Hmm, I wonder what the new eSteem name will be. good-karma was taking ideas on his post this morning.

Already my incoming transaction notifications on eSteem mobile (haven’t checked desktop yet) are coming in as HIVE although my wallet itself still reads Steem. There is much work being done to be ready for launch. Exciting 😁

bHive? 🐝🐝🐝🐝

That’s a really good choice!
Unless they decide to distance the brand from the blockchain this time around. Just in case something like this were to ever happen again. Having to re-brand can be a pain.

Yea makes sense :). DTube wouldn't have to, and Splinterlands was claver to have done it a while ago - rebranding from "Steem Monsters"

I only have esteem on my phone. How do you get the desktop/laptop. What's the link address, please? Thank you.