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RE: Splinterlands Monster Giveaway 10,000 DEC plus an Orb, a Booster Pack, a Gold Foil Card, a NFT pig, and sim #365

in #splinterlands2 years ago

Oooo this is super cool! I had no idea these were a thing (just recently started playing Splinterlands) ^_^

Oink, @yuurinbee-znz if you're still interested in trying out this Game.

Upvoted and Re-blogged. Thank you for creating this giveaway! 😆


thanks for the support I gave you a follow, good luck I hope you win

Ay cheers! Appreciate it. 😊

Oh, 100%! I first played it a few months back, but really didn't get the full grasp of the game mechanics. Hoping to be able to pick it up soon and start playin'... why you need your butt kicked? har har :wokeemoji:

Haha bring it 😂