My journey in splinterlands.

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Hello everyone. Today I am going to share my experience. in @splinterlands.


I joined Hive in the december of 2017. But I only started playing splinterlands in July of 2019. At this point I don't even remember how I encountered this game. I think it was a chance encounter- probably someone from my friends shared it in my feed. I am also not sure how much time I spend playing splinterlands. I have it in an open tab almost entire day.

My biggest accomplishments during these years were 12k staked SPS.


I reached this milestone just recently. This is important because now I will be able to participate in silver wild tournaments. Another accomplishment I no longer remember was winning 118 battles in a row. I guess that happened a very long time ago. I guess that happened a very long time ago because now winning 7-8 battles in a row is challenge for me. My final accomplishment is that I started buying some powerful cards. Namely HYDRA level 3 and MIMOSA NIGHTSHADE level 3. In the past I also was able to reach Champion league a few times. But at that time I was renting a lot of cards and that is not something I can do now.



In the future I hope to once again exceed my hive goals(at least 10k HP by the end of 2024) and use the excess hive to buy more cards. I would love to level up my Kron to level 3 and gain Last Stand ability. I also want to buy CORNEALUS level 2, SCARRED LLAMA MAGE level 2 and VALNAMOR level 2(This seems unlikely because it is very expensive). I would also love to reach the point where I would not fall outside of the gold league because I don't like playing in silver league. Also this is obvious but I want to win more battles. I win less than a half of my battles and that is not good enough.




I have only a little advice for beginners. Join the game now. I wish I had started playing splinterlands much earlier. Possibility of earning money while playing a game is just awesome. Also be smarter than me. I wasted part of my card collection by selling it and then playing dice. I regret it now just like I regret taking breaks from hive or not joining splinterlands earlier.

This advice applies to both Hive and Splinterlands: Do not look at it as a short term investment or a chance to earn a few bucks. Collect as much Hive, SPS, DEC and cards as you can. Don't waste it selling it for a small price. Hold them and let it grow. DON'T RUSH TO SELL. DON"T WASTE IT. Of course this is just me sharing my experience and not a financial advice. Also if you are already playing splinterlands you should participate in social media and battle challengers and maybe try creating splinterlands art to maximize your earnings.

If you would also like to start playing splinterlands and earning by making posts about your battles or by making art inspired by splinterlands please consider using my referral link:

Also please consider visiting my art gallery. So far it has only a few pieces that are inspired by splinterlands . But in the future I might add more works with splinterlands monsters.

Thank you and have a nice day.



Your journey with Splinterlands is an impressive one and you've grown your Splinterlands portfolio remarkably. Congratulations on that. I might try the game later on but is it playable on a smartphone or does one need a PC?

thank you. I think you can play on a smartphone but I have never tried that.

dang u approaching 5 years in splinterlands O.O and pretty ambitious for getting those cards if u do it that would be amazing. i see u may have been inspired by my journey post :P

Thank you. I hope that they will drop in price...

o.o u shouldnt hope for that haha. we want old cards to retain value. that would set a bad precedent for all the later sets. if old cards cant hold a decent price thats not good i think

Shame. VALNAMOR is super expensive even now. But some time ago I saw that it costed 700+. that was crazy.

exactly :P so just be happy u can get it now for this price

Me happy. My wallet crying.

But my MIMOSA NIGHTSHADE level 3 went from 200+ to 98. So who knows...

o.o what do u mean 98? well thast cuz somebody is selling a max one for 180 damn

someone selling 68 per bcx tho that could be a good deal

You telling us to join early makes me feel like something big will happen to Splinterlands very soon
I’d make sure I join
I’m just tryna look for funds and that’s all

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You must really be enjoying some great fun at splinterland

thank you very much.

Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

Thank you very much.