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I like to write this short post to celebrate this milestone and have it on my blog as a personal record. Yesterday, July 27, 2021, Splinterlands launched its BSC based governance token called SPS. For those of us who are in crypto for a while, we know having a Binance/Binance Smart Chain listing is important in this age of de-fi. The reason it is important for a project, especially a gaming project, is the fact that increases the reach immediately. All game need players. 'Get-paid-to-play' games need fewer players than conventional digital games, several orders of magnitude fewer players. So listing in Binance is a good practice and definitely draws the players into the game. SL (as we like to call Splinterlands in short) is currently doing all the right things. Here is another thought :

Can we partner with Apeswap?

They have a large following, and an active community on social media. There have been established projects like ONT partnered with them and there have been gaming projects like BFT sold intial tokens there. Just a thought!


I have been a late, but still a long-term player of Splinterlands. I am playing since December 2018, as per my game document on my profile. I have seen my game assets and cards rise in value exponentially over the last few weeks. This is what we always wanted but never got.

On 27th right around 11 AM (CST) I got my first SPS airdrop. We had no idea what will be the market price of the token. I don't know if I ever be able to sell my token at that price. However, just for fun, I have started a google slide (maybe later I have to start a google sheet) to keep track of my daily SPS earning. You can see below my first two days of earning based on my in-game assets listed above.


Mind you, this is paid daily. Also the USD price was at the time of screenshot, it is NOT its current value. From my point of view, it is not the exact value that matters, its the economy of the game that matters as a whole. What it created however, is a general interest across the broader networks outside of hive. This is the first time I have seen an influx of people coming into hive and really asking question about Splinterlands and Hive. This is fascinating to watch and absorb.

Game Economy & Effort

In a 'Get-paid-to-play' game per-game/per-win earning metric is very important. Below is the last win (damn! I haven't played in 13 hours!)


My last win in Champion 3 league, got me 232 DEC. At current price that is about $1.5. I typically play about 20 games per day on average over the season of 15 days. 300 games per 15 days. 600 games per month. If I do a flat multiplication at present prices of DEC that can earn me $900 just from the winning alone. Well I don't win every game, LOL! Assuming, my win rate is 50%, that would be $450/month. In addition you get quest rewards 1 each day, granted I don't do quest every day, but I can if I like to. Here is my quest data of the current season.


5088 DEC is the sum of quest rewards, about $30. Plus there are tournaments and end of season rewards. Point is, even a casual player like myself, can earn ~$500 + /per month by playing this game at the current prices. There are pro-players that can earn 3-4 times that. I have seen yesterday, some of the top players were talking about earning $7/game! Mind you each game last about 3 mins :). My main point from all these, that Splinterlands have created a whole alternative economy. I think for hive that swells!


This whole SPS thing took me by surprise and I'm genuinely happy for the game!
And reading this kinda makes me remember the days I used to play! Although I may not return to the game to play again, I will closely be in touch with the ecosystem nonetheless. :)


also, a shoutout to the game @splinterlands developers for even considering a former player like me, just for my champion points! However little the amount is, it's actually way more than my hive curation return lol!

I tell you, there are many ways to earn SPS. You can write about the game ecosystem and earn SPT, by using SPT tag. You can buy/trade DEC. Of course you can buy trade cards. Your 20K Champion point are a very difficult feat for most common players these days.

Again, I may sound like a broken record, but I do urge your to play again!

You don't sound like a broken record, and I can almost sense your enthusiasm around the game (aptly so, if I may say)! And every time you tell me to play, I feel a sudden gust of sadness lol!

I need not tell you while the game is exciting, it is very very addictive as well. And constantly looking out for cards to rent and stuff can be quite tiring. The game is a lot of work!
And then the pressure of losing matches at a very high level can be traumatizing for me, especially when I'm a few points below a new tier lol! 🤣

So my reason for not playing is that I've become lazy, chose a laid-back hive life, and made my peace with that!

SPS is alluring though, I might employ some of the other methods to get my hands on them.

Isn't that life though? There is always temptation to do more things, far fetched things, buy this, buy that! I feel the same, but usually I don't play much, I typically play 200 games a season, which is basically just doing the quest. Sometimes when I am busy I don't even do that. But I keep by account alive.

This game have the potential to be very big. You happen to be in a spot, where you have lots of support and talented players all around you. So if I were you, I would take a measured approach towards the game. Remember there is still 362 days of airdrop left, and it is based on your game position every day! Meaning, if you start playing today, and accumulate some game assets tomorrow, you will get paid more SPS tomorrow proportional to your in game assets.

