Splinterlands Monster Giveaway 5000 DEC, A Die, and a Booster Pack Plus More

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We have made it to another end of month Monster Giveaway and also the end of another season. I really hope you get some monster rewards. Thank you for all of the love and support as it means the world to me. I will announce yesterdays winners and then the monster giveaway prize pool and how to enter to win each prize. After that I will just do some shameless self promotion and let you all get out of here. Now lets jump into this like its and Monster Giveaway prize pool.

Yesterdays Winner of 250 DEC

@minimining congrats buddy 250 DEC sent, good luck on your rewards.

Yesterdays Runner-up Winner of 50 DEC

@jemmarti Congrats buddy, I have to give the noobs some love, 50 DEC already sent. let me know if you have any game questions.
Wow. This game is evolving pretty quick. I just started about 2 weeks ago and already loving this game. New content always on the making. The best thing here is the community.

Monster Giveaway

  • 3000 DEC 1 winner comment something positive
  • 1000 DEC 1 winner upvote
  • 500 DEC 2 winners upvote
  • Azmare Dice 1 winner re-blog
  • Booster Pack 1 winner tag a friend
  • 800 SIM for @dcity 1 winner add City to your comment
  • 2 level 1 pigs for @piggericks add oink to your comment

Okay my friends I will pick and pay all winners on September 4th. Thanks again and lets keep growing this channel so I can give away ever more prizes. It you want to help check out below.

Extra Support

The best biggest help is setting an auto vote for my post.
Up-votes and re-blogs are huge and much appreciated.
You can use my affiliate link although I have no idea how it works lolz. https://steemmonsters.com?ref=threejay
Go give me a follow over at @monster-burner this will help support many new players including our free guild for new players go join here


1st of September and Sunny warm day here. Positive enough? Guess yep :)

@kobusu may try too :)

Please pray for all our first responders 🙏🙏🙏

Oink, I think @bafi would like to join in.

3J it's time to come visit the Big City in Texas 🤠

GL mate!

I recently got hired to do some editing work.


nice, what you editing? photos?

Just a small gig for a friend but its beer money at least. I think its suppose to be some cropping work mostly. Suprised how often it is and people just arent computer literate. That and color touch up. I tagged you in case you were interested in the contest. First Hive username that popped in my head.

What about a City of @piggericks full of oink? Let's toss them and secure our earnings to bank. Let's go Splinterlandians!🐷🐽🐷

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Generous rewards this time around!

Always remember this saying - When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

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Last month i was unlucky but this season i reached champions league for the first time.
Reblogged - Upvoted - City - Oink
And i am sure, @bitandi will join this giveaway too.

September 1st is going to be a new era for Splinterlands. Lets makes this game awesome! Upvoted!

That is a legendary giveaway with a blasting capability of Zaku that can surely silence other giveaway competitors like ruler of the seas does. Hope I d get the shield of the peak rider to make first and the last stand like the kron of the undying. ;)
Thanks a lot

Tagging @haseez the friend I have here who plays it and reblogged soon.

Someone summoned me.


This corona shit is going to go away and we can have !BEER with friends in the city again.
Oink oink.
@sayee check this out.

It was the last time I could be in champion 1 and the rewards were pretty ordinary. Nothing better than an epic card.

Sorry, you don't have enough staked BEER in your account. You need 24 BEER in your virtual fridge to give some of your BEER to others. To view or trade BEER go to hive-engine.com

Giving love cannot be stopped by this virus neither. Love your neighbor same as you have been loving yourself.

upvoted reblogged @dexy50 City oink

Thanks for tag me to great giveaway!

upvoted reblogged @mistakili City oink

Infect people with comedy and laughing, and not leave for virus to do any infecting.

Tagging @geneticshuffling

Wow another monster giveaway! I love it so oinking much! Seems like time passes really quickly and it was only yesterday that the last monster giveaway happened.
Keep on doing this giveaway since it makes a lot of people happy.
I also love DCity

WOW nice giveaway hope I can upgrade my city

Also re-blogged

I reached the champion league for the first time this season! Though my city could use some SIM. Also could do with some extra oinks since I only have 1 piggy.

tagging @cryptoFiloz

I listened to the Splinterlands AMA and the up coming land sales sound fantastic. The future of Splinterlands sure looks bright.

Life's good,

Something positive? Tbh these contest I have seen you do are very positive and very help to the Splinterlands community. Every DEC given away goes a long ways when helping a player out who is trying to get that next booster pack or single card they normally could not afford.

Thanks for doing this :)

It will soon be Halloween. So close.

i'm a teacher and school is starting back up tomorrow. love getting to see the kids, even if it's only on zoom!

oh wow i didn't know i was picked. I just checked today. thanks a lot!

Splinterlandians that share each other, stays in the guild forever. Play for fun. Make friends. And spread love in Splinterlands City.
How's your oink there @borax20? If they're loyal then start tossing them. 🎲

there's light at the end of the tunnel :)

What is your opinion about the "Collection Power" update? Will you keep on supporting Steemmonster with give away?