Splinterlands Season End Updates

As Splinterlands has gone from around 10k active players during a ranked play season to well over 300k over the course of a couple of months, we have been working as quickly as possible to improve and optimize the end of season computations to be able to handle the 30x increased load without the disruptions to the game website and services that we have seen recently.

One such thing that will be implemented for the next season end which is scheduled for Wednesday, September 15th, at 10 AM ET / 14:00 UTC is that ranked battles will not be able to be started within 5 minutes of the season end. The ranked season timer on the Splinterlands website will also be updated to end 5 minutes before the season end processing takes place so that it will hopefully be clear to players when ranked battles will no longer be able to be submitted for the current season.

Any ranked battles which have already been started before that time (i.e. the "find_match" transaction has been submitted) will still be able to be played out and completed, however any new "find_match" transactions for ranked battles will return an error and will not be matched with an opponent starting at 9:55 AM ET / 13:55 UTC on the 15th. Ranked battles will resume 15 minutes after the new season starts.

We hope that this change, along with other back-end changes that have been made, will help the season end processing run much more smoothly than it has in past seasons.

Additionally, we will be adding an option in the season reward claim area of the battle history page on the Splinterlands game website that will allow players to view their season rewards from the previous season again in case they have missed being able to see them for any reason.

Season End Reward Update Reminder

We also want to remind everyone that, as we announced previously in this post, the changes to how season end rewards are calculated go into effect for the current ranked play season. This means that the season rewards for this current season will be based on each player's league at the time that the season ends instead of the highest league achieved during the season.

The reason for this change is that it allows us to reduce the cooldown time for transferred cards to 24 hours from the previous 7 days which has been a constant cause of confusion and complaints from players.

We have heard a number of players express their concerns about the season end reward change, especially as it relates to card rentals, and we take those concerns and feedback very seriously. We will be watching how this change goes over the next few ranked play seasons and continuing to listen to player feedback and based on that we will see if there are any other changes or adjustments to the system that need to be made as a result.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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NOTE: All rewards from this post will be burned.


Getting the EOS reward that one is aiming for is turning into a real struggle. Rentals getting cancelled left and right because the rental prices are going nuts right now.

You should consider some mechanism to protect renters from this. Maybe canceling a rental could be changed to halving the duration remaining and not just having the card pulled on you at the daily refresh.

To be honest rental prices were much higher in previous seasons this season was perhaps the lowest rental prices since rentals started. I don't have exact data but as an owner it has been the lowest revenue season so far

The issue is really regarding card power to get your EOS chests. Those rentals you count on to deliver that power is getting pulled left and right, because people can rent to others for so much more... All the hard work to get up in leagues are being devalued by having to rent new cards at much much higher prices - Just to keep the EOS reward in play :/

That is a very fair point. Maybe there should be a way to rent cards for the season, rather than just one day. Obviously that would cost a lot more upfront but at least a player would know they have the collection power necessary to maintain the league the made it into.

If not a season, maybe just 3 or 5 days. That would be a little easier to calculate daily rates anyway...

Just a thought.

To me, at least, this is another one of the many game dimensions of Splinterlands... the 'rental market game'. Just like you compete during a card battle, the rental market is a sort of competition as well.

For example, I have some renters who rent long term, some as long as 180 days! They rent early in the seasons, for an extended period of time. I purposefully do not cancel those rentals, even if I can increase how much I would get for them in the last couple of days of the season.

However, if one of those 'long termers' cancels on me right after the end of a season, I make a note of it and cancel any future rentals they make in time to re-rent them at higher prices in the last days of the season.

When I list them for rent, I list them at prices that make sense for me, on what return makes me happy. That's not always the lowest price, but mostly all the cards I want to rent stay rented.

I can see the other side from a renting perspective, but this has another side too... which makes it seem much like an additional element of the game to me.

Admittedly, I am odd. ;_

Yeah a very nice aspect of the game for sure. Good luck competing with BOTs for a card on top of another thousand players.

LOTS OF FUN!! Can't stop smiling while all the cards that could give me power are for more than a thousand DEC a day. This system is great! All the players can get what they want. They just have to be faster than a robot, GREAT!

I did a x7 more then my usual gains on rent during the season.
If you did less is because you are ignorant about how to use your own tool, or probably just a shill.

All of these changes are good. Thanks for your hard work and keep it up!

