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I got a new card (1).png

Zup guys its kevian21 here.

I am gonna reveal now the renting strategy I use everyday in this current meta that is safe for grinding if you already read my previous post about beating bots in silver rank, click here if not yet.

because the play style is applied here.





This Summoner is an anti-magic card that is very great with the low mana of 3, also note that if your gonna use bortus that water splinter is open which means, summoners like Valnamor and Alric Stormbringer are also open, in most cases which people tend to use.

also dont forget to check their recent history if they tend to use magic dmg cards go for bortus.


while i assume your playin at silver 1 league your gonna need the max level applicable for that league, which would mean a lvl 4 bortus is needed.


Bortus battle

bortus battle.JPG

Bortus battle

so the idea of using bortus as a summoner is to counter heavy magic dmg which you will surely encounter when you reached 2000 and above rating as a silver I.

there is a 2 must have in every game in case he does something weird and you'll be almost always safe.

anti sneak attack - in this battle i used wavebrood to soak all of the damage from the enemy and paired him with angelic mandarin card.

wave brood has the ability taunt that applies if the enemy is not in the 1st position and can do an attack of any kind, will automatically target the said monster at lvl 3 its hp is high at 13 points, and the idea of healing this card will be tremendous.

wave brood.JPG

the angelic mandarin card is the partner of wavebrood because it has the triage ability which heals backline monsters, also having 6 HP at lvl 4 contribute since we expect our enemies to be magic based, you are to discard armoring up for this battle since magic directly targets hp.

this is only when they somehow managed to kill your tank.

angelic mandarin.JPG

anti-magic cards atleast one - well in this particular battle i tripled down on anti magic which is because i saw his recent battles spamming alric so this one is a given, the used cards are Bortus, Baakjira and Djinn Oshanus.

Baakjira has void ability, slow and strengthen.

Void reduces magic dmg by 1

strengthen gives a buff of 1 point in hp

slow debuff enemy by reducing their speed by 1 point.


Djinn Oshanus has Void ability and phase.

Phase ability gives a miss chance calculation to magic based attacks

djinn oshanus.JPG

the 2 remaining cards i used are ranged attackers for damage output.

keep in mind that in high mana battles you need to calculate your dmg before magic if your a magic counter cardset yourself. like ranged and melee attacks in this battle i got 13 total damage before magic which is a totally must have since people tend to place high hp cards for front position so they increase over all team survivability.

list of water cards to rent and their notable abilities


Djinn Oshannus

  • use djinn oshannus as a tanker/secondarytanker with his void ability your well protected from magic attacks, use when mana is 24+


  • use this card as a primary tanker in most cases works great with djinn oshannus, use when mana is 30+

Torrent Fiend

  • a zero mana card which can be used as a damage absorber, use whenever neccessary


Azmare Harpoonist

  • a high damage ranged attacker with good speed, use when mana is 24+

Igor Darkspear

  • a cheap mana card that has good health and good damage, for low mana battles 18 and below

Wave Brood

  • a card with taunt ability which you should be placed in the farthest back, always combo with angelic mandarin, use when mana is 35+

Axe Master

  • the main damage dealer of the water set, use when mana is 24+

Torhilo The Frozen

  • a situational card that has void ability, very high health is his strong point often used in low mana battles for domination best combo with crustacean king,

Example usage:

Torhilo the frozen912
crustacean king315
Furious Chicken015
Torrent Fiend015


Giant Squid

  • use for blind ability, a great anti sneak monster, use for mana 20 - 26

Kelp Initiate

  • a very useful cheap tanker/cleanse, use if rule set poison, also for low mana battles 12 - 17

Angelic Mandarin

  • has triage ability the combo pair with Brood Wave, very situational card and can be used almost every battle.

Water Elemental

  • a great pair with Seamonster in Rise of the Commoners rule set, also in Poison rule set, situational usage, mostly recommended to use in 24+ mana battles.

Pirate Archer

  • Has blast ability good with the Divine Shield rule set when mana is 23 and below, also useful in low mana battles 17 and below


Cruel Sethropod

  • a little league rule set battle card for a mix of armor and health, use in low mana battles 15 and below when rule is little league.

