Announcing 21 New Reward Cards

A set of 21 new Reward edition cards have been completed and are scheduled to be released on Monday, September 13th, 2021. There will be three new cards from each Splinter element as well as three Neutral cards, and the breakdown of rarity will be: 6 Common, 8 Rare, 4 Epic, and 3 Legendary cards.

The new Reward edition cards will feature the new card frame artwork from the upcoming Chaos Legion set and will also share the new DEC burn rates and collection power rates with the Chaos Legion cards which are detailed below. The amount of cards required to combine to reach each level will remain the same for these new Reward cards as it is for the Untamed edition.

Please note that the new Reward cards will be available in daily quest reward loot chests right away, but they will only be available in season reward loot chests starting at the end of the current ranked play season. This means that players who still have unclaimed rewards from previous seasons will not receive the new Reward cards in those loot chests.

As always, we want to thank our amazing playerbase for their support and understanding as we continue to focus primarily on supporting the unprecendented growth we have seen over the past couple of months and which we expect to continue into the future. There is still a lot of behind-the-scenes work to do for that but we are also trying to get new features released in parallel as much as possible.

Print Limits

To attempt to keep pace with the astonishing level of growth that Splinterlands has been experiencing lately, the print limits for the new Reward edition cards will be 20x the limits for previous Reward edition cards. The new limits are as follows:

  • Common - 8,000,000
  • Rare - 2,000,000
  • Epic - 800,000
  • Legendary - 200,000

While at first glance that might seem like a huge amount of cards, when you consider the current size and growth trajectory of the player base and the amount required to combine to reach max level, it is pretty well in line.

With these limits, there will only ever be a total of around 18k max level versions of each card (regular foil), which means that less than 10% of the current daily active accounts will ever be able to own a max level regular foil version of these cards. Additionally, there will only ever be a total of around 1k (Legendary) - 4k (Common) max level gold foil versions of each of these cards, making max level gold foil versions still quite rare and hard to come by.

Collection Power & DEC Burn Value

As mentioned above, the new Reward cards will have the same Collection Power and DEC burn rates as the new Chaos Legion set cards will have. These will be half of the Collection Power & DEC burn rate of the Untamed edition cards, and additionally the Collection Power & DEC burn rate of gold foil cards will be 25x the regular foil version of the cards rather than 50x as it has been in the past. The new rates are shown for each type of card in the table below:

RarityReg. FoilGold Foil

Updated Loot Chest Reward Percentages

Now that there will be a new set of reward cards with higher print limits available as loot chest rewards, we will also be able to adjust the percentages for the different types of rewards. Once the new Reward cards are released the loot chest reward percentages will be updated as follows:

  • Reward Card - 50%
  • DEC - 25%
  • Potion - 25%

Please note that a 1% of chance of receiving a Chaos Legion pack will also be added in (in place of 1% chance of receiving a potion) when the Chaos Legion set is released.

Show Me the Stats!

For those of you who were hoping to see the stats of all of the new cards, we're sorry to say that we're not going to show them here! We will officially reveal the couple of cards that were teased in the last AMA, but as for the others you're going to have to discover them on your own when they are released...BUT we will announce that a few of the new cards will feature some of the new abilities we have planned for the upcoming Chaos Legion set, which we will also reveal below!

New Abilities
Amplify - Increases Magic Reflect, Return Fire, and Thorns damage to all enemy monsters by 1
Forcefield - This Monster takes only 1 damage from attacks with power 5+
Camouflage - This Monster cannot be targeted for attacks unless it's in the first position
Deathblow - This Monster does 2x damage if their target is the only Monster left on the enemy team

Lava Launcher

Goblin engineers of the Burning Lands have outdone themselves with the latest model of the Lava Launcher, which unlike its predecessors, actually launches lava. The load chamber holds a fairly large amount of liquid magma, which is somehow balled up and launched toward enemies. Once it leaves the load chamber, the outside of the lava ball hardens instantly, making it land with highly destructive explosive power.

This weapon was developed by Azad goblin engineers under the employ of the Torch and being paid handsomely for their developments. Its creators were named Irv and Sterv Flanklin, a pair of twin brothers who specialize in weaponry and vehicular design. They’re happy to say that of the first 100 Lava Launchers made, more than 40 of them did not catch fire with the driver inside.

Djinn Oshannus

Dawn of the Djinn 3 of 4 - The Djinn are angry at the way they were tricked by the Planet, but also appreciative that they can now enjoy this limited freedom, each trapped by natural forces. The Djinn possess powerful ancient magic of their own, which is now charged into the force of one element for each of them. The ancient demons of war are an awkward bunch to be chosen as a planetary defensive force, but they are also impressively capable of the job. As long as they are bound by the Planet, they will do its bidding. Whatever their would-be choices and allegiances, they will fight against the Chaos Legion to protect the sixth mana gate.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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Will be interesting to see how the market prices affect these new cards.