If the season end reward will be aligned with the league at the end of the season then the number of chests shown on the site should also align to it. currently it still shows the highest league i've attained even though i dropped a league.

Solid point if true

Looks like the reverse is true too. I reached CL3 after two intense days (mostly because there are few higher ranked players that keep playing, so it's hard to advance from the points perspective), and my season rewards show 60 instead of 80.

this is totally unfair. you hadnt warn us about taking effect in the current season. i gave 100 euro for rentals to go diamont having calculated that 50 euros will come back to me at end of season. now you do this and instead of 40 chests i take 12 having dropped rank. This is totally unfair. fix this asap. You did so bad, i feel betrayed by your company you kinda took 35 euro from my total calculations. as the whole 13 days the game was telling me i own 40 treasures. thumps up if you agree. Fix this i feel betrayed!

you had to announce that if you choose to do so , but take effect from the next period. im so unsatisfied from your handle in this. give us our hard earned rewards

Hope they change to the new system after this season. And announcements that radically change the game / rewards should be posted on the site. Not everyone is aware about peakd.

If you don't agree with the end of season changes. I made a post about it. Let's get this ball rolling to delay the changes: https://leofinance.io/@gaminginasia/delay-splinterlands-season-end-updates-until-chaos-legion-packs-are-available-to-the-players

Sorry but they've talked about the change for months. They even delayed it already! Check their previous posts.

Sorry but they've talked about the change for months. They even delayed it already! Check their previous posts. It's difficult for sure

More players means more growth! Yey!

More updates and more great news delivers great player experience!
Splinterlands to the Moon!

U are the best guys . I ve played different games in different block chain , but i have to say splinterlands is the best block chain game that u can earn and invest and enjoy playing . I hope u keep suppressing us like always

Can't wait to open one of the new gold legendary cards in my season reward 😁

Thanks for the update!

Good optimizations for the Season End and great to see that the community has been listened to. This happened all the time and I think it is one ingredient from the game recipe success. This is the way!

what about tokenomics? sps and dec price any comments?

I was going through my season rewards/dailies and I noticed some new 1 dec chest drops. So I went and dug through my history of rewards for the last 3 seasons (45 days). Are the DEC chests pegged to card burn values? It seems that way based on my limited sample (I can only use my own reward card data)

I made a more detailed post here if other want to take a look:


Was this change, if it is indeed intended, listed anywhere? I looked through some of the other posts about reward changes but I didn't see anything. None of the mavs in our guild seemed to have seen any posts about it either.

First, a slice of !PIZZA

@splinterlands! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @tedus.

Did you know PIZZA has a very active community Discord? (5/10)

I love seeing you everywhere. For those that don't know this is the wonderful guy that gave us splintercards and all of the wonderful tools there. Show this guy some love!

Wait, who?

Would have been great if the end of season rewards changes were not implemented in the middle of an ongoing season. If the changes were implemented with the next season with everyone getting a fresh start, it would have been better. @splinterlands

Great stuff - Thanks for all of the hard work!

go go goo🔥

Thanks for all your hard work! The new rewards cards are beautiful!

I reach diamond rank but today my rewards dropped from 40 chests to 9 chests, anyone know what I did wrong?

you have to keep the league until the end ... which sucks. I also dropped alot.

Your collection power probably dropped because rentals expired....

Sounds amazing keep up the great work

I cannot wait until season end. Super stoked to see some reward cards. WOOT WOOT!

Please add the feature to see previous daily quest rewards as it is now with the season. It would be amazing to be able to see all historical rewards in a UI to allow you to look back through previous seasons and dailies.

Rental problem: The owner could cancel the card anytime they want. As a renter, it is unfair most specifically at end season. Maybe or much better #Splinterlands adjust the time interval of at least 2 days, instead of within that day or both.

pls delegate me 5-10k power cards pls

hoping to get a card drop in this season <3. Splinterlands #1!

I understand the reasoning but, unless I'm wrong which correct me if I am please, that means that if our power (from renting cards) decreases before the end of the season, then our rank will decrease and we won't get the rewards we worked (and spent money to get) won't be given to us right? That kinda sucks.

