We are number #1!

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Look at that: another dapp on #Hive moves into the top 10 d/apps globally. This time, it's even #1.

The numbers of @splinterlands are really not bad for roughly a day of game-time. Seems that most players are quite active.

The view on HiveDapps


The view on State of the Dapps


The view on DappRadar


PS: The numbers on HiveDapps.com and State of the Dapps are lower, due to the data being updated daily and not hourly.
PS2: I've stopped hosting SteemApps.com.


Good job ! 90% of Steem Dapps moving to Hive is INCREDIBLE !

Now we just need to make everybody feels great inside their little communities so they will stick around and grow with all of us 😃.

Cheers !

Yes, what they said @therealwolf haha

awesome! :)

Hive all the way, boys and girls!

Let's go!

This is the best news and to think of it that i am not playing the game is annoying... i am heading over to start my splinterlands journey. I am glad to be on hive too..

Wow, this post is very proud of the pride and surprise for this nest, I will not play, I always want to activate myself in this nest, because I like being in a nest too ..

That’s awesome.. we are growing and how ..!!! This post made my day :)

And let's have more dApps from Hive in that list.

We must do better. We should not be content with this.

i dont understand why steem monsters is a big deal for hive?
botting isnt doing anything for the masses

? i'm not a Bot

I'm sure there are at least 5 humans playing ;)

I'm two small bots in a trenchcoat.

I bet wearing a trenchcoat will look suspicious in 'straya

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But why we are not getting that no 1 attention ?