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RE: Splinterlands Season End Updates

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The issue is really regarding card power to get your EOS chests. Those rentals you count on to deliver that power is getting pulled left and right, because people can rent to others for so much more... All the hard work to get up in leagues are being devalued by having to rent new cards at much much higher prices - Just to keep the EOS reward in play :/


That is a very fair point. Maybe there should be a way to rent cards for the season, rather than just one day. Obviously that would cost a lot more upfront but at least a player would know they have the collection power necessary to maintain the league the made it into.

If not a season, maybe just 3 or 5 days. That would be a little easier to calculate daily rates anyway...

Just a thought.

To me, at least, this is another one of the many game dimensions of Splinterlands... the 'rental market game'. Just like you compete during a card battle, the rental market is a sort of competition as well.

For example, I have some renters who rent long term, some as long as 180 days! They rent early in the seasons, for an extended period of time. I purposefully do not cancel those rentals, even if I can increase how much I would get for them in the last couple of days of the season.

However, if one of those 'long termers' cancels on me right after the end of a season, I make a note of it and cancel any future rentals they make in time to re-rent them at higher prices in the last days of the season.

When I list them for rent, I list them at prices that make sense for me, on what return makes me happy. That's not always the lowest price, but mostly all the cards I want to rent stay rented.

I can see the other side from a renting perspective, but this has another side too... which makes it seem much like an additional element of the game to me.

Admittedly, I am odd. ;_

Yeah a very nice aspect of the game for sure. Good luck competing with BOTs for a card on top of another thousand players.

LOTS OF FUN!! Can't stop smiling while all the cards that could give me power are for more than a thousand DEC a day. This system is great! All the players can get what they want. They just have to be faster than a robot, GREAT!