally the hardest task to do! I simply enjoy dreaming too much... It's like drugs to me.

Plus, I haven't even had a lucid dream for quite a while now. What if I managed to become lucid every day? I would probably spend my whole day in bed, LOL.

Other than that, today I struggled a bit to fall back asleep once I woke up at 4 AM to perform the WBTB method. I took me over an hour to doze off again.

Hopefully it won't happen again, because it this is also a contributor to my inability to get out of bed at 10 AM, haha...

I also started meditating more than usual. I feel so connected to the nature, I just wanna spend my time in a forest or something.

You know what would be perfect? If I could sleep in a forest, LOL. Since I love dreaming and I want to be in nature. Connecting those two would be heavenly.



Magical Ladder And Door...

Today I had a lot of dreams just like I do every day. When I suspected that Dream Leaf supplement actually impacted my dream recall negatively, I think I was right.

After finishing the bottle, my dream recall has only become better. While I was taking the supplement, most days I would have no dream recall at all...

I guess, I wouldn't recommend Dream Leaf to anyone. Although, I did have my first lucid dream because of this supplement.

Anyway, my dream memory begins when I was with a guy that I dreamed about a while ago on day 56.

We were on a vacation and there were like 6 of us. We lived in a very small house. I have no idea how all of us fit into this house, because I didn't even see any beds.

Living with no beds? Oh man, that's not my style, since I love my bed...

We were about to go somewhere, so I was searching for my phone in the house, but I couldn't find it for a while. After a long search, I finally found the phone, but I still felt like I forgot something in there.

Anyway, we got out of the house and into a weird car. It was very big and there were no drivers. The seats were placed like in a bus or something.

Apparently, we were going to another country. I remember being worried that we're going that far. I didn't want to leave my country...

After a while of driving, we arrived at a weird city. There were 2 shops, so we went there. I wanted to buy some smokes. I have no idea why, because I don't smoke...

Out of nowhere, my father was in the scene as well. I saw the price of the cigarettes, but I didn't know what currency it was, LOL.

It just said "2". This pack of cigarettes had a paper wrapped around it with the price. The paper was actually some sort of currency so my dad took the pack and removed the paper to see what it was.

It was Euro, as far as I remember. But, the shop owner was really mad that my father took the pack. He threw us out... And I'm glad, because I don't smoke and I don't even want to do it in my dreams!

Then... Something weird happened.

One of my old friends appeared in the dream. I was following her from behind. Out of nowhere, a ladder dropped from the wall, which lead to a door.

She went up the ladder and got inside. The ladder and the door magically disappeared. I was sooooo extremely confused. I literally didn't understand what's going, I was just standing there and watching the empty wall for some time.

Then, I woke up! And... I wanted to return to the dream so much... I tried to visualize the scenery again. I just wanted to solve the mystery. I wanted to see where she went and what's inside the wall. But... I wasn't able to return to my dream.

I had more dreams, but I don't feel the need to talk about each and every dream I have.



Some Dream Interpretations

In my dream, I was travelling abroad in the form of holiday. What could that possibly mean? Here's what I've found:

To dream of traveling abroad on holiday indicates that you are going to get the best out of life. There will be a couple of very positive months ahead of you. In my experience, to dream of a holiday also represents that you are feeling somewhat tired and stressed in life. (Source)

For the last couple of days, I really have been feeling that something positive is ahead of me and I have been easily removing any negative thoughts from my mind.

I don't agree with the "tired and stressed in life" part, because like I said yesterday, I kinda had a refresh and I'm feeling even better than before.

Just trying to stay positive all the time and it seems to be giving me great results! I'm just really happy to be alive and I enjoy every minute of my day.

Next, in my dream I tried to buy a pack of cigarettes. What could that possibly mean? Here's what I've found:

To see a package of cigarette in your dream means that you will have a rich friend. If this package is open in your dream, it refers to a rich or generous friend. If you see an empty package of cigarette in your dream, it signifies a friend who loves you unconditionally or you will meet with a person who wants to put love bond. (Source)

To be honest, I thought cigarettes in dream would have lots of negative interpretations, but I was really surprised to find most to be positive.

So... A rich friend, huh? Oh boy I'm gonna exploit this friend so much! I'm gonna live off of his riches :))

LOL, of course I'm just kidding about that, but I would really like to have a rich friend. Not because I expect a rich friend to buy stuff for me, but because I could probably learn something useful.

Rich people have different mindsets than poor people. That's why they are rich. It's mostly about the mindset. So, being around such a person could help me understand how rich people think.

Unless, he won a lottery or something, then it wouldn't provide you with the rich mindset, because you didn't become rich by putting in the effort.

