Congrats on your new goal, I hope to reach it too with my main account @jaraumoses.

I wish to grow this account too since it is what I use mainly for sports content and other tribes!!

I consider Sports Talk Social the best tribe on the steem-engine for now. It is highly focused. I mean, if you click the new tab, almost all posts are focused on sports! It is not messed up

This place is really organized and it's growing even though the prices have been low of late.

I guess I will buy a lot of SPORTS when it hits the bottom. I am ready for that!:D

The total supply is 1 trillion and only 10% of that is in circulation, @rokyupjung.

Great achievement Roky.. I'm coming behind you man! ✌️

I saw you doing that man~

Well done 👍

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Congratulations and come the 2 million hehehe ...
Great to enjoy a part of the day with our children.

how many do you have? I have three girls.:D
I haven't been to Brazil, but saw a lot through movies.
It would be fantastic if I have a chance to travel there.

Keep it going.
We need more steemians like you keeping #sportstalk brewing

Thanks, man.:D

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I know parents with autistic children. It is always tough. All the best @rokyupjung.

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Hey great news. One million staked is fantastic. I agree as I have tried to spread my vote around and give decent upvotes on comments on my posts as well.

1M? O.o'

That's awesome, @rokyupjung! \o/

Well done on your achievement.