Splinterlands HQ Costume Contest Entry: MUGI REAPER aka (GRIM REAPER)

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A great, 3 Ranged, Anti Heal heavy hitter for Mid Mana and High Mana battles. He's a part of one of my core teams, which has not lost much if any battles where I could play the full set-up. He's powerful, he shuts down healing, and he's not a very expensive card for 3 Ranged damage. This card amps up your raw power, helping you take down powerful, hard-hitting tanks who may be a threat if your team simply tries to kill the backline.

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My wife doing the make up and a photograper for me to support me to enter this costume contest at @splinterlandshq aka @gank party for his 1,000 follower on twitch. Thanks wifey for everything you always support me what ever I do much love.

Make-up time 🤡

Building my Reaper from scratch 😊

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Enjoy everyone on your trick-or-treating! On this Halloween, I'm Sending you and my family a spooky greetings! Don't sleep alone watch on your back. 👻👻👻

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And always thankful to be part of the #nosleepgang family always helping each other.

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Thanks for the love and support. Any donations is accepted.

My Splinterlands ign: @mugigameplay

Once again thanks,


What a beautiful family! Looks like with all you and your wife's work on the costume and makeup, you will probably win the costume party prize! Good to put a face with a name! Have some !PIZZA token to add to your growing bag of HIVE tokens!

This is an awesome costume!!! Great job!!

What a cool post man! It's really great to see you and your family <3

Best regards to the whole family brother!

Keep up the good work! Keep posting!

This was such an awesome costume, You win in my heart fam and thank you for all you do for the community brother.

Sending you a little prize since because I can see all the hard work you put into this buddy. 😍


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What a great card! Love the costume! Your wife did an awesome job with the makeup!

@solymi please give these amazing people some PIZZA

All done!

!PIZZA and !BEER are important if you are part of the #NoSleepGang
Also take some !LUV for this amazing card and lore and awesome mega crazy super awesome costume!

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Such a great costume, looks amazing! Seems like all your work payed off :)

Wow impressive you really went above and beyond the call to order. I like how you showed the step by step process so it helps us see the process and appreciate the little bits of details that adds to the much greater picture.

I am not so sure what nosleepgang is just yet as I'm new into this space but I recognize and support a lot of the members I see on list. I think what you depicted here in the little steps into a big picture also speaks out to group members as well.

A community is the sum of its members and the little progressive actions we take into becoming something much more. Wishing you and your family a happy holidays.

(username @SilentXNecrosis , @theconfusedminer . and @Puditang2300 not found rest of no sleep gang followed <3)

Love the details! Really great costume man. 10/10 would reaper again.

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This is great!!! Good job!!

loving the makeup and the family photo hehe awesome!!