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RE: Splinterlands Tournaments Updates

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I do think that you view the league levels based on getting to the top (ie winning in the top ranks), while I on the other hand have NEVER won a pack from finishing in the top whatever of a league.

No. Acutally, I don't believe that. Not in the context, you put it in, even though I understand what you mean. Tbh though, I'm getting tired of everyone trying to intimate that I'm only making this about the rewards (basically my rewards). It just get boring and reptitive after a while. Why does everyone do that? I guess it may be the best way to avoid the real problems and blame them on the person bringing them up in the first place?

If you want to see real complaining, and "entitlement", as some like to call it around here, then look no further than the mavs house. Some of the biggest cry babies and "entitled" indivduals who live at the top of the food chain, are constantly complaining about their results/rewards - or the slightest thing thiat may go wrong/against them on any particular day/tournament/battle/ that affects their rewards, even when viewed from the lens of a tiny sample size.

I'm talking long term/big picture as you are very well aware. So as you can see, context is very inmportant.

Do I need to show/explain myself with screenshots or quoted comments from others as an example? Because that is easily done - but there are so damn many as well. Or is it a case of everyone only choosing to see what they want to see, and only criticise certain individuals when they speak up or highlight something that is obvious to some, and then delibarately avoided by certain individuals/groups, becuse it directly affects their own self-interest.

That argument goes both ways as you can see.

Anyway Dave, you know this is not directed at you personally which is why I feel comfortable in saying it to you the first place.

I wouldn't have bothered with anyone else. it's just a waste of my time - which is very precious these days.

Happy new year corpse man :P