Custom Turn-Key Community Solutions

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Over the past few years, the idea of communities and dapps with their own tokenization have been the driving force behind development on the STEEM blockchain. Enabling teams to create and monetize their own projects without being reliant on the STEEM rewards pool and power distribution is fundamental to making that vision become a reality. While some are still waiting on first layer solutions to be developed, we already have the ability to make these things happen today.

Imagine invite-only, moderated communities with the ability to manually curate content and enforce their own guidelines and standards. Imagine forums that can cultivate a clean and reliable source community expertise. Imagine video platforms that fit a specific niche and enable both content creators and consumers to come together, find, and reward each other. Now stop imagining and start seeing the possibilities that already exist.

We currently have the power to make all of these things a reality with Scot Bot and Nitrous. Teams can even build customized front ends and apps that make use of these features as well. We now have the ability to leverage the immutability and reliability of the STEEM blockchain as a foundation for building these communities and projects while also ensuring that spam and abusive behavior doesn't destroy the value that they are working to build.

Instead of having to rely on one centralized source of governance for the entire blockchain, we've now created the ability for each community to make their own. Some communities will be more inclusive and open than others, but the versatility and options only create and add more value to the entire ecosystem. Instead of having to conform to a single standard set of rules, communities and dapps now have more freedom and flexibility to decide what will work best for them. Welcome to the world of turn-key customizable community solutions on the blockchain.


This is what I've been waiting for ever since I found out about Steem. It's nice to have a place where anything goes like, a place with true freedom of speech, but that also empowers toxic behavior. So if you want to get away from flag wars and all that good stuff you need moderated communities. Now it looks like it's finally here.

Steem is basically Reddit and Tribes are subreddits with their own rules, only more robust. So we end up with a better Reddit, who doesn't want that. :)

Someone please get this on the pages of Cointelegraph and Coindesk. Seriously, who's ass do you have to kiss to get a positive headline out there?

Yeah we've had companies doing dozens of news worthy things on steem and no one ever works on PR or focuses on news releases. That should be a SPS submission... someone to say they will write a 5 PR releases and heavily promote them every month for different projects. haha

Not ONE PR anywhere to be seen it is a tragedy! I have a feeling the SPS will help I agree. I'm hell bent on getting us a better image and better exposure . Currently, building out a tokenbb to organize #STEEMSTEEM !

so why aren't the projects getting press releases out? with independence comes responsibility.
if the early web projects had left it up to someone else to do PR we'd still not be hearing about them.

I'm not sure... but take SteemMonsters/Splinterlands... they did a whole ton of new and interesting technilogical things and never seemd to reach out to crypto type news. Same group and same thing with Steem-Engine. But they're also very good with news within the community.

I agree @jarvie ... too much inward looking and not enough outward. I just find it interesting that so often when the discussions about PR and marketing come up there are many seem to think someone needs to be doing it for them.

I also worry that when our team considers SteemPeak ready for mass consumption or at least we do something specially news worthy... because it's not like I'm an expert in professional news releases.

There's also the thought... "so we market it to thousands or maybe millions of people and they come take a look... now what it's not like they can easily and freely sign up"

yes the signup process really needs to get resolved. the sooner the better.

I wonder if will survive this or if it will turn into multiple Tribes/Communities.. is a perfectly fine everything bucket. It's where you go to scour the chain for cough "lost gems". ;)

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