A Quick Update On My Splinterlands Battles

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Daily Quest Battles 268.jpg

I got theDeath splinter today and that has been a while coming too. It was a hard days battle as the tough guys seem to be doing their best to climb the ladder so they are not taking any chances and are lining up their best monsters for battle. I must confess that I dropped down the league up to three times before I finally recovered and then completed my daily quest and claimed my rewards.

Daily Reward Opening 268.jpg

Rewards day 268

I got an untamed pack today and a DEC opening that was worth 700 DECs, that is cool guys, yesterday a Gold card and today an untamed pack. I wish this type of gift trend will continue. Lol. In addition to those I got three Rare cards some Common cards, some potions and some tiny DECs as usual.

Daily Reward Opening 268 Orb.jpg

You can watch one of my battles by clicking the link below, thanks:

Battle of the Day 268.jpg


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