My Splinterlands Daily Quest Report

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daily quest.jpg

For the second day running I got the special type of daily quest that says "win three battles using any splinter without using neutral monsters" and it was cool because I didn't focus on not using neutral monsters if the rule set for the battle was not going to be in my favor. At the end of the day it was six wins out of six battles so I had a clean slate today and that feels good as I also progress in the points ladder and hope that do more tomorrow.

daily reward.jpg

Rewards day 274

Today was another no show day in the rewards department my friends, I didn't get any thing special, just got some common cards, some potions and the tiny DECs as usual and that was all she wrote.

You can watch one of my battles by clicking the link below, thanks:

battle of the day.jpg

Thanks for reading. Keep your comments coming and follow me if you have not already done that. Again, thanks a lot for your support to me always.


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This task comes to me frequently. Although it seems easy, it is not easy. Good luck.👍

You are very correct @papowich, in ones mind you feel you only need to win three battles but in practice you discover it is not easy to fight without neutral monsters. Thanks for your feedback.