Spineback Turtle

  • the best bet in tanking in little league, also if your going to use this card make sure its lvl 4, not level 5

spine back turtle.JPG

because of the hp difference its better to have high hp as a tanker than the +1 dmg given in lvl 5, can be used in little league as main tanker and low mana battles tanker when mana is 14 and below

Pirate Captain

  • a 3 mana card that has good damage and good speed, mostly used in low mana battles and little league when mana is 17 and below

Kulu Swimhunter

  • a 4 mana card that has good damage and high health, mostly used in low mana battles and little league when mana is 20 and below

Crustacean King

  • a very versatile tank healer card which you can use in almost every battle.

Sniping Narwhal

  • has good damage and good speed, strong in rise of the commoners ruleset, use when mana is 20 and above

Sea Monster

  • a self healing monster for situational usage, mostly in low mana battles a great pair with crustacean king 17 mana and below,used mostly in poison ruleset as your main tanker


Mylor Crowling


Mylor Crowling

this summoner is very versatile the idea of using mylor crowling is to counter those Llama + kron, Llama + Flesh Golem, magic summoners and sneaking guys.

almost every situation mylor can deal with it thanks to the thorn ability he gives its a bonus you wont have to worry about melee line ups anymore leaves you with magic and ranged left to deal with.

Mylor Battle 1

Mylor 1.JPG

Mylor Battle 1

from this battle we had a low mana of 14 with the rule set snipe and knockout, it doesn't really mean much, so i just had to apply the basic mylor combo the foundation of 17 mana and below for mylor crowling.

this is Princess khmer + Flesh golem combo
11 Mana only with Mylor.png
the simple trick is khmer heals golem and golem heals himself this combo is very hard to beat, followin up with some damage cards and filler cards for the rest of my line up i achieved the victory

this combo in 16 and below mana battles is considered anti magic (mostly survive magic attacks), and automatically anti sneak because of the summoner mylor crowling fits the category of the 2 must have in everygame silver rank battles

Mylor battle 2

high mana battle no summoner.JPG

Mylor battle 2

this is a second good example of how versatile mylor is with mylor being a 3 mana card he is good to be picked in a no summoner rule set, also notice the divine shield rule set from green splinter there are various cards that attack twice namely, grund and oaken behemoth.

in this time you i had to invoke the 2 must have in every battle rule.

can i survive sneak - i put up queen mycelia which gives off armor to all my cards in the field, also notice the 5 speed of Mitica headhunter that contributes as well because the higher speed you have the more likely they miss their attacks.

anti magic card atleast 1 - i doubled down on anti magic cards with oaken behemoth with the void armor ability and mushroom seer to support with magic dmg reduction.

this battle is the perfect example of why you should have those 2 must have in every battle rule because he both did those sneak and magic monsters at the same time, people may subconsciously or not subconsciously do so thus will always tend to do the same things, like being magic type line up and have a sneak type of cards for some reason because this is the current meta of splinterlands as the chaos legion arrived magic and sneak silver and below ranks with this in mind i got into the leaderboards of silver every EOS after figuring this out.

"warning this is applicable below top 25 rank and, (25 and above rank) is a whole different meta in my opinion"

list of earth cards to rent and their notable abilities


Fungus Fiend

  • a zero mana card which can be used as a shield for anti-sneak mostly since mylor is the summoner being used.

Queen Mycelia

  • the armor buff and amplify buff of earth cards very versatile card almost used in all battles as mylor for the purpose of anti-sneak strategy

Oaken Behemoth

  • a card which has 2 attacks mostly used in high mana battles 35+, also a good counter to magic card has void armor ability


  • a one mana card that increase hp by 1 point very useful in low mana battles this card is intended to increase your overall team survivability.


Beatrix Ironhand

  • a strong ranged attacker which can attack at the front position, (not recommended as a tanker) use when mana exceed 25

Swamp thing

  • a debuff card that decrease all enemy hp by 1 point, a good combo with failed summoner and queen mycelia, this trio is the go to if you are in a no ranged rule set with 20 mana and below

Mitica Headhunter

  • a very high speed, high damage ranged card in earth type splinter, dont forget to use in high mana battles 25 and above


  • a front line double attacker when you need to quickly kill the enemy tanker, a great combo with mycelic slipspawn as she taunt all the enemy attacks grund is free to kill the 1st monster while it is not targeted, use when mana is 32 and above

Acid Shooter

  • a 2 mana card that has 2 attack, RNG based card that has splintershot, very useful in low mana battles 17 and below