Older cards may see an increase in value due to them being much rarer versus new ones. But. With all these new cards flooding the market (especially if they're good) the overall price of all card will go lower. I guess the game will be more affordable if you are in to play and more expensive for the collectors. Who knows!

Older cards may also decrease in price if they will have an anti from these newer cards. Hence will became from meta to not. :D

In other CCG like Magic the Gathering, a new expansion usually means that the majority of the older cards get cheaper because 1) the demand for new cards will be high and the older ones will be less demanded and 2) the older cards get sold to pay for the new ones.

The exception are older cards that combos with the new cards.

It makes a lot of sense

Oshannus? is that a name?



Can't wait for the new cards just keep getting potions and low dec at the moment.

Increased print limits.
Adjusted loot chest percentages.
New burn value for the latest edition cards.
New abilities!


Why are people so worried about amplify and Mylor? Amplify will be an ability of a new summoner right? ... right?

Was it confirmed? that would ease my worry if that's the case. Hopefully it is

Not that I know about. But I really believe it's a summoner ability, or else it would be unbalanced. 😣

Great to see reward cards again available in the Loot Chests and also at the end of this Season. This was a well-waited event and seeing it in motion simply shows that Splinterlands doesn't the only promise, but also delivers. This is the way!

Also love that they took into consideration the exponential growth that's going on in an effective way.

Uber news. I just really hope they will do something with the quest potions. They are really expensive now, and not paying out..

Ah thats exciting! The lavalauncher is going to be highly destructive paired with a Yodin...

I'm looking forward to getting my hands on a level 3 or 4 one that's for sure!

Pretty amazing news overall.

Bit scared about such steep print increase, but that also mean good old print limit cards will probably go up... even more...

Well when we have 150k accounts signing up in a month they need to take that into consideration lol. There will be lots of the older cards that get swiped off the shelf if we can get the player base that’s just starting out to have some success in getting a stronger deck.

The abilities are off the hook, friends and I were discussing for so long what do the pictures represent and what are the effects Forcefield seems pretty fking cool ngl

Awesome updates some rewards cards are needed for sure to get those new players building some decks to better battle with. Should start boosting retention numbers. Also sounds like Chaos packs might not be all that far away ;)

Excited for the new cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lets go!!! About time cant wait for the new cards!!

push and shove people. PUSH and SHOVE! Thanks for your fantastic update and the exciting new gameplay!!!

That's awesome news. Thanks for adding burn information as well.

YES I'm so hyped about this!

Amplify is going to be ROUGGHHHH with Mylor, oh gosh.

EDIT: I misread on the Forcefield ability, removing question

Owster's gonna be rocking a bit too, I think.

This is amazing! I am looking forward to see cards in the loot chests again :D

The new abilities look awesome! So many combinations running through my mind already:)

Deathblow sounds awesome against Kron and other tentpole teams. Looking forward to Monday!

I hope I am not the only one who is fully excited about this game moving forward and announcing new and better updates for the game.

I'm really excited for Deathblow as an answer to Llamakron. I vastly prefer "silver bullet" balancing to direct nerfs. Great add!

For sure love this as well! They introduce a crazy effective skill or combo but in the future release make a way for somebody to counter it. Lord arianthus aficionados aren't as strong nowadays!

Please adjust down the Thorn damage. with the new ability Amplify, everyone will use Mylor!

Nice!!! Hope I can get these cards.

Yeah! I also want one :D



Geiler Lava Panzer.

Lets goooo


Meta will change for sure!

Great news!

Cards with this ability will be extremely dangerous and expensive. 🤤


Probably a summoner ability if you ask me.

This is epic, Just getting back into it and new cards coming out. Time to stack cards

Those new card frames are getting me stoked.
Looks sharp, more professional.
This is all good news to me.
Can't wait for Chaos Legion.

Can't wait to pair an Amplify monster with Mylor, will be interesting to see how the new abilities affect the current meta strategies.

Great job. The new abilities, artwork and card design are all fantastic. Very much looking forward to this.

Both those cards look awesome.

The new print rates make sense. I suspect you will still be replacing them sooner then you think.


Yous are doing great, don't forget to sto, sitback and enjoy all your handy work.

I can't wait to play with these amazing rewards cards.

Very cool, indeed. Just in time for the end of the current season. I love the direction everything has been going lately. Feel like a kid again waiting for the release of Chaos Legion! I would have never thought that I would have found something I enjoy as much as this. Look forward to everything coming, especially land and the new abilities :D

Give me pls I'm new to the game

amazing , letz see

Looking awesome, can't wait for the update!

