Splinterlands Saved My Investment Into Hive...

Alright here goes. I've been on this platform, sort of, for years. Back when it was Steem(it) prior to the Tron fiasco I was there. I was a little late to the game with the whole snapshot thing when Hive was created to get away from the whole Tron takeover...Basically, you could have double your money lol.

I've put money, my earnings, on this platform because I believed in it. But, most of the time it didn't respond in kind. That's ok because there are other things going on that's been equally worth the time and investment.

It's called. Splinterlands. Previously, SteemMonsters.

Whatever, TLDR. I've had way better returns playing this fun game than anything I've done here so far.


Check this out. At one point the total value went up to 160K! That's effin' crazy.

Ok, so you probably noticed the powering down. No, that's powering down to double down on Splinterlands. Like getting more SPS tokens. I'll likely spend more time playing than, taking random sunset pretty pics that nobody really gives a fuck about.

Yeah, I said it, I'd rather play another round of Splinterlands than Photoshop another picture of a sunset/sunrise where I hiked for miles, got blisters, and slept uncomfortably in tents, where nobody cares that how it took to get that photo lol.

Anyways, long story short. Splinterlands FTW!


Yeah, I said it, I'd rather play another round of Splinterlands....

lol same :)


Playing is fun,I willalso like to play one more round,but stop for recharging my ECR
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@adonisabril, sorry to see you have less Hive Power.
Your level lowered and you are now a Minnow!

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Who the eff cares?