Soul-bound Gladiator Cards - Craft your own legacy

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This Play to Earn game has so many ways to earn real money by just play a really entertaining game, I have been reading some good death strategies by @azircon and wanted to share my thoughts around Gladiator Cards, and share a battle that highlights the power of a gladiator. The Guilds are at a very early stage of development, but we have been treated to some expansion as new buildings a credit system called merits (did you even know about this coin) and of course the Gladius Cases (these are packs you buy with merits and contain five gladiator cards) and you can only get merits by competing in brawls.

Important Note: The Soul Bound Gladiators can’t be traded, delegated, rented or bought on the market

So, Is your account value simply the total worth of your cards if sold on the market at any point in time, yes that is part of it, but, what if you have played in a guild and won some brawl battles, this changes the rules? You would have won some merits, used them to build out your team of gladiators.

This is time in the game from a dedicated player. This is the only way to get them. I think is one of the best avenues in the game. You Can’t Buy That Time in the Game

But What if you wanted to sell your complete account, containing the gladiator collection?

You have the keen investors like @tarazkp who can see the value in the splinterlands economy and write’s some great posts about his journey and investing strategies. I too enjoy this side of things also, but not as much as becoming a dominant player and competing in some of the top tournaments to come.

Guild Tournaments

They have not announced officially this part of the game, but the whole tournament structure is going through some thought process by the @splinterlands development team. I know they are serious because of the detailed survey they put out recently. They have also delayed in putting up any new tournaments for a couple of weeks now.

Watch The Battle - Tap The Image to View

Keep an eye on the circled monster

This is a Bronze Level Brawl Battle with a low mana limit - only 13 Mana and the Unprotected rules set my line up as below

  • Crystal Werewolf

  • Furious Chicken

  • Devine Healer

  • Sola Ranjell (Gladiator)

  • Celestial Harpy

My strategy going into the battle is to keep the tank alive and let the gladiator do its thing. The Ability that all gladiators share is the bloodlust this means that if a gladiator kills an enemy their stats increase by one, see how my gladiator total destroy the enemy in this battle.

Final Thoughts

  • Your account will be worth so much more if it contains an excellent collection of leveled up Gladiator Card

  • Play yourself to earn Guild Rewards

  • Market your Account to another Player

  • Bid you Skills to Guilds that want a player on their books that wins Brawls and brings in loot

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Brutal match. I'm a sucker for Captain Katie.
That bloodlust gets fun quick :)

I like captain katie too, but at 7 mana she was not the best choice in this match, Sola Ranjell is great high health and tank heal abilities for only 3 mana.

I definitely have a problem. I get fixated on a card, then try and fit it in everywhere.

Gladiators are really a nice addition to this game. I am really looking forward to the further development of the guilds. Guild tournaments would be interesting and i hope there is more to come. With all the buildings that you need to have in a guild (and the cost of them), as well as the time dedicated to brawls it would really be nice see some more incentives for this nice model. Thank you for your article, I enjoyed the read.

Thanks for the kind words buddy, our guild is well positioned to take advantage when more brawl rewards role out, meanwhile we keep building our gladiator teams.

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