Ranked Battle Reward System Updates

The Splinterlands team has been putting increased focus recently on the ranked battle reward system economy and we have identified a number of issues (with considerable help from the community) and are working on a comprehensive overhaul of the system with the following high level goals in mind:

  • Reduce the ability to "farm" rewards using a small set of cards across many different accounts
  • Increase the rewards for participating in the ranked season ladder (DEC, quest, and season rewards) across all leagues
  • Provide incentives for players to continue playing on a daily basis beyond the wins needed for the daily quest and provide incentives for players to continue playing after having achieved a high league in the current season

We will be releasing more information about our planned changes to the system to address the above goals as we get the details figured out, but in the meantime we have a few smaller changes that we plan to release in the near future:

  1. Each Beta edition card used in a ranked battle win will provide a 5% boost to the DEC rewards earned for that battle (this change was already released last week!)
  2. Cards on 24-hour cooldown will no longer be able to be listed for rent on the rental market
  3. Chaos Legion booster packs will be added as a possible reward in daily quest and season reward loot chests starting with Silver league and up with the following probabilities (which will be taken out of the probability of receiving potions):
League/Tier% ChanceLeague/Tier% Chance
Silver III0.25%Diamond III1.75%
Silver II0.50%Diamond II2.00%
Silver I0.75%Diamond I2.25%
Gold III1.00%Champion III2.50%
Gold II1.25%Champion II2.75%
Gold I1.50%Champion I3.00%

Please note that all packs awarded through loot chests come out of the overall 15M total packs available in the set, but packs awarded through loot chests do not include a chance for receiving any future airdrops.

  • An additional change that we plan to release over the next few weeks is that the game will hide the name of your opponent in ranked battles until both players have submitted their teams. You will still be able to see the opponent's rating and last 5 battles. We hope that this change will help prevent some of the "win trading" going on and help prevent bots or automated scripts from being able to get additional information about their opponents than is available through the game website.

These are just the first set of changes that are easiest and quickest to get out, but please stay tuned for a number of other changes aimed at addressing the above-listed goals that will be announced over the next few weeks as they are ready.

Temp Accounts

Another change that is planned to be released this week is in regard to the "temp accounts" that players receive when they sign up for the game with their email address before they purchase the Summoner's Spellbook and create their Hive blockchain wallet.

In order to be able to support the SPS validator nodes which anyone will be able to run independently and will pull data only from the Hive blockchain, it will be necessary to change the current system so that temp accounts can no longer hold any in-game assets. All assets - SPS, DEC, Cards, Land, Vouchers, etc - will need to be held in valid Hive wallets on the Hive blockchain.

Initially, changes will be implemented to prevent assets from being sent to temp accounts and once we confirm that it is no longer possible for temp accounts to get assets then we will work with any temp accounts that already have assets to be able to upgrade to a Hive blockchain account.

Please keep in mind that it will NOT be necessary to have a Summoner's Spellbook in order to hold assets, it will only be necessary to have a valid Hive blockchain wallet, which can be created for free through many third party websites and services.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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NOTE: All rewards from this post will be burned.


Brutal! 😂

Reality will catch up soon. Just give me these few days.

I think it should help the older accounts, I've been too predictable in my line-ups - still learning about the new cards.

I've been too predictable in my line-ups.

It is true for me too but, IMO or I feel so, most of the time, game choose our opponent smarter than us and we are, for sure, getting smarter with each game but again, game.

Could be wrong, though.

I think this is a great change for the average player, but it means just putting the best foot forward and hoping - there is no "game tape" advantage.

I'd say that I'm even more predictable than you. Alric all day.

Me too🤭

My Flesh Golem Smasher is ready xD

i'm pretty sure @steamdan also loves this update lol

People are getting additional information about me while I'm choosing my team? Oooof, I didn't know that...

Thanks to the Splinterlands team for working on issues that totally affect me even when I don't know about them.

This is an interesting change - because it takes out the ability to predict what cards a person is going to play. This is especially important at the top where people play the same people regularly.

@abh12345 - I'm looking at you! ;D


Your record is good against me, I am like an old dog who's been on Quest autopilot for 3 years and has now suddenly realised there are loads more accounts kicking my ass.


Quest autopilot

It has paid off for you, which is why I like the change of adding packs to rewards.

It has, the reward cards are played often.

There was plenty of time to play around the Quests though, I missed out there.

@abh12345 absolutely destroyed me yesterday or the day before... so I'm ALSO looking at him!

Great! Let me know when you are playing 😄

I have to keep throwing curveball teams at him to win -he learned to combat my thorns with Mylor too fast :D

yes, you can stop this by going to settings and select the "hide battle results until viewed" option. apparently people will wait until near the end of the timer and then check the blockchain to see if you posted your team. then they can directly counter it.