A question tho, how would camouflage work exactly? For example, if a camouflaged monster is in last position and the enemy has a sneak monster, would it attack your second-to-last monster instead?

Good scenario question. I think it might do that, with snipe it would certainly go to a different card if it were available but for sneak I wonder since it just attacks the back no matter what.

The cards are great and I can't wati to use the new abilities but why is the math based on Max level cards when most of these cards will never be combined even once and most players don't play at max levels?

You guys are going to bury us with the amount of CL cards released aren't you?

In order to get a max level card you have to spend a bunch of money on other cards to get max summoners. It might not seem like a big deal to people who are running around with level 2 and 3 summoners but making sure there aren’t too many max level cards is important. There aren’t that many people with decks at max levels. Don’t want to make too many cards so that everyone can max a card just by playing. With my account the way it is, the highest I have gotten to in a cards print series is level 8 without buying any. If we print way more then even someone in gold league could max a card which would ruin the long term sustainability of the game in my opinion.

I just think they are printing too much all the way around. This game was built for a few thousands daily active accounts and even right now that its grown to 215k active accounts we are still buried in inventory. Whales sitting on mountains of unused cards while thousands of even the most popular cards sit idle on the rental markets. Look how many of each of these epic cards are currently sitting on the market unrented. And there are hundreds more for sale. Now they think we need even higher numbers because player growth? They need to be really careful here because without scarcity, people lose interest. We have enough cards in the game right now for probably 1 million players. I have hundreds of copies of "rare" cards I haven't even bothered trying to rent out because price is already pinned to the floor with 1000 copies competing for .1 dec and most sitting idle. Why add mine too? And I am small compared to some of these accounts that are 20x my size but aren't playing 1/100th of their decks and would crush the market if they tried to rent them out. The idea now that we will issue based on how many maxxed out cards it will create when most cards don't get combined ever is just weird to me and dangerous.

Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 5.28.26 AM.png

A 0 mana card would be interesting. Hard to say whether that would be a good or bad thing, but it would certainly make it ubiquitous in any battle that doesn't use every card slot in the battle's total mana budget.

Have you seen the furious chicken? Those are the only 0 mana cards currently in existence.

The little goblin in the lava launcher looks so happy <3

Exiting updates!

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I am excited to see the new rewards cards! Hopefully, the new expansion packs will become available soon as well. I started the game with the idea of "Play to Earn", now I'm thinking, "we don't need food, I need a better summoner"... :-)

Good evening, I am not receiving spt awards for posting to splinterlands. Who should I contact for clarification? Thanks.

This adds diversity in picking cards

nice. Thats nice.

How many cards do we need for each level for max?

I think that chances are really good and value the older editions. That's really nice.

Same as the current reward cards. 505 for max.

505, good to now. So around 25% weaker.

Wonderful!!!!! I can't wait to use new cards.....

Hi there @splinterlands my ign is @superpotato,i bought 22 quest potion but i never won a rare,epic or legendary card since i started playing but i managed to get 10000 Dark energy crystal from the quest potion now hearing about this news i am more excited to have my very own cards in the near future, hopefully. HAHAHA I just wanna say Thanks for improving this wonderful game. Long live and prosper in splinterlands GodBless you all

Is there a link to all of the new cards coming so we can see them all instead of just 2?

Thanks for the post :)

If you read the post completely, they said they are not releasing all of the cards. You will have to figure out a way to see them. Lots of people will post them as they win them.

Awesome update!
Love the 50% reward card chance! Had just 1 card out of 12 loot chests this past season. Really hurt.

Can you also earn a legendary card as reward playing in Bronze league?

Yes you can get lucky and get a legendary card. You can tell it's legendary when you click on it and the card shakes. It's very exciting your first time getting one! Good luck!

Well... If things are going the way they are with the development and we will keep the same track... soon a lot of us will retire earlier and most probably as millionaires!

Lol that's only of the markets get stronger. If we enter a bear market that won't be the case!

Genial la escalada de las recompensas espero con ansiasa las nuevas cartas

Forcefield will be popular in Knockout ruleset.

Wow! This is really awesome ❤️

that's great. I used to play Hearthstone but since I see and try this game I am verry pleased with this style and gameplay too

oh no I just rented out all my cards haha but hopefully they will rain down on us!

