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I've often wondered when the first sports focused Steem condenser was going to be made. I had seen projects like Scorum exist and kept waiting for someone to step in to build a community here on Steem that's sole focus was around the sporting world. That time never came for me until now.

That's why I'm happy to announce! #sportstalk is the new home for all conversations related to the sporting world. You may be a huge fan of the #NBA and want to talk about USAvsCanada or maybe you prefer to spend your summer months watching #MLB to look for the dingers. Regardless of your favorite pastime you'll be welcomed here to discuss all of your favorite sports moments!

SportsTalk.Social is built as a second layer on top of the Steem blockchain. Using SCOTBOT from the Steem Engine team we are able to deliver SPORTS tokens to users based on a predefined set of community rules. These rules govern the entire system and will help to ensure that good content moves up the system.

You'll be able to sign in here using your Steem account. If you'd like you can sign in with your keys directly from the site but I recommend using Steem Keychain to better secure your keys. Keychain will also allow you to manage your SPORTS tokens directly from your browser.


To curate the content shown on we have created a Smart Contract Organizational Token (SCOT) called SPORTS. SPORTS tokens will be rewarded to posts within the #sportstalk tag in a similar fashion to way Steem works. The biggest difference is that rewards and influence on will be built around the SPORTS token.

If you're not familiar with Steem then the concept is still pretty simple to jump into. Each post written will have a 7 day period where users can vote on it's value. As users vote the post's value will go up or down based on the amount of SPORTS they have staked in their wallet and the consensus on the piece's value. After 7 days of voting the resulting value will be paid out in a 50/50 split between the author and those who voted on the post.

As users earn SPORTS they can then decide how they'll want to use them. Some of the initial use cases will be to stake them in your account to increase yours or another users influence on future posts, promoting posts using our promoted posts tool or trading them with other users.

SPORTS Initial Distribution

There are currently 100,000,000,000 SPORTS in circulation with a maximum supply of 1T. To seed the network, SCOTBOT will be paying rewards out of the initial issued coins with plans to make a switch to inflation based rewards in a future network upgrade.

In addition to providing the initial seeding for the token's distribution there will also be a distribution of SPORTS tokens to a number of different accounts with the aims of improving the reach and growth of the network. The first distribution will be supplying tokens to @sportspartners with the aims of sending SPORTS to early users. If you'd like to be one of the first users of the platform please leave a comment below.

Initial Applied SCOTBOT Settings

In the interest of a fair launch I want to provide all of the settings that were applied to our instance of SCOTBOT. If you're not familiar with what these mean you will want to check out @holger80's excellent description of these parameters.

author_curve_exponent: 1
author_reward_percentage: 50
beneficiaries_account: sportsvoter
beneficiaries_reward_percentage: 10
cashout_window_days: 7
curation_curve_exponent: 0.5
downvote_power_consumption: 2000
downvote_regeneration_seconds: 432000
enable_account_muting: false
issue_token: false
json_metadata_key: tags
json_metadata_value: sportstalk
miner_tokens: {}
mining_pool_claim_number: 0
mining_pool_claims_per_year: 0
n_daily_posts_muted_accounts: 0
other_pool_accounts: {}
other_pool_percentage: 0
other_pool_send_token_per_year: 0
pob_pool_percentage: 100
posm_pool_percentage: 0
promoted_post_account: sportspromo
reduction_every_n_block: 10512000
reduction_percentage: 0.5
rewards_token: 10
rewards_token_every_n_block: 1
staking_pool_claim_number: 0
staking_pool_claims_per_year: 0
staking_pool_percentage: 0
token: SPORTS
token_account: sportstalksocial
vote_power_consumption: 200
vote_regeneration_seconds: 432000
vote_window_days: -1

These settings are likely to change in the future. You'll want to follow @sportstalksocial and myself to be sure you're aware of any future changes.

What Do You Think?

There will many more updates coming in future posts. I just wanted to get as many details out about what is as quick as possible so people could start using it. If you have any suggestions or things you want to see done then please let me know! I want to see more sports content within Steem and I think this will be an excellent way to encourage that!


Also, count me in!

This is great and may finally be a way for me to get both my younger brother and father on Steen. They both are total sports nuts.

