Steemit Inc now censors posts from the UI

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As you may have heard, there is a fork tomorrow to start a new chain called Hive. You can read all about it in the announcement post here.

If you are still using, this post will be censored and blocked from showing up.

Steemit View

Steempeak View

Many users have completely switched to using Steempeak because of concerns what Steemit Inc (aka Justin Sun) may do. This is a good example of what we feared would happen.

If you continue to use you may not have access to all content on the blockchain. I also noticed this morning my account was set into Korean mode and I had to fumble around to switch it back.


The list of posts blacklisted is growing. You can see the code related to this change and how they implemented the blacklist on GitHub.

Some of the posts that have been filtered out of the UI

Well it seems like Justin is doing everything he can to convince people to move to Hive...if there's one thing people on Steem will not like (potentially even more than having the entire chain taken over) it's censoring content just because the website owner doesn't like it.

You are right, really awful way to censor, I mean he is literally filtering everything that the community wants to read about. And everything that is forbidden is much more interesting.

I mean he could have just blocked all incoming posts for that matter. Since he does not care about STEEM at all.

Who is the owner of Github btw? Can anyone tell me?

Stimit Radar

Yup, I'm selling all my steem and moving to hive. Justin can keep all his shitcoins.

What? Is he a flat earther? I can't see any of that on his profile.

@derangedvisions refers to LASSECASH as the flat-earther platform, not @lasseehlers, so you would not be able to see it on his profile.

Nevertheless, @lasseehlers's membership in LASSECASH implies the likelihood that he is a flat-earther.

He is sooo good at marketing HIVE, wow. Thanks JSUN!
No we can show proof on twitter on every one of his posts that he censors and centralizes a "decentralized and censorship-free" community. Congratz, he just shot himself in the foot big time.
We are going to be relentless at showing the world his misdeeds.

We did always say he was good at marketing ....

Wow... my first time getting censored. Always thought it would be YouTube... not Steem. 👀

How does it feel? haha.

It’s like Justin is trying his hardest to push everyone off of the Steem blockchain. Dude has lost his fuckin mind.

All and any of the open source dApps will run on the old chain regardless if support leaves. Google is not going to reset its links to the traffic content. There is an ad revenue stream on steemit now you know. Do you think he cares what 500,000 crypto geeks think? He will be targeting users who don'[t even know they are using a blockchain and paying for their ride with credit cards.

P.S. The more traders of STEEM out of the market the easier it will be for a billionaire to manipulate. Pump and dump until his prick turns blue.

You are absolutely right! 😷

That's implying that he had a mind of his own to begin with which seems a bit unlikely at this point.

Oh wow, just went and checked @andrarchy's post from yesterday about supporting hive and it's gone from my Steemit feed, although I could still see this one we're on after 5 minutes. This is the definitive nail in the coffin for Steemit, Inc as far as I'm concerned. The whole purpose of this platform is censorship resistance (besides decentralized monetization, which plays into that). They're killing that on the Steemit UI so it's dead to me at this point. I was willing to give Sun the benefit of the doubt when the announcement was made that he had bought Steemit, and I was hoping that this Mexican standoff with the witnesses could be deescalated, but I don't have any doubt at this point that his actions are a worst-case-scenario, abandon ship necessary. Thanks for the heads up.

They just hardcoded the blacklisted posts in their frontend.
Seems like the Tron devs are really professionals 😂


Man, they're going to break the whole thing any time soon!

I see the chain killed until Monday

This makes sense as it will be a Chinese blogging platform very soon. Censorship had to happen in order to gain government approval to allow the Chinese to use this. I believe this was the plan all along whether we all stayed or not and one of the reasons why he needed to control the witness votes.

First hand experience, its blocked in China.

I am think that if Justin Sun wants to use Steemit for China, then why did he not just create a clone or a fork of it for such purpose?

