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RE: Ranked Battle Reward System Updates

in #splinterlands10 months ago

As a ridiculously predictable player, the fact my name will be hidden during team selection, is wonderful news; and should improve my win rate considerably :)


No it wont 🤣

Brutal! 😂

Reality will catch up soon. Just give me these few days.

I think it should help the older accounts, I've been too predictable in my line-ups - still learning about the new cards.

I've been too predictable in my line-ups.

It is true for me too but, IMO or I feel so, most of the time, game choose our opponent smarter than us and we are, for sure, getting smarter with each game but again, game.

Could be wrong, though.

I think this is a great change for the average player, but it means just putting the best foot forward and hoping - there is no "game tape" advantage.

I'd say that I'm even more predictable than you. Alric all day.

Me too🤭

My Flesh Golem Smasher is ready xD

i'm pretty sure @steamdan also loves this update lol