  • increases the team speed by 1 point gaining the possible upperhand of a first attack


Venari Seedsmith

  • a ranged card that has scavenger ability and decent damage, to be placed in the second to the last or third from the last because can soak up some damage if exposed in the front position, used in rise of the commoners rule set and applicable to 22+ mana battles

Earth Elemental

  • a 3 mana anti-sneak card may also be used as 2nd tanker in little league rule set, and low mana battles 17 and below because it has heal ability

Regal Peryton

  • an anti-sneak monster when you cant pick another anti sneak monster, use when mana is 20 and above

Goblin Tower

  • a reverse speed monster with the speed of 1 and has a blast ability

Mycelic Infantry

  • a reverse speed monster with the speed of 1 and has shield ability

Mycelic Slipspawn

  • a great taunt monster to backup grund, use when grund is in play mana 32+

Khmer Princess

  • the best healer in game for silver rank with such low mana very versatile, also you can use other healer aswell if you have excess mana trade it with wood nymph or goblin psychic, may be used in every battle

Unicorn Mustang

  • when mana is 17 and above, use this to combo with khmer princess as your foundation of strategy (replace flesh golem)

Stone Golem

  • a very useful card in all melee ruleset, just put him in the backside of your team he shall tank em all and win you the game, use when mana exceed 15, only maybe used in all melee rule set as your anti sneak

Javelin Thrower

  • a strong ranged attacker with pierce ability which continues damage calculation from armor to hp, use when mana is 19+

Mushroom Seer

  • a magic dmg reducer card that is very useful in 20+ mana battles


Hill Giant

  • a 3 mana card that has high health, mostly the tanker in little league rule set aside from failed summoner

Wood Nymph

  • an alternative healer that is slightly stronger than khmer princess very versatile.

Goblin Chef

  • a 3 card that disables enemy heal 50% chance per attack, if you see your enemy doing heals in recent battles this card is my go to

Screeching Vulture

  • an opportunity ability card you can use in low mana battles, and all melee rule set partner with Venari Scout

Goblin Psychic

  • the highest mana cost healer for the card-set (dis-including Spirit of the forest) if you have mana left and want a healer you may wanna use this over princess khmer and wood nymph

Venari Scout

  • an opportunity ability card you can use in low mana battles, and all melee rule set partner with Screeching Vulture

Nectar Queen

  • if you happen to find yourself in an earthquake rule set pick this card as your tanker, to be used in 17 mana and above

Failed Summoner

  • the tanker of little league rule set battles, also a good anti-magic card paired with queen mycelia very versatile you can use in any kind of situation with his high hp and a low mana cost of 2

Flesh Golem

  • the main combo self healing monster tanker of earth splinter, when paired with khmer princess in a low mana 16 and below battle its hard to beat


Yodin Zaku

Yodin Zaku (2).png

Yodin Zaku

This guy has a blast ability can compete with lvl 4 rare summoners with being only as a level 1 summoner, i have a guide click here as how to use this summoner, though only use this as necessary you may wanna spam mylor because he is the most versatile and if you see the enemy going the magic route always do the bortus summoner strategy.


Brighton Bloom


This card is a dragon summoner that gives flying ability, basically this is to give you better chance at winning when earthquake rule set is active.


4 Neutral cards to rent

Furious Chicken

  • a zero mana card which can be used as a shield to make your card slot full incase you needed extra card and has no mana for it

Creeping Ooze

  • a debuff slow card for the enemy which reduces enemy speed by 1 point, to be used if you need to go first attack

Elven Mystic

  • an anti-magic card to be used incase you wanna increase the magic dmg of your enemies, a great pairing with bortus/mushroom seer if your enemy if purely relying on magic from his previous records

Lord Arianthus

  • a great tanker card when the ruleset is no melee it has the void ability, shield and magic reflect, also a great bait for snipe rule set as a 2nd position card


I hope this post may help some people learn this current meta strategy and better enjoy this game.

if you want to play this game click here to register

also all support and upvotes are really appreciated

A big thanks to Drabz587 such a cool and great guy gave me advices about blogging I really am grateful, it really helped my out.


Disclaimer: All the images used in this post were taken from the game's website in my account

also a big thanks to for providing the data i need.

this is not a financial advise just a guide to play splinterlands


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