Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 163 // NAGA WARRIOR

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Hello guys! Steven again here.

Before anything else, I want to thank everyone for all of your support, comments and feedbacks in all of my previous post. I greatly appreciate it. Congratulations to all winners in Week 162! And now here is my entry for this week Splinterlands Art Contest - Naga Warrior. Link of the contest HERE


Naga Warrior_Final.png

Although at first I want to draw Goblin Mech I ended up making Naga Warrior. First time I rented and used it in Splinterlands battle partnered with Lir Deepswimmer as the summoner. Naga Warrior has retaliate at level 1. Retaliate Skill: When hit with a Melee Attack, Monsters with retaliate have a chance of attacking their attacker. I love that idea a woman with retaliate skill, it reminds me of my girlfriend. As a golden rule for me, never argue with girlfriend because everything you say or do always backfires at you. Don't make her reach the max level she will have Enrage Skill LOL!


Reference Image: Screenshot from Splinterlands Market HERE


Process in making the Digital Art:
• To begin with, I always do a rough sketch of the character. I started last Monday and I did several sketches of the character that I want to make a fan art with. I have done many sketches yet I felt none of my sketches works. I got caught up with the eagerness to start and finish quickly. That is why I found myself in the state of ArtBlock in that moment. Therefore, I decided to stop for a while and start on the next day. Here are some of my sketches.

First Sketches.png

The following day, I just do my usual upvoting on Hive and replying comments. Though my upvote worth not that much, but that is not the real value. The thought of having someone around you who support you through upvoting will certainly give you courage to continue posting topics here in Hive and that is the real value.

I also joined PGM Discord not too long ago, then I received a message coming from @hollowknightgod. We had a little chat and ended up sharing my ArtBlock moments with him and he advised me to watch a movie because it definitely works for him so maybe he thought it will also help me.

And yeah! Good idea! So I tried to watch the movie "Flora and Ulysses" that @kennysgaminglife recommended. And HOLY BAGUMBA! That was fun! I instantly rebooted my mind system and later on started my sketch. I do believe that the lack of FUN in that day stopped me in creating art not until when I finish that movie.

It's already Wednesday and finally I started my sketch.
Here is what I accomplished.

Naga Warrior_Sketch_1.png

In here, I really want to see a movement in my character so I decided to tilt it a little. I made some diagonal lines to give my piece a dynamic approach. Moreover, I have drawn imaginary lines creating 3 spaces to place the face of the character. It's like rule of thirds in photography. I also added some base colors.

Naga Warrior_Sketch_2.png

•Second in the process is adding shadows and highlights. I just repeated the process of adding multiply layer and overlay layer on top of the base colors. Running through my work, I adjusted some features through adding shadows and highlights. After a couple of minutes I already came up with this.

Naga Warrior.png

I felt that there's something odd about the character, but I took a little pause and continued the next day.

•Third in the process is refining the colors. I observed that the way she holds the sword was quite odd so I corrected it. In this process, all I did was to merge all the layers and add normal layer on top to correct the colors and refine as what they have to be. Here is what I have done.

Naga Warrior_Color.png

•Fourth process is adding the background of the character. In this process, I defined the color highlights and correct some other areas of the character.

Naga Warrior_BG.png

•Fifth process is rendering the character. I am finally happy with this output. But still, I think there's something missing and that would be the highlights on her face and also magical auras coming inside the dungeon.

Naga Warrior_Correct.png

•Finally, I made an overlay layer on top of the merged layers that created something like a highlight or glow effect in the area of the head and the aura. Furthermore, I added the Splinterlands logo for the finishing touch. That's it we're done!

Naga Warrior_Final.png

Process GIF:


I thought at first having an ArtBlock is already the end of my interest. But with all the help of my Hive friends, I realized that whenever you failed at something, just always tell yourself to take a little break and keep moving forward. It is important to acknowledge and accept that failures, because they are part of the process in the way to success. Recognizing them in the next time you do arts, will surely give you courage to improve more and keep you on track again. Let's get better every day.


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I had fun in doing the process and I hope you liked it too.
Thank you for your time in viewing my art.
Stay tuned for more.

If you have comments and suggestions please comment below. I am really open to all critiques, I want to be better, a better version of my ownself. All your upvotes and giveaways will be converted to 100% HP to help me continue posting and doing transactions here at HIVE. Thank you very much!


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loved your art! id like to learn this! kudos to you!

Thank you very much bud! That's what I'm talking about Learn and Enjoy creating art buddy!

Man I'm so glad our chat helped you out a little. For me, those blocks happens often and I just need to step outside of it, and do something else to inspire me to continue the work again.

Your Naga was even scarier than the Splinterlands one. The girlfriend Naga is strong brother!

You can always use this to get the card images as well if you like, it works better for me than screenshots almost every time -> https://peakd.com/splinterlands/@splinterlands/splinterlands-card-images-by-level

Thanks for everything, the mention, the PGM advertising and the great art as always!


That really helps bro, yeah a little break from what are you doing greatly takes away the stress. Finding inspiration is the key to move forward. Glad you like my fan art version. Hahahaha I can't counter my girlfriend Naga, she is too overpower. I'm glad you have fun reading the content. Thank you very much!

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Nice dynamic layout, with that swirling spiral leading all the body and the weapons in the same move from the back to the foreground of the picture.

Very welll done :)

Thank you very much for your awesome feedback dude! Thank you for your time in viewing and reading my art content.

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Thank you very much monster-curator team!

Nice !!

Thank you very much dude!

Wow, that Naga Warrior looks so fierce. Don't want to meet her in a dark alley. lol

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Thank you very much Flo! Hahaha careful maybe she is behind you!

I wouldn't be surprised if @Splinterlands contacts you outside of the contest to make some art for them. Amazing work!

I hope this isn't spamming, but I think the following names should be notified of your work. Maybe one of them can get you some extra recognition or potentially some collab work: @gamecredits.org, @pchaz, @steemmonsters, @flauwy, @splinterlore. Who knows they already might know of you because the buzz you're making. Great stuff!

-A Fan

Thank you very much buddy. Oh Flauwy and Pchaz are my friends here at hive hop in to discord I have a links above hope to see you there hanging out. A lot of creative artworks here feel free to browse and support other artist ad well. Thanks a lot not just a fan, I'm a friend of yours now. Have fun!

Oh good! I'm glad you already know them. Your work is good, and I'm glad others have already noticed. Can't wait to see what you come up with in the future. I'll be keeping an eye out. See you in the discord from time to time!

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

Thanks for sharing! - castleberry#6859

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isang daan porsyento nani!!

Hahahaha have fun ra brad hope I see your entry next week!

@tipu curate

Thank you very much dude