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RE: State of Splinterlands: Number 1 Dapp in the world, UBISOFT announcement, successful airdrop, new all time highs!

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It's good to know your views based on your experience of the game, and that it's a positive one. I think that's great.

However, I'm talking about timelines in the attempt to bring in more players that are desperately needed. I was also specifically referring to the graphs being posted about market share and the failure to find more and new players, because it's a misrepresentation of how things are actually going. I'm not here to tear down the game, because I have a vested interest in it succeeding just like everyone else. But I also know, that there are more players leaving the game than are coming in. The overwhelming majority of the new accounts being created, are from players within the game. That was my real point!


I see what you are saying and I guess only time will tell.
I hope an effort and balance can be found that entices new players to join as well as keeping older players .

We shall see.
Splinterlands has done a lot in it's short time in existence. Right now I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt and trusting that they are addressing these issues.