That is already enabled to everyone since November I believe.
The new change will conceal the name of your opponent as well, so you can't check their deck, and more then the last 5 fight before selecting your team.
There were new services offering this option like Splintertools.

A big thumbs up to the changes, especially the inclusion of packs!

Each Beta edition card used in a ranked battle win will provide a 5% boost to the DEC rewards earned for that battle (this change was already released last week!)

Thank you, I been waiting for that since it was announced at the start of the UNTAMED edition.

Overall looks like some positive changes are coming. Keep up the great work!

We hope that this change will help prevent some of the "win trading" going on and help prevent bots or automated scripts from being able to get additional information about their opponents than is available through the game website.

A very welcome change! Many thanks!

Good job SPL team on addressing issues that come up. I'm happy to see packs being introduced into the rewards, that will definitely provide encouragement for people to increase their rank and participate in the growing base.

I also look forward to future changes to help increase the rewards for ALL levels (including the smaller levels). Breaking new ground always requires adjustments, and I'm happy to know that you are not complacent with recent successes and are still working on making this game better for everyone big and small!!! Thank you

This is great!
Finally my beta cards get bonus DEC and I love getting packs from chests :D

This post got me hyped up #splintermoon

I'm glad about name hiding, it will really change the ranked leaderboards from the usual people and put everyone on a more level footing

Maybe figure out a way to make buying quest potions worthwhile again. I just did the math. Basically its $200 to buy 115 potions (100+15 bonus). If you're playing Gold League, that means you'll get an extra 575 cards in using them all. At a 1.5% drop rate, that would mean you could expect roughly 9 Chaos Legion packs dropped in those 575 cards. That's $36 of value for those potions. You obviously have the chance to increase the value significantly by the cards you pull in the packs, but that's still a loooonngg way to go to justify paying $200.

I know you're just implementing these changes so you have no real data on how they will work, but I think it's something to consider.

Also, how will these dropped packs that won't be eligible for the airdrops impact the tiers for airdrops? If you drop a million packs, will the final airdrop just get added to the 2nd to last one? Or are you thinking there's no way you'll drop a million packs? Just curious...

Love the changes being worked on and looking forward to the better rewards!

Excellent point about those people who've gotten lots of packs in anticipation of future airdrops. A fair chunk disappearing from the supply (slowly, over time...) does increase the scarcity, but on the other hand, probably also accelerates sales for the team with a fair number of people to just outright buy more packs as they fomo into the new airdrops...

I like some of these measures looking forward for what the team has planned to keep balancing ranked and to prevent possible abusive behaviours. I like that name hiding, as should make it more difficult for bots to predict what you'll play.

Considering the amount of people that didn't realize you can just look up someone's entire deck and play history with the username during that 2 minute period, it might be better that it is essentially gone haha.

I still get lazy and don't always check, but it sure gives an advantage to know which legendaries they own etc... When you need that info. I remember feeling like I was a noob when I moved to PC after a whole month of playing on mobile when I realized it was so easy to see everything about someone on PC

It would also be nice to get random cards during standard battles

That is really a big update!
Would be nice if the rewards would be better for human players. Even after playing many games, it is really not a lot that is added regarding DEC rewards.

It also a great addition, that cards on cooldown cannot be rented. It is really frustrating to rent cards that are on cooldown and cannot be used.


Sounds like the development team has their heads in the right place - these changes all seem great! Thank you for your continued work on the game's economy and transparency!

Looking forward to the new rewards system, like that humans are incentivized over bot accounts.

Love these changes. Nerfing bot farming and passing the rewards on to the actual players that invest their time into the game and the community is a very welcome improvement! Also, the added bonus of being able to receive Chaos Legion packs as rewards will bring a whole new level of excitement to the end of season and daily reward chest that can sometimes be a little underwhelming. Great stuff from the dev team as always, keep up the good work guys! The future looks bright for all of us that are dedicated long term grinders!

i am all for disquising the names, and more than that, we should see at axie that most of the poeple there are doing dailies only, for the rewards, except some competivite ones going for the first places that gave rewards. It is different here.

I think most of these changes are actually great but I do see a few cons tied in.

I've written up my perspectives. Would love to hear everyone elses thoughts.


I think it's a really bad idea to hide the opponent. That will just encourage not having a well balanced set of cards to play. If that is the case, it make it even more lucrative to only have 2-3 strong splinters and ignore the rest, since no one can exploit your decks weaknesses.

They're just hiding their Name, not the previous battles/splinters played

Read the post again lol

Hi, I am slightly new to this, could someone explain to me what does this statement means?
Cards on 24-hour cooldown will no longer be able to be listed for rent on the rental market

  1. On what conditions will a card be on cooldown?
  2. For example, if I rent a card out to Player A for 24 hours, and Player A uses it in the last 15 minutes of the 24h rental period, does it mean when the card is returned to me, I will need to wait 23 hr 45 minutes for the cooldown to end before I can list the same card for rent?

