Won $2500 Worth of Splinterlands Cards + Giveaways

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Goo Day to all, I'm fishbone, this is my first time posting here in peakd. I'm new in splinterlands and rising star March 7, 2022 and its incridble happen last week especially in splinterlands.

I always watching streams on twitch which SPL, Rising Star and Wax Giveaways and luck happens on April 12, 2022 when I'm watching @christislord twitch (twitch.tv/General_Discharge), he is giving away Warsaken NFTs and thewarsaken itself give platinum pack for a giveaway and luckily I won the 5th race in the marble race which I get the 5th card on the pack which was the gold leader authenticator key.



After giving the prize to me he offered all his splinterlands cards worth of $2500 about 113k Collection Power for that one NFT and I accept the offer my collection power went up to 117k as of the moment from 2k collection power last week.



I was a lucky night and because of that i will give away one goldfoil common.


Please comment your ign and reblog this post to join the raffle.
I will draw it next week so join now.


Sounds great, count me in, big thanks.
My IGN: @caimanx

I has reblogged.

Hello, mate! Please, count me in for the giveaway!!

IGN: @luizeba


General Discharge is a beast! Great streamer and personality! He pays so much attention to detail. Great article @fishbone08 !
IGN: @kinyo

Nice on @fishbone08 I have won a lot but $2,500 worth of cards, Wow! Count me in on your giveaway please ign shawnmichael-gt


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Wow that is big! Congrats!

ign: silentwill


woah gratz fishbone so niceee.thanks for the giveaway

ign : @dafusa

you could actually get 450k+ power if u sell spl assets with that amount and re buy it with chaos legion reward cards. preferrably gold common/rare/epics.

I'm new in nft games and i dont know how to buy and sell stuff., maybe the one will I sell is the Gold Foil Dwarven Wizard with 30k CP and $750 dollars as of now in the market

Count me in 😊 @blitzzzz
WOW! Mad luck! Congrats btw!!! 🤑

Please count me in! @thegoliath
Congrats on an epic win!
What a way to boost your earnings

Wow, that was a super luck.

count me in please
ign @ramadhanight

Count me in pls <3 thank you!



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Also, congrats

Please count me in! @lordanquek

I'm in

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IGN: ymr

count me in.

That's amazing, congratz !PIZZA

@jdike is back into the giveaway business

@christislord once again all in for the Legion! Warsaken! ;)


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count me in

woot, you're lucky
IGN: lokhrodan

thats amazing congrats! sign me in please!

IGN justitheguy