That's awesome! Yeah I have a lot of friends that have always been on the fence but I'm hoping something like this can help them find their Steem Tribe in SPORTS.

I just made my first post on sportstalksocial..
Maybe you’d wanna check it out :

Will there not be an airdrop like there was with PALNet?
How else can I earn some SPORTS right now?

Also I see you are from Kentucky. You’re the closest Steemian to me that I know of. I live in Charleston, WV. About an hour from the Kentucky border.

This would be an awesome place for sport lovers to hangout. It's good to see different projects rolling out catering for different communities. 💪👍

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Wow, after a long awaiting, an exclusive platform for sport's lovers is finally arrived!

I'm a huge sport's lover and this platform suits my needs perfectly.

Thanks for it @patrickulrich :)

That's awesome to hear @wilhb81! Thanks for joining in on this with us. Let's see where we can take this to!

Finally the sports community is here. I cannot tell how happy I am!
I am a huge fan of cricket and football and I do play both of them.
When I started on steemit two years ago, I used to post sports content mostly with but never got any support. One of my friends told me that you can't succeed on steemit if you post sports content. That really made me sad because I couldn't post what I loved.
Well now, I have an answer for him as we have a sports community now.
Sportstalk to the moon!
Do you guys have a discord or some place to chat?
I will be more than happy to be a part of sportstalk.

I'm going to be taking cricket into account when we review the top level tags on the site. It will be one of the tags that I hope we can add in.

You will get lots of support now! I enjoyed the few pieces that I would end up getting to read on Steem but completely understand what you mean. I wish I would have taken screenshots of #sports before and now. I imagine we'll be seeing that tag flourish now that this content is being tokenized.

The Discord address will be announced from the main @sportstalksocial account. After a couple days of seeding the community with SPORTS then the focus will be to move on to a more detailed rollout of the game plan.

We have a community of few passionate sports writers on scorum and I think they will be overwhelmed by the fact that they can now earn sportstalk tokens by posting on steem.
I will spread the word.

You can count me in... I have been waiting for this, like for 2 years or so... Scorum wasn't really my thing! But I will be very active here. And I am going to tag @shaungerow too, I hope he reads this and starts posting his NHL reports here too!

I know exactly how you felt and happy this will be able to serve as an alternative while still being the same thing! :) Thanks for the tag too! It's great seeing the community grow.

You're welcome! This could be a nice ride! ;-)

I’ll look into this for sure.

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Welcome to the fun @shaungerow! I just sent you and pele23 each 10 SPORTS to get started on your account.

This is so exciting, the SPORTS token allows for cross-tokenization of ActiFit and SPORTS and Steem. This is absolutely game changing and inspiring. Way to go to come out with this simple but inevitable approach of tokenizing the sports niche. Well done and good luck.

Thanks for the kind words @flauwy! We're happy to have you join us here. I just sent you 10 SPORTS to get started in the fun.

This is a kind of project where ordinary people would like to be involved. Everyone needs something related to sports. 🏄‍♂ This project could grow well...

Exciting news! Love to see the various communities getting rolling.

Indeed! Happy to have you stop in with us and hope you can stay for a while. :)

I noticed that I can post about e-sports, right?
I like basketball and e-sports and like this project.

I was trying difference scot bot web site. It's a great step to steemit and Steem-Engine. And Give so many Steemian to co-create the Steem Future.


若是這樣,待幣價穩定後,便可以再持有Sports 幣,獲得寫作收入。

Hello @patrickulrich , Thanks a lot for Great Work. Well done! 👏 👏

Can we get AirDrop?

Currently, the SportsToken on the market is a little expensive.
Support your project, I think I will power up some SportsToken soon.

Thank you for bringing us a new SCOT project.
I am a basketball fan.
I love this project!
"I love this game!"

I play at least one football game a week, I like football.I will record these games on your platform!
Hope everything goes well, I will always support you!

Wow! Can I send some articles here to earn my beer money?
Anyway, like this project!

I will start writing some sports content as soon as possible.
I am a football fan.
Thank you for your contribution!

There are more and more SCOT projects. But all of them were some Korean projects before. You don't seem to be coming to Korea, right?
I have no complaints about the Korean project, but I don't understand their words. Sorry!
Support you and your projects!

