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Pretty funny, wasn't it?  

A dictator (like @haejin) sitting on the toilet taking a shit (like @haejin's TA).

He calls it racist.  I call it comedy.

None of the other accounts I've been accused of owning and spamming @haejin with are mine.  I know everyone can clearly see that there has been absolutely 0 true evidence provided in any of these accusations against me, but I thought I'd make it clear.

Thank you all for your support.


I made an open comment on haejins post stating the obvious that the questions put were not answered. Within 2 minutes it was flagged, I thought this was decentralized I thought this platform was to be uncensored and I put a observation and opinion in and a whale downvotes me. A minnow like me will never do well at this I fear.

I have also been censored. If i say something unpopular, all these lefty retards jump on my posts.

Your right i thought steem was supposed to be decentralized.. but it's not just a handful of whales can make or break you.

@ned - Pause EOS for a week and come finish steemit :P

sissy anti-free speech liberals at that. berniesanders the communist runs steemit. its not wonder dan left to work on eos.

Only a special kind of idiot would call racist a meme that makes fun of a dictator.

i agree with you

I agree with your opinion

poor Haejin! He should spend a few his money to buy new more big toilet.

I agree with you @trumpman

I agree with myself

I agree with you agreeing with yourself, can you agree to this :P

Now days everything is racist.

I can say i like Asian girls.. RACIST.

I can point out that there are too many immigrants coming into our countries who are creating a massive crime wave.. RACIST.

I have facts, evidence, data.. they have - YOUR RACIST.

Yo man you truely have a talent for making actual names funny what would you name our own Turkish Dictator President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ?


in Germany/Austria he is commonly called "Erdowahn", which translates "Erdo-Madness". There's a reason he doesn't like us any more.

Where you at @berniesanders i need my drama fix...

He is thinking about upcoming TA's

Love you berni. Kill the scammer😡😈. We believe you. You are the real hero.

He calls it racist you call it comedy
And I call it Come what may I'll let you share such a comedy day and day.

I made this for you, @berniesanders. All yours.


wow good post

Ur wits :)

hit the dictator with your club

neither racist nor dictator, both are very evil figures

Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Never forget rule No.1


@haejin looking beautiful heheheheheheheheh

Very funny post @berniesanders look what happen if the dictator taking a shit hahahahahaha

Good to see you still here, I guess I misinterpreted your post yesterday,

I thought that was you saying you had given up/were taking a break from the platform. We need steemit vigilantes like you now more than ever.

go fag @haejin. he makes steemit unfavorable economically and socially

I stumbled across this yesterday. Is this the type of stuff you are trying to prevent? Looks like multiple accounts all upvoting the same comment over and over again, on multiple posts.

Steemit is rife with upvote BS (like you point out). It's sad. The platform has potential but money = corruption. Decentralization is a myth, even for blockchain. The network's resources are decentralized but power remains centralized.

Please Bernie, leave him alone, as you show him in the meme he is only in his office trying to produce his 10 daily TA .... LOL

O M G . howfunny,,,, lol man,,, like it . ?

I knew it ;)! Great way to waste his voting power.

racist? by no means is that racist. Its making fun of a cruel dictator who starves his people and kills them for something as simple as watching a holly wood movie. Its propaganda, the same thing was done to hitler , truman , wilson, and many other political figures

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When it comes to the racism claims, I think he might be trolling... I'm fairly sure his account name itself is a racist, interpretation of the word 'Asian' (at least that's what I always thought when I saw his old profile icon)... but don't quote me on that... after a quick google I see Hae-Jin could also be a South Korean last name

Wait, I thought Kim didn't have an anus. Learn something new every day.

very funny comedy shown. the dictator who was sitting on the toilet with facial expression slightly shrunken.

Great way to exchange. Very useful post . Thanks @htoomspexels-photo-712513.jpeg

I guess you are in a wrong post.

Silly spammer!

But I liked the coffee!

Dayum, nice cup...of coffee.

Grow the fuck up. Are you really trying to solve the current problem or just trying to put fuel one fire?

It is racist, do you know where @haejin is from? I'm guessing he's from South Korea, your Kim Jeong Eun joke is about the leader of North Korea, a dictator depriving his people of basic human rights. Your joke is tasteless and uncalled for.

You might originally had good intentions in mind bringing the reward pool abuse to the public's attention, but now you have just devolved into mud slinging, using your own bot for upvotes, while others can't use it, and creating more problems than solutions.

That's half the problem with anonymous online interactions, people are far more disrespectful and close minded because there are far fewer consequences.

Again, I absolutely hate how the trending page is just the same shit over and over and I hate that one guy is reaping a huge amount of rewards at the expense of everyone, but you are not helping at all. Grow the fuck up and do something to remedy the situation.

i doubt he's ever gotten laid. that would explain this losers attitude. all he does is spend all his time on steemit flagging people and pretending he's some kind of righteous person. bernie needs a counseling session or 2.