The list of Hive Bloggers with Power Up 100% #1

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Hello, Hive community!

I think that the growth in the value of our token begins with our actions and the behavior of other participants. We can more often reward posts with Power Up 100%. Then fewer coins will enter the exchanges and the price of the hive will grow steadily.

I have made this list of authors for profitable curation of posts (Power Up 100%) published on the platform in the last 24 hours. You can select the posts of those authors that you like the most.

I highlighted 27 active bloggers who published articles with rewards ranging from $ 1 to $ 5:


I highlighted 8 active bloggers who published articles with rewards ranging from $ 5 to $ 10:


I highlighted 3 active bloggers who posted articles with a reward of more than $ 10:


*This information was received from the Hive blockchain at 11.30 a.m. London time (04.12.2020).

Source image (Pixabay License. Free for commercial use. No attribution required.)


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What in the actual fuck?

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This post appears to be encouraging accounts to power-up HIVE.

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