Steem is getting more and more interesting! Thank you for your hard work.
I will always pay attention to this project.

This will be the reason why I continue to stay on the steem.
thank you!

It’s great to have more and more projects focused on a certain area!
Support you and support your project!
I will always pay attention to it.
Thank you!

For sports fans, this is really great!
I may need to learn about SCOT first.
Support you!

Wow! I believe that soon I will be able to find friends on Steem who can watch football with me.
Thank you for your project!

At the moment, most of them are news posts. I look forward to seeing more casual sports content, or a more professional analysis article.
I believe that you will succeed! Support you!

Watch together, play together, grow together!
Thank you for making this interesting project!
You are really great!

The current range of tags is too large. Some league tags should be enabled.
For example, NBA instead of basketball.
I am just making a suggestion.
Anyway, I will always support your project!

Did I miss the airdrop? It seems that I have not seen you have airdrop activities.
Support you, thank you for your hard work for steem.
Wishing everything goes well!

Your project is saving steem.
Thank you for your hard work!
Willing to grow with you and support you.

This is pretty damn awesome. The future of social media is here!

That means a ton to hear that Dan! I just sent you 10 SPORTS so you can be a part of the fun.

We support. I'm will promote SportsTalk.Social in the cn area

Thank you for your support and we will be happy to have you promote the site! I just sent over 10 SPORTS so you can begin curating for people near you.

Thank you for your support

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I like yoga and mma , thank you creat the sports talk social.

swedencornet (EOS/Telos Sweden) welcomes such as amazing project related to SPORT focused Activities. Good Luck!

“We are confident that new innovations in Blockchain Technology and Business Models has the potential to fundamentally change The Global Economy and Social Systems. It has the potential to empower it’s communities, it’s user base, as well as involved stakeholders. ”

– CEO Maliha Mushabbar

You can add chess? I can curate chess post

You can start posting #chess content now. Just make sure you include #sportstalk #chess and it will appear in the tag system. I also sent you 10 SPORTS so you can help us curate the best content to the top!

You just scored your first 10 SPORTS! Feel free to power up or trade them on Steem Engine.

A great project. Would love to get some SPORTS from initial distribution or AirDrop. Did you define what is sports?

I assume these are support activities. And all (Adult + KIDS) are Welcome! 🧒

Sport includes all forms of competitive physical activity or games which, through casual or organised participation, aim to use, maintain or improve physical ability and skills while providing enjoyment to participants, and in some cases, entertainment for spectators. Hundreds of sports exist, from those between single contestants, through to those with hundreds of simultaneous participants, either in teams or competing as individuals. In certain sports such as racing, many contestants may compete, simultaneously or consecutively, with one winner; in others, the contest (a match) is between two sides, each attempting to exceed the other. Some sports allow a "tie" or "draw", in which there is no single winner; others provide tie-breaking methods to ensure one winner and one loser.

Great news for all of us!
Another opportunity to earn more tokens.

Indeed! Happy to have you join us. Just forwarded 10 SPORTS to get you in the game!

Thank you for launch this project.
Sports Talk Social make our community to share more activity and personal fitness experience.

Thank you, and wish Sports Token have a Great Success!

For SportsTalk. Social, I think this is a very good platform, I like sports, because life lies in sports. In PortsTalk. Social, we can learn about many different sports, and we can also try and learn some sports.

SportsTalk. Social's token SPORTS is also very valuable, I hope every serious sports enthusiast can get it.

For SportsTalk. Social's token SPORTS, I want to say that although creating sports content can get a lot of SPORTS, SPORTS falls so fast that the author may get SPORTS in 7 days, it will become very few. Hope this situation can change, hope SPORTS can be more stable.

In PortsTalk. Social, I would also like to see some very interesting sports, such as martial arts, shuttlecock kicking, race walking, the Tour de Ferrari and so on.

Wow this is really great. Now there is a sport niche.

Can i request for the airdrop also to start.

Yeah from today am also joining sportstalk platfor

There are so many SCOT projects. This one is great. I love all kind of sports. I support you and your projects!

I love Cricket, Hockey, Football, and Tennis. It could be useful for me. Thanks.

This is interesting, I wonder what about e-sport?

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Wow I read in some other comments and its supported. Sorry for double posting the same question.