I think because Steem was an established name already and the Chinese want what the rest of the world is using. A clone would have worked but it wouldn't have been as sell able to the people I don't think. People want the original and not a clone. They are not allowed Facebook and such things so having an original block chain would have more appeal.

Thank you for your answer. However, if is just a front-end to its blockchain, pretty much anyone can create another front-end where there is no centralized censorship. I like Hive, but why create the Hive fork instead of creating a better front-end for Steem?

A hardfork away from Steemit Inc was always necessary, but the timing had to be right to make it work. The timing of this one is just right. A few weeks ago would have been too soon and a few weeks from now would have been too late. I am glad the community gave Justin a chance to show his true colors to justify the hardfork. The external crypto community observed what happened and reasonable thinking people will side with the community. Looking forward to Hive.

Totally agree except for one detail...

I am glad the community gave Justin a chance to show his true colors to justify the hardfork.

They pointed an unloaded gun at him as he entered the premises.

That helped speed up this process for sure instead of delaying it until later this year or beyond.

He didn't enter. He stood outside with a fuel can and cigarette lighter, and started ranting. Witnesses just picked up fire extinguishers.

Staying with the same allegory one could think of the fire extinguisher in need of recharging as it did sweet fuck all in terms of retarding any flames. All that v 22.2 did, in my estimation, is to forever put doubt on what actions the 19 of the top 20 pre-22.2 witnesses may decide to do with my property should push ever come to shove again. The real test of restoring trust will be how quickly and effeciently governance loop holes are plugged.

I felt like the Hive announcement hinted that they addressed this in some way, the governance issue. Maybe it was just the 30 day delay but I felt like it might be more than that.

Great! Bull’s eyes!
Right timing indeed!

Oh Justin, Justin. After a while, when new people come here, It'll be like the old Steem never was as the truth has been censored. It kinda bothers me, but not that much as I'm moving to Hive.

I'm furious! They didn't censor any of mine!!

I can hide your posts from my feed, if that helps?

there, there

Your not trending enough

He didn't block me on Twitter either. Starting to feel really insignificant :D

Well you are, but not to me - I saw you within all these comments :))

Hahah. I feel a tinny bit better now haha.

Unbelievable how Justin Sun is ruining (nearly) everything I liked about Steem. So glad that Hive will be taking over tomorrow 😁

imagine what he would do to topics like Falun Gong organ harvest concentration camps in china in the future. i mean his mentor is jack ma afterall...

hive on

I am literally LOLing as i write this :

  1. Does Justin not know that this is all public?
  2. Does he not realize that the posts still appear EVERYWHERE else on the blockchain?

He's making such a big fool of himself LOL!

Just one thing that's itching me is he'll get quite a bit of free HIVE from the airdrop, I wish there was a way to stop that :(

Wow, that’s nuts! 🤦🏼‍♂️

I just can’t wait for hive - and also to see how they’ll turn steemit into a pro propaganda site with all of Justin’s lies and take on what decentralisation and how good TRON is . Bet they will have many ads and posts against hive .

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Set to Korean mode lololol how did that happen. I'm in esteem so I can see it all. JUstin is clutching at straws

Yeah, that's how it starts. So I don't understand how you can go after this Justin guy. That's pretty much the most unbelievable person on the planet.

Ja, so fängt es an. Daher kapiere ich nicht, wie man diesen Justin nachlaufen kann. Das so ziemlich die unglaubwürdigste Person auf diesem Planeten.

Don't worry, one more day and we are free @themarkymark

Just saw this and made a post about that too. Bad move from Justin to hide bad vibrations against him...

Reading on esteem waiting for emancipation on Hive!

Hmm, I wonder what the new eSteem name will be. good-karma was taking ideas on his post this morning.

Already my incoming transaction notifications on eSteem mobile (haven’t checked desktop yet) are coming in as HIVE although my wallet itself still reads Steem. There is much work being done to be ready for launch. Exciting 😁

bHive? 🐝🐝🐝🐝

That’s a really good choice!
Unless they decide to distance the brand from the blockchain this time around. Just in case something like this were to ever happen again. Having to re-brand can be a pain.

