Interest .. Neymar absence !

in #sport2 years ago

Paris Saint-Germain will once again play an important match in the Champions League without its first star Neymar, the team will visit today, at the Camp Nou to face Barcelona in the first leg of the 16th round, in the absence of the Brazilian star due to injury during a match in the French Cup.

We can notice that expectations and speculation have turned upside down since the announcement of Neymar's absence, Paris Saint-Germain, in the eyes of everyone, had more chances to get out of the Camp Nou stadium with a positive result, but in the past days the scales began to tilt towards Barcelona after the Parisian team lost one of its most important weapons, and this is not He denies the existence of other factors that have contributed to changing expectations significantly, such as the level of the two teams in recent times.


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