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About 7 months back, @mrshev and I organized a crowdsourcing event. As always, we are constantly seeking businesses, that are interested in crowdsourcing content for their company blog, and bring them onboard the Steem platform. Today, I am proud to present a new crowdsourcing event sponsored by @cyrptowhiskey!

About "Spring Cleaning"


"Spring Cleaning Singapore" is the #1 spring cleaning company in Singapore. Specialising in ah-hoc cleaning, one time cleaning, post renovation cleaning and all type of spring cleaning services.

People often say that picture speaks a thousand words. If that is the case, then a video probably speaks even more. Check out the video below to see what "Spring Cleaning Singapore" is about.

Many of us need to do some kind of spring cleaning or one-time massive cleaning of our house annually. Most of the time, this massive cleaning needs to be done before an important festival which we expect lots of visitors. For example, New Year, Lunar New Year, Hari Raya, Diwali or Christmas.

However, our busy schedule sometimes deter us from taking the effort to clean the house. That is when "Spring Cleaning Singapore" comes in to help. They provide affordable cleaning services and guarantees satisfaction.


Content Crowdsourcing Event

Besides being a professional cleaning company, "Spring Cleaning Singapore" also provides regular tips and tricks on how to clean your house. If you are someone who really cares about the cleanliness of your home, you certainly will find these articles on their site useful. If you want to see regular updates from them, be sure to follow their Twitter of Facebook.

Today, "Spring Cleaning Singapore" is going to seek your help and crowdsource for ideas to add on to their ever-growing knowledge base. By writing an article about home cleaning, you stand to win some rewards. Below are the details!

Entry Criteria

  • Write an article about home cleaning. Feel free to be creative but here are some topics that you might want to consider: -- What are the most difficult areas to clean when doing spring cleaning and how do you clean them? Would you rather get helpers to clean those areas for you? -- Have you ever have a day when you are so tired that you do not want to do anything? Perhaps you just want to get ad-hoc helpers to do your chores for just one day? Describe your feeling that day. -- Have you engaged professional cleaning services like "Spring Cleaning" before? How is your experience with them? What do you look out for when hiring professional cleaners to clean your home?
  • Your entry must contain a link to this post
  • Your entry must contain links to both and
  • One of your tags must be #springcleaning
  • To register your entry, leave a comment on this post with a link to your entry
  • Upvoting/Resteeming this post is recommended but not mandatory
  • Entry must be submitted within 7 days from this post

Additional Rules

  • Entry must have at least 300 words
  • At least 70% of the entry must be original. If you use content from elsewhere, please credit them by leaving a link to the source
  • By submitting your entry, you agree to let "Spring Cleaning" use your submitted content and images on their blog

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity and originality. Higher scores will be given to posts with original pictures (50%)
  • Language fluency and correctness (30%)
  • Value of votes received on your article (20%)
  • Bonus (5%) if you share your article on Facebook. You will need to provide screenshot evidence if you have done this
  • Bonus (5%) if you share your article on Twitter. You will need to provide screenshot evidence if you have done this
  • Bonus (5%) if article is posted via SteemPress. Alternatively, you can post the article to your own blog and then share the link to your blog entry.


The rewards are as follows:

  • Top 6 entries will receive 12 STEEM worth of rewards (10 liquid STEEM and 2 SBI shares)
  • [Bonus] 7 lucky Steemians who resteemed this post will receive 1 SBI share. Winners will be randomly chosen and you can win this bonus prize even if your entry is among the top 6. So remember to resteem this post!

Check out this article to learn about SBI shares

We look forward to your entry! Thanks and please resteem to spread the word if you like this.


Thanks. Your entry is received

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Thanks! Hope you win the lucky draw :)

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This is a wonderful initiative

I'm resteeming and would try to find time to enter

Thanks! Looking forward to your entry!

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Dear @culgin

Thank you for sharing link to your publication. I will gladly help you get some extra reach, since you've asked me if I can help and spread word around :)

I'm very passionate about any ideas which involve Steemit as a way of promoting our real businesses. And your project is definetly worth our time.

I love your initiative buddy. I may even asm my wife to write some article :)


thanks for the invitation @crypto.piotr
I will read and analyze the information.

Really a great initiative. I'll learn from @Culgin and would adopt this strategy to promote #steem

Thank you for your comment @uyobong

Sorry for such a late reply. Just wanted to let you know that I only had a chance to read your comment now and I appreciate you being so responsive.

Yours, Piotr

Thanks for suggesting me this reading..I'm lazy to clean eheh🤣 my spaces are a mess this reminds me I need to put some order (next week)😁🎊

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Will be nice to read your entry on your experience with cleaning your home :)

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Thanks my friend. Will be great if your wife can write a post on this :)

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Thanks again to work for the community.

Muchas gracias, @ crypto.piotr, por la invitación y comparte con tus afortunados seguidores. I will review and participate

Gracias por recomndar este post!!! Dios te bendiga @crypto.piotr y @culgin por la iniciativa y el apoyo.


Excellent idea, personally I am surprised what can be done and innovate in steemit, thanks for sharing.

Thanks! If you have the time, do submit an entry. 12 STEEM worth of rewards for accepted entries

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Hello friend got here thanks to @crypto.Piotr. Congratulations, good project, an excellent initiative for the contest.

Thanks, please participate if you can :)

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Thank you for the invitation @crypto.piotr
excellent publication amigo @culgin. Really a great initiative.

Thanks! Looking forward to your entry if you are planning to join

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Hi! Very interesting contest. I'll try to do it, it's difficult to me, but just I'll try
Thanks to @crypto.piotr to invite me to read your post. @culgin

Thanks! I am looking forward to your entry

I just resteem. Great idea!

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Thanks! Good luck with the lucky draw!

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@culgin let the spring clean begin woohoo

Thanks! Looking forward to your entry if you are participating

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Resteemed - for 2 reasons. 1) for a chance to win the SBI of course 2) to save this post to my blog so that I can easily find it and hopefully have the time to create an entry. Thanks @crypto.piotr for suggesting this post. It's a great idea for steem promotion.

Thanks! Looking forward to your entry :)

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Upvoted and Resteemed. Will try to come up with a good entry hopefully.

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