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RE: Launch of SPS token

in #spt3 months ago

I have been wanting to ask a question for a while now about quest and season reward chest, I was wondering what the best chest was that someone opened. I have gotten a few with 2000 DEC and even a couple epic cards, but can you pull golds or legendary cards or even larger dec rewards? By the way great article, when I saw the first drop I funnel a bunch of DEC into the game for the next days drop, it was definitely worth it. Since it was there I decided to rent a few cards and boost my play level, I actually made it to Champ III but lost the first game and never got back, just stayed at Diamond I but the DEC's not bad there. Seeing a bit of a price drop now but I think the DEC and SPS will gradually rise with the influx of new players, its driving card prices up for sure!



How about that? Double gold cards :)

Nice, so they do drop there, then I imagine Legendary drops too. I'm excited now got 80 chests to open tomorrow!

Yea, certain legendaries are only on rewards actually. Enjoy the game, please let me know if I can be of any help.