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that's the best use bringing all the sports fanatics at one place : )

That's the goal! Here's 10 SPORTS so you can start participating here too! :)

Interesting concept.
Never really understood why Scorum made it own chain.
Some questions.
Does Sports power up allow the same "interest" as Steem power?
How do you plan to pay bills? I like to use a service that sustainable. Ads or a % tokens to the dev team could work to fund development.
Any plans for "miners"? :P

I'll tag some people who post sports realted content more:

I couldn't understand their decision either other than the benefit of printing your own money on a very good looking site. I actually held out hope they would move over to SE before going after this project but when I seen nothing was happening there I decided to go in on this.

It doesn't have the same 2% SP (just realized how SP could mean multiple things to me) interest nor does it have any miners. It's only being distributed through SCOTBOT by users participating in the #sportstalk tag.

I did premine 100B tokens so that's my way of supporting the network for now. Presumably if there's indeed value to this Tribe then those coins should have enough value to sell for ENG to power the community. To start I'm paying out post/curation rewards from the pre-mine but at a certain user level I plan the first SPORTS fork to enable inflation rewards to be paid instead of the pre-mine. Nitrous also allows users to promote posts with SPORTS tokens. Those are currently paid to @sportspromo where they will be sold for ENG to support new user growth too.

There's lots of ideas I have for future developments but for now I'm still in "does anyone care" phase. If this ends up being a growing community we'll definitely dive in deep here in the future.

Thank you for tagging people too! I'll go ahead and send them 10 SPORTS too so they will be ready to participate if they decide to give it a go.

What are your next steps now that you have that premined buffer? How will you be advertising this great project?

The premine will primarily be focused on providing enough ENG to support the network as we grow. Fortunately this isn't an immediate need so we currently have the luxury of giving some time to let the market find a value for the tokens based on the current distribution model. That being said the premine will be split into a few categories that will be discussed further in some future announcements.

There's a number of avenues that have been looked at for advertising. It's all very new so I'm very open to exploring anything you feel might be interesting and has the value return. I just don't want to get any hopes up that we'll be able to do all things but are certainly open to great ideas!

Just gave it a crack with a dlike post, plus my own thoughts. Great idea and topic to build a community around. Well done.

Thanks for giving this a run! I also just sent you 10 SPORTS to vote with until you get your first post payout in 7 days.

Sweet, best of luck with the project, off to steem engine to see if I can get in early for some more tokens.

Edit, just had a look, no tokens for sale yet. Are you planning to put a sell in @patrickulrich to stimulate the market and raise some funds?

I am but I'm thinking it's best to wait for a few weeks to let the community's value to show through after the first payouts. I don't want to manipulate the price much and would rather let the community determine it's value.

That is probably wise, see how it plays out first. I dropped a cheeky sell order in to amuse myself really.

Best of luck, I'll get to curating posts that appear.

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Thank you for the sell order! :) I made use of it and purchased 0.001 SPORTS from you to play with the market some.

Does DLike get a % in beneficiaries? I wonnder if they get a % in sports tokens too.

They do get a beneficiary on the steem post - 10% I think. I don't think that beneficiaries are a thing yet on the Steem Engine tokens.

Yes, they do:
beneficiaries_reward_percentage: 10

Finally a platform dedicated to sport in steem, we needed one here.

I agree @von-doom! I just sent you 10 SPORTS to be able to play along with us. Let me know what you think!

Scorum should never have been created as it was an offshoot from STEEM in the first place. With the new SCOTbot communities hopefully we won't be seeing it happen again.

Great to have a sports section on here and I can see it gaining a lot of popularity over the next few months.

I don't disagree at all! I look forward to having a direct place to check out the latest in the sports world.


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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


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So are E-sports allowed here as well :^)?

E-sports are definitely welcome! If you use #sportstalk #esports they'll also show up under the right section when viewed here. BTW here's 10 SPORTS so you can start curating some of those great esports moments! ;)

Cool! I'll make sure to post and curate some ;-D

Ah was wondering when this was going to come. Awesome job!

Thank you for the support @steemitqa! It's been far too long in the making but happy there's finally a home for sports on Steem. Here's 10 SPORTS so you can help grow this place too!