WOOHOO!!! This news brought a huge smile to my face :-D

*Updated Loot Chest Reward Percentages
Now that there will be a new set of reward cards with higher print limits available as loot chest rewards, we will also be able to adjust the percentages for the different types of rewards. Once the new Reward cards are released the loot chest reward percentages will be updated as follows:

Reward Card - 50%
DEC - 25%
Potion - 25%
Please note that a 1% of chance of receiving a Chaos Legion pack will also be added in (in place of 1% chance of receiving a potion) when the Chaos Legion set is released.*

Things are heating 🔥 up in the exciting world of Splinterlands!

those cards are kind of awesome :)

Oh my, Oh my, Oh my my my~

Solid update! Love the mystery of the cards. I think the increased percentage of drops for reward cards will be very good to retain new players, appreciate that!

Retain new players increasing chaos legion packs price? Not allowing them to buy lands? They say everything in this game is to be scarce, so the players will follow these words; The justify to increase the cards packs is to make new cards expensive at the beginning of their life. A Kron that used to cost 4 bucks and now is 400 USD is not enough to see the prices going up? The question is that buy a spellbook is easy. But many people here leaving the game because they are paying to play at the bronze league. And those who invested in SPS lost a lot of money already. A couple of reward cards gained in one chest per daily quest will not change anything.

A game of cards where those who have more cards gain more cards. And the novice players can now buy cards for an expensive price. The diamond-champions will get 90% of the cards. If you don't help new players to buy cards to play a game of cards, the will be scarce quickly.

I get your perspective however you have to balance things in the game. We can’t cater to new players constantly in the form of lots of things up front. That would incentivize people to just create lots of accounts to take advantage of the better rewards for lower leagues.

As with anything, scarcity will drive up the cost. I could have sold my gold foil Kron for 250$ back when I got it but I kept it knowing that it would go up in value. If you see short term gains over long term gains you will most often lose out.

The other aspect of this is that you can’t give too many things out for free. It is a pay to play and play to earn game. That is not at all hidden. You can join and enjoy it, knowing that up front or you can stop. There are a lot of people who joined at a time of very significant change and if they stick around, it will get better. The changes to reward card drops will improve that.

Hmmm... Interesting new release, congratulations again @splinterlands!

However, I was thinking... could this be the proper time to release the new $DEC rates for buying Quest Potions? Maybe... I am positive this is the best time to buy these potions. Looking forward hearing more from you before Monday <3

- EvM

Great job Rockstars of Gamming, new abilities look interesting, card art is amazing.

if SPS is the governance token for this, shouldnt SPS hodlers be able to have a say in this?

Awesome update. Looking forward to these new cards. :)

May this new cards will give balance to the current gameplays <3

Wow! New set of reward cards, loot chest rewards with 50% reward card, and four new abilities! The next season then will be very exciting! Lava Launcher’s stats are amazing! A great tank indeed! Djinn Oshannus, with forcefield ability and 11 health, this card seems invincible. Can it now compete with Kron?

Can’t wait for Monday to come! Thanks for this update!

Very nice, I am looking forward to it.

I think this will address a lot of the difficulties experienced by new players!!

looking forward to building different deck with regards to the newest addition soon. gotta be exciting. <3

As a new player in this game, this makes me want to play more. It enables us to catch up a little bit in the game.New cards means new mechanics, new meta, new lores to read!. Hoping to get some good cards with this new rewards! Good luck to us splinter men and womens!

#Splinterlands #p2ejourney

I love the new abilities! Can't wait to see how they'll be used in battles.

And I Just Bought another PLOT of LAND, Silly Me........ @splinterlands


Deathblow is going to be a great ability. I am tired of dying to Llamas!!

Just got into this game a few days ago and really enjoying myself. I am a fan of MTG and due to time constraints and lack of people to play with this game has been incredible. Im hoping to grow with this community and super excited for these kind of things. If anyone has any advice or direction to point me in to further my knowledge I would appreciate it as well.

Great News!

new card.JPG

Going to be fun!

New to splintertalk and fairly new to splinterlands. I played Magic:the Gathering when I was younger. Love it!

wow 🤩 cant wait to have one of those!!

Damn! They are so cool!

I think Monday is going to be a great day.

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I am coming from a Magic the Gathering background and I think this numbers for the set are spot on. Enough for every current player to obtain but in longer terms the value will go up.

Genial, se ven geniales las nuevas cartas 😁


Super excited!

The updated loot chest rewards percentage chance will definitely hook new more players. Love how they balance the economy (another DEC burning mechanism) and the new print limits. This is gonna be awesome!

i'm waiting for this

Amazing! anyone doing card pack loans? asking for a friend... I will find a way, still got a few days :D

Muito roubado esse debuff de dano alto

drop rate is not so hot eh?Screenshot 91.png

Beyond Excited about this!!!! Like a lot in the community, I have been eagerly awaiting these. Can't wait to start seeing these poping up in my reward chests, and excited to see how the new modifiers affect the current game play. Something to keep us going until the next set release :)

All great news! Love the designs on the new cards, can't wait!