I maybe lose my gold 3 reward because my rent on some cards will end a few hours before the season ends... It will be like 4 AM here, and I don't know if I will be able to rent more cards in time with this crazy rentals. Sad

yeah. my rentals ran out and my chests went down to bronze rewards lol. It does totally suck. Wasted money renting the cards in the first place lol

well, we have come to the general indicator of all blockchain games, who is richer and cooler, who came earlier and well done, no one takes into account brains and ingenuity, everything is decided by the size of the wallet, card rental has grown since yesterday, so everything looks like a conspiracy and manipulation to fatten everyone who aspires, and give money to those who are already doing well, and collect the maximum is not good at all from developers

True... it makes me sad to see that this game will go down right that path as well... And those "BOTS" I've heard also ruins the fun.

Always benefiting old players and screwing with new players, further inflating the market

I don't think it's that bad for new players. I started a new account to see. It was a grind when I started, with no DEC, SPS, tournaments, guilds or rentals. I gave up for a month, that was a bad decision.

I'm very sad beacause I just lost a rental and my power dropped from Gold to silver. So I expent more than 1000 DEC for absolutely nothing! As a new player this power system is very frustrating and today I'm thinking about droping my two game accounts.
I'm missing 8k power and I'll receive the silver reward just because it is impossible to rent cards right now. Have been pressing F5 for most of a hour now and the cards are just gonne before my system finishes refreshing.

This is absolutely frustrating, all the effort to learn the game and make it to gold for nothing, just to feel frustrated.

Also, the BOTs are welcome. OKAY, but the BOTs ruin all the fun for new players in this moments because it is just impossible to compete with a robot for a price discount, so power prices are skyrocketting and the cards stay avaialable at the market for a low price for like 0.1 second.

Good luck, I'm never trying to make it to gold again. And probably I wont be playing again.

O valor do aluguel das cartas subiram muito e com a mudança na recompensa não é mais um jogo rentável.
Estamos praticamente pagando para jogar, e por fim como não sabia que tinha que alugar as cartas no final de season ao invés de receber 22 baús recebi 7 já que mostrava que eu iria receber 22.

Decided to document my Splinterlands journey with the new changes to the rewards system.
Will be playing Splinterlands by only spending $10 on it and documenting it.


That's FUCKING BULLSHIT!!! Why the fck would you change it just before the league ends?
Why not implement it on the new league? Devs are a bunch of f
cking clowns!

I wish they implemented the season end rewards after the season ends... I had rented cards using my hard earned DEC to at least reach bronze I, only for the cards to be taken back again few hours before the season ends because of high demand of rental cards that time, thus dropping me to bronze III... and as if that was not enough bad luck... the rngesus gave me 4 potions and 10 DEC as a reward for the end of the season...

Oh well... there's not much I can do about it so I'll just have to play more I guess.

Keep it up! Splinterlands friends

cool thanks for update!

As a new player I lost loads of battles due to poor performance, the game showed the battles in battle history but neither side showed any Sorcerers or Monsters picked.

This negatively affected my rating and contributed to dropping me from Bronze III (Rating Points:395) to Novice at the end of the Season. I now know this means I get no chests.

Also there was a flurry of player activity and I found myself playing others who had far better cards than me. Another lesson learned. As a new starter with no cards of your own, just the $10 starter pack - do not play games at the end of the season, you will get slaughtered and end up a Novice with no rewards for getting into Bronze III.

However on the battle screen it said at the beginning of the season (before I played any battles) and still says Pending Rewards - Claim 5 reward chests!

If I click Claim, I get a nice red error popup stating There was an error Completing this transaction: The specified player does not have any rewards to claim from the specified season.

In the interests better of gameplay this announcements changes are a positive move, however going from 395 Battle Points to Novice caused partly by the spinning circle and chomping jaw when starting a ranked battle, finding I had surrendered because of website issues was a bitter pill to swallow.

I raised a ticket with support when the new season started, but so far have had no response.

At the end of the season in 11 days I will be waiting for the season to end before attempting the daily quest, to prevent me losing my end of season 5 chest reward.

So I am changing my gameplay because the game mechanics rob me of all my hard work.

It would be far better to reward people with chests befitting their season best, this would reduce the flurry of activity at the end of the season, causing performance issues and spread the gameplay across the season, reducing end of season load on the servers.

Also please understand that new players cannot buy booster packs or dice to swell their card collection. They are reliant on the card resale, rental market, season rewards and daily quest chests this puts them at a serious disadvantage in the game.

I hope this helps new players like myself to avoid repeating my experience.


i just made a post about my daily quest, i would love if you could read. Here is the link: