Splinterlands Weekly Challenge - Goblin Shaman

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Good morning to the hive community and specially the splinterlands community ^^. For this week we have another challenge, a fire splinter card, the goblin shaman!


Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge!

Theme: Goblin Shaman

Lineup & Strategy


Malric Inferno
One of the starter deck summoners, Malric is a very powerful summoner that improves the damage of the highly melee focused fire splinter.

First Position:

Living Lava
The tank I use the most on the fire splinter, I really appreciate the shield ability.

Second Position:

Goblin Shaman
Used very often on my fire strategies, the goblin shaman is a great card to debuff the enemy team, since it lowers the health points of every monster by 1.

Third Position:

Serpentine Spy
One of my favorite cards on the whole game. This card is fast, has high damage, low mana use, and the opportunity ability.

Fourth Position:

Kobold Miner
Another low mana card that combines great with Malric as a summoner to give it extra damage.

Fifth Position:

Spark Pixies
I rarely use this card, but I wanted to give it a try, although it has high speed + flying, the low health usually makes me use other cards over this one.

A mixed strategy with a tank on the first position, a debuff card and mostly melee cards with a high speed and flying card on the last position.

Click here for the battle replay

Battle Conditions

Mana: 22
The conditions for the battle were Standard and it was a 22 mana battle with any splinter.

Round 1

My opponent used the life splinter for this battle. After all buffs and debuffs were applied, the field looked like this:

Spark pixies attacked the Silvershield Knight first removing his armor, then the knight attacked the Living Lava and Feral Spirit tried to attack my pixies but missed, Peacebringer attacked the Living Lava as well, destroying his armor too and finally the Luminous Eagle attacked the Living Lava and did 2 damage.
My Serpentine Spy attacked his Feral Spirit and killed it and my Kobold Miner attacked his Peacebringer, tooking half his health. Lastly, my tank attacked his tank and almost killed it, leaving it with only 1 health.

Round 2

Beginning round 2, Spark Pixies attacked his knight and killed it:

Afterwards, my opponent's monsters attacked my tank, but since they lost the inspire buff from the knight, they only did 1 damage each, leaving my tank with 2 health.

Serpentine Spy attacked and killed his Peacebringer card:
Then, Kobold Miner attacked his eagle for 2 damage, and then my tank tried to end the match but missed his attack.

Round 3

Spark Pixies attacked first again, doing 2 damage to the eagle. Then the eagle attacked my Living Lava card, doing 1 damage only. Finally, Serpentine Spy delivered the killing blow to the eagle, ending the match.



This match would of gone entirely different if my opponent had used a magic strategy. Living Lava is not really useful against those. But my opponent's strategy was mostly based on melee and ranged attacks to the first position, and my tank was able to survive it all thanks to its shield ability.
Spark Pixies and Serpentine Spy did most of the work, dealing damage to the back lines and the weakest monsters on the field, giving my team an edge.
The Goblin Shaman didn't even get hit. His debuff was neutralized by the opponent's summoner, so that also gave me an edge in this battle. In the event my Living Lava tank died, it would still protect the rest of my monsters for a round or two, so it was a safety net I didn't had to use.
Overall, I think the Goblin Shaman its a great card that can be a game changer in some situations.

Thanks for reading, and if you found this interesting, please leave me an upvote, thanks!

This game is amazing and the community is really helpful and friendly, if you want to give it a try, you could register here.

Posted by Draicor - 2021/11/01


Thanks for sharing! - @libertycrypto27

Good Strategy, I also sometimes place goblin shaman in the second potion!

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