Yea makes sense :). DTube wouldn't have to, and Splinterlands was claver to have done it a while ago - rebranding from "Steem Monsters"

I only have esteem on my phone. How do you get the desktop/laptop. What's the link address, please? Thank you.

Unreal. The best part about blockchain is that anyone that knows how to access code can see exactly what is being done. Those with a dictator mentality cannot survive in this space long-term because the truth will come out and destroy their credibility. It's only a matter of time.

When the #irredeemables list first appeared on Github, I vehemently opposed that undertaking of censorship, insisting that the excuses made in support of that action would eventually result in wider censorship.

Sadly, this has been proved today.

I cannot more strongly urge that our community keep this demonstration of how censorship is begun and inevitably grows wherever it is allowed to take root. Amongst the improvements Hive is undertaking to benefit the decentralized community migrating to it tomorrow the elimination of this vector for censorship Github lists are must be deprecated and no longer possible in the future.

As the keeper of a blacklist intended to censor accounts, you are the last person I intend to depend on to resist censorship. I hope you understand that this is no insult, nor indictment of you.

It's just unreasonable to depend on a censor to protect me from censorship.


When the #irredeemables list first appeared on Github, I vehemently opposed that undertaking of censorship, insisting that the excuses made in support of that action would eventually result in wider censorship.

The irredeemables is not my project, but I do support it and taking it over as we move on to Hive. Irredeemables only blocks users who are extreme cases who spam hundreds and thousands of comments a day, posts endless dick pics on peoples posts, or threaten people. It is never used because a difference of opinion, or disagreement. There are many users on the irredeemables that were spamming so much it was causing technical issues.

As the keeper of a blacklist intended to censor accounts, you are the last person I intend to depend on to resist censorship. I hope you understand that this is no insult, nor indictment of you.

As for my blacklist, it does not censor anyone, it is a merely a signal to users that this user has engaged activities the community disapproves of. No where does it censor them. The blacklist was original developed to prevent bad actors from using bid bots.

Neither of these tools are used for censorship. You can twist things all you like, but the facts are available for everyone to see.

Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequence.

It's just unreasonable to depend on a censor to protect me from censorship.

I will be the first to protect freedom of speech, but don't come crying to me when someone starts to spam the platform so much it exceeds 100% of comment volume of the entire community, or when they start spamming dick pics all over people's posts, or start making threats on people's lives.

How would you feel if your blog was filled with comments like this?

If I was the censor you claim I am, I would have blacklisted and flagged the crap out of you ages ago. Rarely are your comments anything short of attacks on my character and actions. Have I though?

Bernie has left thousands of similar pics of his bowel movements all across the blogs on this blockchain, but you made no move to, nor speak in support of, taking any action to censor them, despite every argument you make in support of the #irredeemables list applying to Bernie more than it does to those on the list.

When your argument changes because of the size of the wallet, you cease to be honest.

I speak factually and refrain from ad hominems when disagreeing with your policies. I also plainly state when I am in agreement with you, or reckon you're speaking the truth. You might have noticed I vote your witness. That's not something I will do without good cause, but I don't think you understand the principles you think you're supporting.

If I have ever made a false statement regarding you, as soon as I discovered it was false I retracted it and stated what the facts were. If you censor me for that, you can no longer claim to be only preventing spam, plagiarism, or other such garbage on the blockchain, and prove that you are simply opinion flagging.

I don't think you are opinion flagging when you censor spammers, plagiarists, and similar trash. When I have discussed it with you in the past, you have supported your flags with evidence that I agreed justified your actions. But that doesn't mean you aren't censoring those accounts. That's why flagging is undertaken: it causes those accounts to no longer produce that content. It is effective censorship.

If it wasn't, you wouldn't waste your time doing it.

Stand up and claim your legacy like an honest man proud of his actions should. I know you have done much to prevent spam and plagiarism from polluting the blockchain, and you are proud of that legacy.

