We Need Voice Overs in Splinterlands!

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Wouldn't Aggroed's Voice Over Be a Blast in Splinterlands?

So I've totally been getting into playing Splinterlands again. Now PLEASE don't go look at my records, and if you run into me in the game, HAVE SOME MERCY on me... hahaha... I've been buying cards at @peakmonsters for cheap (it's a no-brainer and wow do I have a post about that someday!), but I wanted to get on here and share my idea with you guys before I forget it.

Wouldn't it be funsy (yes, that's a Rosie word I use ... hahaha... kind of like my Yippeee!!) if we had a voice over in Splinterlands after you gather your team that says something like "Time to Battle!" or "Battle Away!"

Frankly, I think the voice should be @aggroed because of course his background in theater and he would add that touch. Like how many of us remember the "welcome" from AOL or "you've got mail!" It adds a great touch to the game and since everything is in English at this time you don't really need to worry about language.


Well, I've got to go off and look for parrots and koalas in the bush today. I only have a few more days here then I hope to come back and begin writing more (and doing the Splinterlands summaries again! I miss doing them but the Town Hall is in the middle of the night here.)

Hope you're all well! Please let me know how your summers are going!! I miss hearing what's going on in your worlds!

And happy battling in Splinterlands!! The new reward system has made this game so enjoyable! I can't wait to share my thoughts about it when I get back home to the hot Kansas prairies!!

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Please remember my post is not meant to be financial advice and is just my opinion.
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Actually, voice overs were planned way back 3 or 4 years ago. Each monster was going to have a few phrases to speak at the start of battle, when victorious or defeated. There were auditions and samples submitted. I think it got as far as casting was finished and final recordings were submitted.

Wait WHAT? Why didn't this get completed?!?! I think that would have been AMAZING! Plus, I would love to hear your voice on the game! HOW COOL!!! Wow! Hmm... I'd like to know why they didn't go through with this idea. Very interesting!

I'm not sure, but I think it was a casualty of the last crypto winter. Or Yaba just had too much to do to get it implemented. But somewhere there are a bunch of recordings of community members voice acting sound bites for the Alpha version monsters.

Well that is a true shame. I guess that makes me a bit nervous as to what else has been planned but didn't happen? Of course voice overs isn't critical or something but it just makes me wonder.

Thanks for letting me know, Gregory!! I hope someone will bring this up to the team someday and remind them. I think some soundbites would be a nice addition. :)

Maybe they will put them in when they add the 3d animations. Seems like a good fit.

Agreed! That would be a wonderful time!