I'm ending this post here. At the end of each post I'll include my first post (down below) about this journey as it explains why and how I'm doing this! (Full Post Here)

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I Will Be Doing This Every Day!

The main reason I want to start lucid dreaming, is for self improvement.

I've been reading a lot about it and studies have shown that you can actually improve certain abilities by doing it in your dreams.

For example, if you wan't to learn a foreign language, you can practice it in your dreams. Since you're working with your subconscious mind while you're sleeping, you might find out that you know words that you were never aware of while conscious.

It's really all up to your creativity to what you wanna learn and improve upon in your dreams. Is it basketball that you want to become better at? You can do that!

Do you want to become a better fucker? Nobody is holding you back! Just make a nasty slut appear in front of you and do whatever you want with her!

Apparently while sleeping, the neural pathways engaged in the activity are strengthened, and not only imagined or visualized.

To achieve lucid dreaming, a lot of action has to be taken. Well... Some find it really easy to lucid dream, but most have to achieve it the hard way.

It's really important to think about lucid dreaming throughout the day. This way you're telling your subconscious mind that this is what you're focusing on and what you want, thus it gives you the access to control the dream world.

There are quite a few things I will be doing in order to achieve this goal!

  1. So, first of all, I will be posting my whole lucid dreaming journey here on Steemit every day.

  2. I will be writing down all of my dreams on a journal. A dream journal is basically essential if you want to achieve lucid dreaming.

  3. I will do at least 30-50 reality checks every day.

  4. Have a sleeping rhythm. That means I will be going to sleep at the same time every night. I'll also wake up at the same time every morning as well.

  5. I will also experiment with some techniques to induce lucid dreams.

  6. I won't look at any screens (computer, TV or even phone) 30-60 minutes before bed, because I've read that this helps a lot. For those 30-60 minutes I will be meditating.

  7. Talk, read and think about lucid dreaming constantly.

  8. Occasionally I will listen to lucid dreaming binaural beats and hypnosis.

  9. I will use an app called Awoken. This app is designed to help you achieve lucid dreaming. It reminds you to do reality checks throughout the day and it has a dream journal, which is where I will be writing down all my dreams when I wake up.

  10. I will experiment with the supplement called Dream Leaf, I already ordered it and I will use it when it arrives. I will take it only once or at most twice every week to see if it changes anything about my dreams and the ability to become lucid.

UPDATE: I do not recommend Dream Leaf, because it affected my dream recall negatively in the long run. But, I did have my first lucid dream because of it.



Tracking All My Progress!

So, like I've mentioned before, I will be tracking all my progress and I'll be posting about it every day here on Steemit.

Also, after I achieve lucid dreaming, I won't stop posting about my experiences for some time still.

When I achieve my goal, I will be writing down a lot of experiences that I have inside the dream world, and I'll experiment if it's actually possible to improve real life skills while sleeping.

I set a personal goal to achieve lucid dreaming within 30 days starting today. I'm really excited and hopefully I'll be able to do that even faster than 30 days!

This is not the first time I try to achieve lucid dreaming, but I never took it seriously and I was too inconsistent, so I never even came close to becoming lucid.

But this time I'm gonna SMASH it and record the whole journey on this blockchain!

UPDATE: I achieved lucid dreaming for the first time on day 12


I will become lucid tonight!


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I can definitely relate with the sleeping. Usually I go to bed at 10:30 PM, and the entire dreaming is very important to me to feel connected to 'Source'. I too meditate and exercise a lot. Interestingly enough, for many years now I haven't been tired at all when I go to bed. I told you once that I need 15 minutes complete mental Silence, otherwise I won't sleep at all. Even when I am very active over the day, I simply never get tired. And still I am so overly concerned about not going to bed later than 10:30 PM :)

I too had an interesting dream this night. I moved into a new house, which I found quite cozy and tailored to my gusto. Then there were some celebrities I didn't know, but I felt they are celebrities. I hugged them, and for some reason it felt so fulfilling. Haha :)

I also used be energetic all the time, but that changed when I started going to the gym. Lifting weights 4 times a week has drastically affected how I feel throughout the day. I could do cardio all day long and I would still feel energetic, but lifting is much different. When I don't go to the gym, I feel much more energetic so that's how I know.

But still, most of the time even if I'm tired, I wouldn't fall asleep if I don't meditate before bed. Meditation is a very important part of my life, because it seems to balance everything for me.

Haha, sometimes it's hard to explain why we feel certain feelings in our dreams. I don't recall if I had any dreams with celebrities recently, but I guess I could dream of something like this if I had the intention, hehe.