The fact is that legacy is censorship, and that's what you do primarily, now that your bidbot is proved a blight on the blockchain, and you have grudgingly stopped selling votes for money.

That's who you are, and if that's an attack on your character, it didn't come from me, but from your own actions. This is why I don't think you actually grasp the principles you claim to support. Flagging spammers works because it's censorship.

You also stated above your support for the #irredeemables list, yet refuse to even discuss the fact that if anyone belonged on that list it is Bernie, your benefactor. I find that pandering reprehensible, and, again, you deny you are for censorship even while supporting that list (for approved bad guys, but not those that have money you need) that has no other purpose than censorship.

It must be confusing between your ears. If I point out inconvenient facts, it's just in the hope you can simplify your mental gymnastics, and be worthy of my witness support. I know you don't care about my vote, because it's worthless. But I care about my vote, because it's all I have.

I wouldn't vote for you if I thought you were opinion flagging, or didn't think you were cleaning up the blockchain. That doesn't mean you aren't censoring spammers. It means I think it's the right thing to do. Unlike the #irredeemables list.

That's just a gift to Bernie.

I don't get where you and your ilk think Bernie is my benefactor. I've done two things with Bernie, he leased me Steem power for upmyvote and I worked with him on the MadCurator. The first I paid thousands a week to cover that lease, like I would with any other lease, the 2nd I got nothing from and put a lot of time and resources in out of pocket.

You regurgitating the same bullshit from others. I have no partner, benefactor, or anyone here, I have always been on my own here. I've paid for services (like delegation) I have used like anyone else. No one gave me shit here except shit.

I am not repeating anyone elses words, these are my own thoughts.

Also, you're dodging numerous other matters I reckon of more relevance. If it would get you to address all my other points, I concede the only evidence I have for them being your benefactor is they vote your witness, they have lots of stake, and you dodge any comparison between them and all other spammers.

Ban Bernie's bowel movements. Then you'll be consistent regarding your stance on spam. You seem far too hesitant to speak consistently on issues central to your activities where Bernie is concerned.

Bernie hasn't voted my witness in ages, it was only when Justin Sun took over the chain he voted me. You should do some research, and I'm a top 20 a lot of people vote my witness. That's pretty stupid evidence, asinine, and in fact libel.

I haven't seen Bernie spamming poop every where.

The blacklist was original developed to prevent bad actors from using bid bots.

And that is why the integrity of your blacklists remains largely questionable because you still have people who were erstwhile bid bot abusers on it even though the bots are now moribund, even though you were one of the largest beneficiaries of the bid bot era. There is a moral question mark in your actions.

You are like a weed dealer (bot owner) who now punishes everyone who took weed in excess (bot abuser) even though the weed dealer profited more from the sales of the weed (votes). There is a moral question mark in your blacklist as long as you have erstwhile bot abusers on your list. I trust this meets you well. Regards sir.

I mostly devote my time to finding abusers, not catering to them. I don't have the time or man power to listen to all the spammers saying they are going to stop or changed ways when 98% of them are lying.

There is a famous legal maxim credited to Benjamin Franklyn that says, it is better for 100 guilty persons to go unpunished than that one innocent person should suffer. You should care about the 2% me thinks.

Yes, re-steemed blocktrades post and I do not see it even on my re-steem

So, is this the list of the most important posts...? :D

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Interestingly, I'm reading this post on

For now ...

Poor Justin Sun.

I have thoughts that possibly Sun & company are ruining Steemit because he may only wish to be a big influencer on the next popular social platform & not the actual governance of it. That wasn’t possible with Steem due to his terrible mistake of failing to communicate quick enough. That was a dagger.

He realizes Steem is done, so yes he likely will follow to Hive (if he’s smart), but not to take it over and control it. Instead just to be a part of it. As soon as he starts using Hive, most of his Tronions will follow suite.