It is throwing money away if you don't play it. Just saying. Specially, if you enjoy the game.

PS. My quest rewards done 2 min back..


This is not a particular good quest rewards. I have better ones this season alone. But with current prices you can't go wrong.

I have been wanting to ask a question for a while now about quest and season reward chest, I was wondering what the best chest was that someone opened. I have gotten a few with 2000 DEC and even a couple epic cards, but can you pull golds or legendary cards or even larger dec rewards? By the way great article, when I saw the first drop I funnel a bunch of DEC into the game for the next days drop, it was definitely worth it. Since it was there I decided to rent a few cards and boost my play level, I actually made it to Champ III but lost the first game and never got back, just stayed at Diamond I but the DEC's not bad there. Seeing a bit of a price drop now but I think the DEC and SPS will gradually rise with the influx of new players, its driving card prices up for sure!


How about that? Double gold cards :)

Nice, so they do drop there, then I imagine Legendary drops too. I'm excited now got 80 chests to open tomorrow!

Yea, certain legendaries are only on rewards actually. Enjoy the game, please let me know if I can be of any help.

It will find a balance. But it shows the power of usecase NFTs + the power of hive.

Btw, your rewards are insane :O

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Well, and mind you I don't have that big a stake on SL. I am not even in the top 10 in the card collections. I am unsure if I am even in the top 50. So there are many other accounts that have higher assets than mine. Also I started playing fairly late, so I don't have a complete deck and I don't own many of the ultra rare cards. So this shows what is possible.

I sold all good cards from alpha-beta :) so what should i say :)

and I didn't buy myself enough cards when they were affordable, now they are not!

goblin shredder 0.02$ now 1$ :) 50x :P i have close to 1000 :)

sell some, take some profit.

yeah, I would do, but the dec price is so volatile. so it could end up I sell for 1$ and become much less. I would prefer to have a way to sell directly to HBD.

and i see its 2,75$ each :O

Happy Days! Those who stuck around from the beginning and held onto their assets are the biggest winners. Love the fact we are waking up to some nice tokens for the next year!

My biggest regret is I didn’t buy enough cards early on. As I didn’t see this coming. I just enjoyed the game and played for fun. I didn’t see the game as an investment opportunity. Now I do. Better late than never!

I was really happy to see my SPS drop come through the other day as well. I have just been staking my tokens for now. Waiting for that August 2nd date to hit. It is exciting to see all of the cool stuff that is happening with SL.

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Yeah. Don't know much details about staking rewards yet. I got to do some research.

I just know I am not selling the SPS anytime soon, so I may as well stake it. At least for now.

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We are all happy about the same outcome, Adelaide Australia is the land of splinters

There are multiple Australian players and a couple of hive veterans from Australia that you might want to check out

Wheeww!🥵 this is nothing short of amazing! My biggest wish right now is that the value is sustained at 0.5$ being the price floor with much potential upward momentum. That’s my wish.

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I will be happy with that myself!

Multiple successful projects on a single blockchain and using a single coin.
Kind of what made ethereum the second biggest cryptocurrency.

I bought ethereum at 10$. I didn't know what ethereum was till I sold all of it around $200. But with time, I realized it's usecase.

Lol, I bought $100 worth of SL cards last year too, but didn't understand it's future.

Slowly, I am understanding the usecase of hive blockchain with a bigger perspective.

Apart from the opportunity to earn, I can come back 10 years later and read my post. What I was thinking and doing a decade ago.

Or maybe when I am old, and if I stick with hive till then, I can read all the thoughts and emotions I was going through at a young age😅

not sure about 10, i will take 2 first : )

That's a sick daily airdrop, lol. Congrats!

Well, its the game I play :)

So I have like 400 to 500 USD worth of cards. I haven't played in like a year. I haven't got any SPS air dropped to me yet. Anything special I have to do? Is having cards not enough?

EDIT: Never mind!

I had to click on this button.


you got it!

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Wow! thats big airdrop
Congrats sir

They got it bang on with the SPS launch.

It's going to be a wild ride over the next year as the team comes up with initiatives to discourage selling of SPS.

yes, we got to understand how SPS staking works, pros and cons.

congrats! just new and exploring the game. :)

Lot to learn in that case. Do spend time on the game. If you invest some money it's faster

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Yay, I got em too! I am in!

cool! Start playing again!

Hehe, I only dabble at the very low levels with my death deck

SPS is a nice project.
Gaming has been one of my hubbies and i will tend to try it out.

Congrats on your sps drop.. Investors are winners in this space.

Que bien! es un gran avance para la plataforma