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RE: Nihao! Translate State of the DApps into Chinese (and get rewarded)

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Hi @stateofthedapps, here's my translation for the Steemmonsters link:

Steem Monsters Collectible trading card game (Steem Monsters

Steem Monsters is a collectible trading multiplayer card game with design that will make you think of a symbiosis between pokemon card games and World of Warcraft characters. The game has a developed storytelling based on a mystical world. Built on the Steem Blockchain to offer fast transactions and full transparency. Get in the game, conquer a world or solve quests.

Steem Monsters是一款具有收藏价值的多人交易卡牌游戏,其设计可以让你联想到口袋怪物卡牌游戏和魔兽世界角色之间的微妙共生关系。该游戏基于一个神秘世界延伸了精彩的故事。它建立于Steem Blockchain上,提供迅速交易和完全透明化。进入该游戏,开始征服世界或解决任务。

Status: Live (现状:已开始)
Author (作者)
Steem Monsters

Software license (软件许可证)
proprietary (所有权)

Submitted: Dec 16th, 2018 (提交日期:2018年12月16日)
Last updated: Dec 19th, 2018 (最后更新时间:2018年12月19日)

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Monthly 每月

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Volume (数量)

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Volume (数量)

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30 days 30天

Mainnet address (Steem)
Steemmonsters Copy (拷贝)

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Categories 分类
Games 游戏

Tags 标签
game 游戏
collectible 收藏品
card 卡
monster 怪物
battle 战斗
market 市场
steem-monsters STEEM怪物

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That's all for now, thank you very much :)


Great addition! At the moment we are not yet translating DApp names, taglines, tags and description of each additional DApp, but the other parts are really helpful.

It's okay, those additional translation can be used for future purpose :)