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Designed by the OG Rental Manager (me) to maximize your income from your card collection and investment. Dragon Tools is simply a re-branding of the Premier Rental Management Service in Splinterlands- the 'stick' all other management services measure themselves against.

Dragon Tools is excited to announce our Open Beta

This Open Beta is open to a limited number of people who are interested in seeing how easy it is to make a passive income through card rentals. This step comes on the heels of extensive Alpha Testing as well as a VERY successful couple of seasons in a Closed Beta. These slots are Reserved for anyone who wants to earn the most possible from their collection and who wants to help us improve our site in order to make this the best possible service.

Features of the Open Beta:

FREE 7 day trial- we will List/Adjust/Cancel your cards for you and you won't incur any Fees for the first 7 days.
Any Size collection/account- from 20 cards to 20K cards with 10M CP
Any/All cards/editions/foils- no matter how rare or unusual your cards are, we probably already have a copy (or 2) that we are managing.

What Makes Us Different? 3 Distinctions:

  1. We have the Best in the Business overseeing your account.
  2. We consistently get the best return on your cards.
  3. We use less HP while doing it.

Firstly- we have a dedicated team of Rental Management Professionals who not only monitor and manually adjust the cards in our care but also constantly monitor the rental market. We keep our eyes open for changes, trends as well as unusual activities in the rental market- in order to give our members the best possible chance to take advantage of 'holes' in the market.
Secondly- through a combination of human oversight and the use of our advanced algorithms, Dragon Tools is able to consistently identify the BEST price to list your cards at in order to not only get them rented out in a timely manner but also return to you the most DEC possible on your cards.
Finally- our algorithms are designed to 'sip' your RCs, meaning any additional investment for HP is minimal.

From the beginning, I have been laser-focused on returning the best possible returns for my clients. Whether those clients were my earliest, my largest, the smallest or the newest- I wanted to be able to give them all consistent, high returns on their assets. Dragons Tools is merely the latest iteration of that quest and while it's not perfect, it is already ahead of the competition. During both Alpha Testing and through the Closed Beta, we maintained a couple of 'comparison' accounts. These were small accounts that contained a variety of different cards/types. The cards in the accounts are (mostly) identical and were chosen, not specifically to compare results but as a way to test our algorithms. So, the cards in these accounts are spread across Editions/Foils/Levels from L1 to MAX, Commons to Legendaries, Summoners and Monsters and we used this help identify areas where we needed to 'tweak' the bot. Once the Alpha Testing was done and we moved into our Closed Beta, I just continued to let them run and have only now gone back to compare results: through the last season Dragon Tools did > 10% better than any other Rental Service out there.
Dragon Tools' developer, OTOH, has been focused on making the algorithms not only the best but also the most efficient- resulting in Dragon Tools having a recommended HP/card ratio that is 25% of some of the other services out there. What this means, for you, is your total investment is considerably lower while your return on that investment is higher.

A 'quick' real-world example:

Let's look at an account that has about $40 in CL/CLR cards in it, about 250 (rentable) cards in total. In order to put this account in a competitors service- the recommended amount of HP in this account would be 100 (250 cards at 2HP/5 cards). Which means the owner would need to invest an additional ~$64 so their cards could be managed and maybe bring in some income. That additional, required, investment is more than the value of the cards, themselves!
In comparison, that same account/collection in Dragon Tools would have a 'recommended' HP level of 25 (1HP/10 cards) which, at current prices, is $16.
(In reality, this account has 2.2 HP and has been doing fine for the past few days)
Even at the 'recommended' level though, the Cardlord has saved $48 by using Dragon Tools- funds that could, in turn, be used to more than double the size of his collection!
In turn, this would have the potential of more than doubling his 600 DEC/day income from that collection.

In Conclusion or TLDR

Even IF the competing services were free (they're not) AND
Even IF the competing services matched our results (they don't) AND
Even IF our Fees were 33% of your rents (they aren't and won't be. They are, again, FREE for 7-days and comparable after that)
You would still end up with more $$ in your pocket with Dragon Tools.

Dragon Tools Beta Discord Server:

Go there for instructions on how to take advantage of the, limited-time, FREE 7-day trial of our Rental Management Service.

Direct Link to the Dragon Tools site:


I already try it! It's super cool!!

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Always excited to see more development in the Splinterlands Ecosystem :)

Also - I love the logo.

Buidl is even > than Hodl IMHO


I agree- my whole approach to growing in SPL has been:

Where I get cards, rent them out
to get more cards
to rent them out


Success! You mined .9 HBIT & the user you replied to received .1 HBIT on your behalf. mine | wallet | market | tools | discord | subscribe | <>< daily

Contest: Nominate a symbol for the quark.

@axrho! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @iviaxpow3r. (1/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Good stuff! Day 1 fan woot woot

Hey, I'm sure that I just overread it, but how high are the fees after the 1 week trial?


Around 10%
That may vary, depending on account size, discounts, options, etc.


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