Ball Toss

in #sports4 months ago

Hi Friends,

I was tossing a ball into a net and decided to try to get it in slow motion. The video came out pretty good, so I made it into a gif:


The gif quality is not as good, but you can still see the ball rotating - pretty cool!

I always enjoy tossing the ball around but can’t always find someone to toss it with so a net has to do sometimes.

Hope you enjoyed the shot!



Good that it didn't hit the camera :) Nice capture!

Stiiiiiiiiirike. I would not know how to make a gif. I do have a JVC camcorder for filming unboxins of coins for on youtube.

I really enjoyed the shot and your throw has been much better. We could have enjoyed it more if you had shared the Solo Motion video with us.

This game is very good. I always play with kids. Enjoy the game to the fullest. @brain.rrr






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