Thanks for my first SPORTS awesome! Yes, was looking for it on SE. Yes, looking forward to helping grow this out. I consider it my job to grow Steem communities ;-) I feel right at home!

Well we are definitely lucky to have you here with us! Right now is an excellent time since rewards are still so new and there's less people to distribute them to. I doubt we'll see rewards this high for much longer.

Very cool Patrick! Just found out about this project.

Thank you @dudeontheweb! Fortunately you're not late at all and I just sent over 10 SPORTS tokens to get you in game.

What an awesome project. I thought I'd never see a condenser focused on the scions of evolution, the best generations of human beings in the world. Now we have it and I'm sure we're all going to enjoy it. Thank you for creating this, Patrick.

This is fantastic! Finally a community and token dedicated to Sports. Look forward to reading more Sports-related posts here. I just did a write-up on SportsTalk. Good work!

Thank you for the write-up! It's good seeing so many new faces and posts like yours definitely help spread awareness.

Thanks mate for building this community. Like I said, I think SportsTalk has great potential. Keep up the good work.

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yes please! can i get some tokens so i can curate. prob wont blog much though

For sure! Always good to get another set of eyes around here.

Great initiative! Thanks for creating this community for sport lovers. We were invited to Scorum but didn't join because we felt Steem is great for us and has great potential than Scorum and now "sportstalk" surfaced. This is definitely perfect for our niche and goals.

We will start to share our amazing training videos henceforth and promote the platform among sport lovers. Furthermore, the good news is that we changed the way we present our videos as at yesterday and they are looking in good shapes and professional.

Upvoted + Resteemed for wider audience ⚽

Thank you for all that you've done for Steem and the ones you educate! I'm happy to hear you'll be able to share more here.

Thanks for your kind words

how about a tag for hockey ?? please

This will certainly need to be a portion of a future update! Be sure to follow @sportstalksocial for news on updates.

Incredible this new project, has been waiting for a platform that is only related to sports and reward you for it, I am a fan of sports news. I hope not to be late for this new project.

This party is just getting started! I just sent over 10 SPORTS to help you start curating the best sports news to the top. Have fun!

Yay! Love the concept of a sports community here. Can’t wait to trying it out more. @joy2018t and @ffcrossculture - check this out.

Happy to have you here and thank you for sharing it with friends! I just sent 10 SPORTS to let you power up.

You're right, it's a mystery why it took so long for a sports talk related community. Sports are so huge. I would like some sports too.

YES! I just sent over some SPORTS for you to get started with. Thank you for giving it a shot!

Cheers, looking forward to seeing where this journey takes us

Wow. This is really great to hear. Now i find a niche for my favourite which is sporr. I am super excited and i can not wait to try it out. Sportstalk is here to stay and stay.

I feel like upvoting some content now but it seems the asking price is just too high on steem engine. 8 steem..

I will like to partake in the airdrop

I'm happy to hear you'll have to a new place to share on your favorite topic. We are certainly happy to have you! I just sent you 10 SPORTS to get started with. Let us know what you think!

But i just upvoted you but it did not display any upvote value

Was the upvote done before or after you powered up your SPORTS?

After i power up my sports. Like i upvote you again

Im loving this let's get the sport community rolling please!

SPORTS FTW! :) Just forwarded 10 SPORTS to help you get the ball rolling. Let's see what you got!

😀😀😀 wow thanks @patrickulrich!

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I wish I would have thought of a 'Sports' niche when SCOTBOT was introduced.

Also, I would love to be one of the first users of your platform!!

We are happy to have you as a part of the community. 10 SPORTS inbound. Score!

Thank-you and all of it was just staked!!

We support. I'm the token I've been waiting for.

Happy to have your support! I've sent you 10 SPORTS to help you get started.

Sweat. Sports is one of those things that can kick ass on social medial... Bleacher and Scorum will be in your dust... congrats on your launch!

Thank you for the support and I love the way of thinking! I sent over 10 SPORTS so you could be a part of the community with us. :)

This is just what I have been waiting for. I would love to have my first 10 SPORTS, please and thank you. I cannot wait to make my first post.

Let's see what you've got! :) I just sent over 10 SPORTS so you can get started on curating right away.

