Sports Betting on Bank Mobile App

in #sportstalk5 years ago

When it comes to sports trends, there are several things involved. From keeping fit, news and entertainment, sports memorabilia to sports betting. Although I don't bet, but I think it's a good way to make some money for yourself, just gain more than lose.

Sports betting feature on FCMB mobile app

So the essence of this post... I updated my app today and noticed something scary, not scary scary, but may put you in a comprised situation. You can now bet using FCMB new mobile app, I don't know if other banks have this feature. Although there are several betting apps on play store, I'm surprised to see it on a bank mobile app.

Why it is scary? C'mon you might just use up all your money in the name of betting to get more money since it is attached to your bank account. Sports betting has become a recognized feature, even on Opay!

Conclusively, ensure to vote moderately, don't be wasteful or greedy. Sports is a money mine, look for a way to dig up your wealth without losing 😉