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RE: Why I won’t be compromising with Justin Sun

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I will be more than happy to migrate to this new chain.

We should not feel obligated to remain on a chain where the largest stakeholder is completely hostile to nearly the entire community. We should not feel obligated to go down with the proverbial ship. We should not feel obligated to maintain a presence simply for the sake of being an opposing force.

Let the centralized chain rot in its own incompetence and arrogance. We will move on with little more than a blink...and will likely prosper once unleashed from our four-year burden of poor leadership and wasted funds.

The albatross will no longer be around our necks. We should seize that opportunity to make this new chain what Steem could have been years ago.


As long as it's a swap, so we can exchange our STEEM for the new crypto. I would hope this would be done in a pretty seamless fashion like BTC and BCH was, for example.

The BTC-BCH split was a fork. If you had bitcoin before, you now had bitcoin on both chains. Blocktrades mentions this will be an airdrop, such that all existing STEEM holders will end up with two tokens (except for Sun).

A swap is distinct in that it requires users to trade or destroy an old token for a new token. That's an interesting model to make sure the new token holders actually care about the project. But ultimately you'd lose the automatic adoption you get from an airdrop

It'll be like bcash but it wasn't a swap it was coins on both chain, you'll have sell on one side as fast as possible to buy more of the other side.

you'll have sell on one side as fast as possible to buy more of the other side.

Which exchange will support the new Steem or do we support Bitcoin?

I don't see why exchanges wouldn't support it, Most likely none at start.

Yes they do, maybe they don't lists scamcoins with pre-mines for free through.

Okay, but who's gonna cover that amount in hive? So scamcoin with pre-mine / ninja-mining? :P

So, in the new chain SUN's STEEMS will be removed and Freeom/Pumpkin still be the king?

agree 100%.
HIVE should have free accounts and a kickass mobile app. Anything other than that, and we are left with the same problems of onboarding. Let's do the next one in a smart way.