I don't believe so, I think the 24 hour cooldown period more affects the purchase of a card that was recently used. I just used a card in ranked battles 10 minutes ago, put it up on the market for sale and you buy it. Since I played it, you have to wait 24 hours to use it. I don't believe rentals are affected the same way but I could be wrong..

Thanks for sharing! Understand your point, though I also note that the statement mentioned "listed for rent". Hmm let's see if anyone can shed some light.

Yeah I mean it could be that scenario except when you bought it, then you threw it up on the market for rent. I wonder if anyone could clarify, maybe @splinterlands could?

if you used a card in battle, then decide you'd rather rent it out, you will need to wait 24 hr before you can do so, i believe until this rule one could rent a card on cooldown and not be able to use it in battle, which would be a waste of a rent unless you just rented for the CP

If you use a card you own in ranked, it gets a 24 hour cool down for use by other accounts. The change will prevent you from putting cards with a cool down timer up on the market for other users to rent out. It shouldn't impact cards that are rented out to different players, as I believe those don't incur a cool down timer for other renters now.

  1. when a card was used in battles within than 24 hours. whether as an owner or renter.
  2. yes. 23 hrs and 45 minutes is the remaining cooldown period. and we have to wait for the cooldown to end before we can use the card again.

Some good changes there.

Hiding opponent's name and rewarding with Chaos Legion packs I am sure will bring in more interest in ranked battles.

Thanks to team Splinterlands for these proposed changes :)

Solid changes, like the measures taken to adjust the bot behavior and farming.

glad to see the devs are listening to the players and implementing some much needed changes to keep this game progressing on a great path forward. Keep up the good work!

This change is huge and it will definitely redefine the game economy.
I love it.
Great product team planning/strategy.

I hope the "strategy" factor will start to play a bigger role - and not only in the ladder where rewards are only possible if you have the best cards. 🙏

This changes are really cool!
Great work Splinterlands Team!

Nice changes! Keep up the great stuff

Wait WHAT !!! So they've been cheating on us all that time with bots and online tools. !!! 🤦‍♂
This might explain why i struggle to push up my win rate ;o) or not
+100❤️ Team Splinterlands

Gunna be strange at first not knowing who your up against. Glad more public information that isn't really public is being squashed.

Boaster packs back as rewards...Nice!

very good upgrades. thanks

So... At ~2% pack per chest in diamond, and around 12 chests from daily-- that means an average of 4 pack per season poofing from supply per player at that league. Even at silver it's significant.

This kind of just seems like the entire set is going to go to the bot armies immediately. Sorry people who play and were excited to have a chance to purchase for awhile.

Hey Avatar!

Do we know about how many play daily in each league? It'd be interesting to see, on average, how many packs should be given out each day to all players (and especially EOS).

I'd hope/imagine the devs took this into account when coming up with the drop rates so that it isn't really profitable to make a bot just to farm chests, but is a nice boost to existing accounts.

Das Gefühl und die tatsache das die spieler sich wieder besser fühlen erfreut mich genauso wie ich diesen artikel gelesen habe splinterlands ist einfach eines der bestem karten games

Waiting anxious for the news about Wild/Modern mode

Countering your opponents using their previous battle data is most of the times dangerous as you don't know if you're countering a counter. I currently go for playing my best team depending on the ruleset.
Being stucked in the Bronze league for many months, I noticed that most bots are NOT countering their opponents. Most bots are either copying or recording their best encounter and applying that to their own advantage.
This is very noticeable during the recent update of starter cards. The bots didn't use any of the CL starter cards that are available to them because they rely on the data that they had previously gathered. :)

When does this change kick in? Will we get a chance to receive packs in our EOS?

This all sounds really positive, good work!

Finally, having a chance to get chaos legion packs makes me more motivated to clear my daily quests now.

not really understand the wording. but "Reduce the ability to "farm" rewards using a small set of cards across many different accounts" mean if I delegate cards to other accounts, then the rewards will be dropped?

Hi! Where can I find more information on running SPS nodes?

Ty (:

- EvM

Changes are really cool. I like the reward part :)

Seems the splinterlands is more and more difficult to retain the new players in the game. The rewards is too small compared to investment. Without keeping dumping money in, rarely have way to climb up the league. Heard from old players, the rewards in previous was way more higher than what we have now.

The game if has no new blood get in, mostly it will has no future.

Hiding the name of your opponent is such a good change!
I was planning to suggest it in the TH tomorrow, but as always you guys come out with great solutions.
Cant wait for it to go live!

Some good update. The hiding opponent name is a game changer! In regards to hiding player names, will you also hide Guild name and player avatar? Does this apply to rank play only or tournaments also?