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RE: Splinterlands Tournaments Updates

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lol... I didn't fall asleep (but was close as it took me so long it almost cut into my naptime :P ... I think you have some good points and some that I don't agree with. I do think that you view the league levels based on getting to the top (ie winning in the top ranks), while I on the other hand have NEVER won a pack from finishing in the top whatever of a league. The reason I bring this up is a matter of perspective. I don't view it as unfair because I can be in Champion league and get extra loot boxes for both daily and season rewards. My deck/playing ability is not as good as you, but I choose to move higher while you (and others) fight for those season packs. I don't particularly care which one of you competitive beasts wins, that's is the farthest from my thinking. I am happy with my way of playing the game and I still earn a great return on it.

Regarding focusing on the Gold (mid level players), versus the low end Bronze and Silver... I would say, you have valid points but we can only take one step at a time. This step to encourage more new/smaller people to experience the tourneys is HUGE imo, and of course if its as successful as I think then of course it could be also applied to gold levels too.

Happy New Year (slightly less old guy) :)

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