It is Time for change!

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Today I saw a news where the inspector general of police 👮 said now they are ready to kill. And of course we are not ready to quit

Imagine soldiers killing us while doing protest for what we want and what we don't want but we won't quit, not because of our self but for the next generations

The protest won't stop and we won't stop spoiling it all until everything turn out to what we want.

We are tired of being treated like animals, we are human being like rich politicians

We would rather die, soldiers that are people like us so we would face each other War. If World War III start in Nigeria it's not bad

Poverty must just stop in our country like other country that has all we have. It is Time for change!


You need a GIANT Bitcoin flag there, just run at the Police with a Bitcoin flag, if you want to be a Martyr against tyranny I will share your honor here on hive. If those cops shot someone with a Bitcoin flag at a protest it would rock the entire world through the media.

That would be a suicide attempt

Thats what a martyr usually resorts to in a scenario with a tyrant.