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This will be my first time to use the Lava Spider because I usually use Earth Summoner on my previous battles. My line up is also will be trial and error or an experimental. While I am making my line up, I am not sure if this will work against my opponent.
Spoiler alert: It worked and I won against the opponent.

My line up for this weekly challenge

  1. Living Magma
  2. Magma Troll
  3. Lava Spider
  4. Fire Elemental
  5. Chaos Agent

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Since the Lava Spider has long range attack I put it in the third spot. For my front row, I placed the Living Lava since it has 2 shield and 6 lives making him a good tank for the rest of the cards. It also reduces damage from melee and ranged attacks which is really good. For the second position, we have Magma troll. I placed it in this spot because it has the reach ability making it able to attack with the first row. For the third and fourth position, I used ranged attack. The Lava Spider and Fire Elemental.

I must say they are good ranged attack. The Lava Spider has a Snipe ability which means it can attack any cards that are not in the first position. This is really helpful because it can kill the cards on the back line while the tank is also busy taking and dealing damage. The Fire elemental is also great because of its blast ability. With this ability it can give two attack one on its main target and one on the adjacent of the main target.

I'm glad that my line up worked even though this is just a trial and error. I only used this line up once, so I still need to study it further. It may work for this round, but it may not on the other round or summoners. So I have to try it again and to see if I need to make some improvement.

Overall I am liking the Lava Spider together with the Fire elemental


Thanks for sharing! - @lenonmc21

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