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RE: Potion, Quest, and Active Splinter Updates

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Great tweaks to minimize frustration and maximize the joy of battle.

An unrelated suggestion: automatically level down cards when higher levels activate an attribute that disqualifies the monster from a battle. For example, in the ruleset where melee monsters are forbidden, my chicken should level down to its pre-melee level. Taking this idea further, it should be possible to play a card at the level you own it or any lesser level. There should be an interface for leveling down cards when submitting to battle. This could be important for when speed is reversed or cases where level 10 is worse in health than level 9.


This is definitely something we are going to address, it's just a more involved change so we haven't been able to implement it yet.

Further to this, I'd like the team to consider the option to mute abilities or even attacks.
If I want to tell my Fallen Specter to not attack, risking death from Magic reflect, I should be able to do so. If I want my Goblin Sorceror to attack the enemy tank, I should be able to mute "sneak" for that battle.

I disagree. You shouldn't be able to change a card because it has an ability you dislike. Sometimes an ability helps you, sometimes it hurts you. That's part of the nuance of the game.

Of course, Fallen Spector would be better if it didn't attack at all. The fact that it attacks is a weakness that is crucial to balance out an otherwise extremely overpowered card.

That's certainly a valid viewpoint. Logistically I'd suggest since a lot of abilities only arrive at certain levels, keeping a secondary (gold foil maybe) card which hasn't yet achieved that ability or attack is going to be more of a common practice as the game develops.
I understand its also possible, although not through the official site, to play a given card at a lower level, particularly by bots.
We could avoid all this by giving players the option to mute abilities and attacks in the native interface. Just because I think something's a good idea though, doesn't mean it is :)
We're just throwing stuff at the wall here. If I make 100 suggestions and the devs reject 99, I'll be delighted to have contributed.

I understand its also possible, although not through the official site, to play a given card at a lower level, particularly by bots.

I'd like clarification on this point. Given my understanding of the blockchain mechanics behind the game, I don't think anyone currently has the ability to play down a specific card.

However, perhaps what you're saying is that the current official site only registers your highlest level card for a given moster and ignores the rest. Programattic users however have the ability to submit a card that is lower level than another card of the same monster for battle. @yabapmatt is this the case?

My proposal is different from the current behavior available to programmatic users because it would allow temporarily leveling down a card for a specific battle rather than require the user to possess a low and high level card of the same monster.

Well said!