Now I have a reason to talk about sports too much. Mind sending over those 10 SPORTS? I am excited to start writing a blog about some sports news.

interesting project. We need more sporting content on the platform! support :)

Thanks so much @travelgirl! I completely agree though and hope this will be a good catalyst to inspire people. I sent over 10 SPORTS so you could help us curate the community.

Awesome effort and I bet many sport's lovers will appreciate this platform :D

I really hope so! I think that it's really going to breathe more life into athletic discussions. Won't you join us? I just sent you 10 SPORTS so you can curate with us.

wow, this is what I have been waiting!

We are excited to have you join us! I sent over some SPORTS so you could begin curating with us.

I looked for SPORTS on steem-engine and found it but i didn't see the tokens up for sale just yet. Any idea what the price will start at? And when they will be up for sale on steem-engine?

Also have 6 questions related to SCOT AND NITROUS and i am hoping you may have some answers since you recently created sportstalk. Please permit a url containing my questions:

Thank you for all the support you've shown for the platform so far! It's going to be a bit before any of the non-SCOTBOT, preminted tokens get moved. As tokens come in to @sportspromo to promote posts those will be sold. The same goes for @sportsvoter which is where beneficiaries are distributed to.

I'll be happy to take a look at the questions and see what I can answer.

Nice project. I’d like to try it out. Thanks.

Thats cool. I post today first time on it :)

Thanks for making your first post. I sent you 10 SPORTS to get started with.

I didn't understand this sentence well: "The first distribution will be supplying tokens to @sportspartners with the aims of sending SPORTS to early users. If you'd like to be one of the first users of the platform please leave a comment below."

Does one need to comment interest in being a partner?

I ended up getting some of the tokens on the market and staked it. Just a few of them where on there. I wrote about it here:

Nice to see new project on scotbot like sporttalk. It is now we have robust competition.

downvote_power_consumption: 2000

What making this parameter? I don't understand part of tech info.

The Steem blockchain is getting so exciting day in day out. I just dicovered Palnet last week and now today this!!!

I am personally a sports fan and will actively contribute as early as maybe tomorrow hehehehe.

I am also an active user of Actifit and guess what I will be able to earn Actifit tokens and also Sports Tokens....!!!

The future is here folks.

Congratulations @patrickulrich!
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This is a really good place. I'm gonna restart to post about my golf too.

We'd love to have you sharing your golf info here! You can do it now by including #golf with #sportstalk. We're going to also be adding new top level tags on the front page and the more posts in a category the higher the chance it will be added.

Miners!! Need miners. Best way to incorporate long term crypto investors and raise funds for the project

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This will be something we'll explore in a future network update. Be sure to follow @sportstalksocial for updates on any news that might come out on this.

Welcome to the club! 10 SPORTS sent!

Are you still dropping tokens? Can I have some please? Thanks

It's a big challenge for @sportstalksocial team at these early days.

Good luck, and I believe you guys could resolve the issues smoothly. :)

Oh snaps! Sign me up! I think the inflation needs to be thought out a bit better and some sinks/fundraising needs to be considered for this platform in order to give the tokens some real value, but this sounds exciting!!!

Right now there is no inflation. The rewards are being paid out from the premint. That being said it will switch to inflation in the future and we'll highly value your feedback for the best path forward there.

any languages OK, right?

English will be the easiest for curation but anyone is free to post as they see fit.

This is great. Count me in.

This could become a great addition to the steem blockchain!
We did try to make a sports(betting) community more than a year ago, supported bu a free upvote bot called the @sbcbot! It was a whitelisted bot. Once a day people could/can use the sbc on a post about sports or sportsbetting. Lot’s of our members are still using the service and are now crossposting from scorum!
So you for sure have my support!
What’s make it special is that it was announced on my birthday!
Just had a look and to be honest I was surprised on the big numbers on the trending pages.
Will write a post to promote it a little bit more tomorrow!

Cheers and good luck,

That's very cool and I knew nothing of it. I'm going to have to do some research to see what I can learn :)

It is a big ocean out there! We can't know everything :)
But feel free to also airdop to the @sbcbot and @simplylars account.
The SCBbot will be used to support our members, the simplylars account is from my oldest son. I will write about his football journey with that account!

It's awsome. the best subject to enjoy.

Thanks for the support! I just sent over 10 SPORTS in case you want to help begin curating.