At least that’s what my ultra optimistic side of me wants to think. The actual brawn of my brain has seen zero signs that Sun wishes to do anything but take control.

Possibly without the ninja mine being in play he can join and just be another big whale doing his own thing. That’s what we want deep down after all right? For Hive to be the place that the creators with the biggest following come to grow with their communities.



which drugs do you use? just curious, I'm looking to experiment and you seem to have the right recipe going on.

Dmt pro. I live in fantasy land part-time 😜

I've been micro dosing acid but sometimes I take too much. I don't know where to get DMT.... yet

I think what you mean is you often take too little 😛

I’ve never found DMT. It always finds me, truthfully.
Just go for a big 🍄 trip 5g or >
That’s usually pretty easy to find.

I prefer 5-meo myself. The world seems like a fantasy half the time as it is...

That hasn’t found me yet, I will accept if the opportunity ever arises.

I love the turn this thread took 😂

It’s tiny little unforeseen threads like this that can lead people to life changing experiences.

I have made my own extracts from Phalaris using THISbook but was not able to isolate into 5-meo. My only pure has been purchased. WELL worth the ride but it is the one that "takes you within" so can be a bit scary for those who aren't comfortable in their own heads.

Thanks for the book recommendation.

I’ve been locked inside of this particular head for 27 years. No sense in being afraid to go even deeper 🌀

That's the spirit!!!

I have a probably excessive library of similar literature in both physical and digital. This probably best describes it.

Not that we needed all that for the
trip, but once you get locked into
a serious drug collection, the
tendency is to push it as far as
you can.

And so the split is inevitable...

That is so freakin childish, why can't he grow up and act like an adult instead of a spoilt brat

!giphy poor justin sun

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So I guess we should all go cross post on Steemit?

What a little Turd.

Steemit Inc now censors posts from ythe UI

But Marky, they wanted to fuck him! 😜

We do indeed, such a tight little butthole and a beautiful face. I'd love to fuck that boipucci.

Thank you for sharing this with us @themarkymark. Censorship is about the worst possible mistake that could be made here on our Steem Hive blockchain.

Not sure what it means, as I am not a dev, but thought this might be of interest to you:


As you can see, when I am in SteemIt, I can still see your post. Thought you might want to know.

That said, I have not used SteemIt for well over a year. Probably a year and a half, when I learned first about Busy, then moved to SteemPeak ...

His post hasn't been censored yet. When he says "you can't see it" he meant the posts that he linked to, not this one.

I use and I just checked and I have access to each and every post you mention. Can he block posts selectively depending on the person? I doubt it.

So....what should we do?

WOW! This is a whole new low. And it demonstrates clearly the reason we need to Fork off! #HIVEisALIVE

He's not blocking, he's brocking. #JustSayin

what is "brocking"?

Bad joke... mispronunciation of "blocking". But explaining it makes it far less funny that it already was...

Sort of like how he says, "Steemy" instead of "Steemit" and "Social Meteor" instead of "Social Media".

We can all agree Mr. Sun is a funny little man! XD

Thanks for reporting this. Absolutely fucking insane.
Steemit is the new China Chain, with censorship!

Justin Sun is the Novel Corona (Covid 19) at crypto space. I wish HIVE token will fk off TRON sh!t from Top 20 CMC list as well.


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lol you wrote "sh!t" and I thought it was an i and that there was a piece of dirt there on the lower part of the I. I was scratching my screen for 30 seconds until I scrolled by accident and saw that it was part of the letter lol!

I can see this post of yours and use @partiko.
I cannot load, steempeak or hive because my connection is too slow to load those heavy sites.
This means it's not blocked..💕

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Go to the Steemitblog post about this! They are openly admitting that they are CENSORING POSTS. un-fucking-believable.

Can it prevent this?
Everyone should write in their profile information.


Oh, wow. So, going forward. Post something he doesn't like and they will hard code your post into oblivion. Awesome. How's that for a down vote for you.... perma-downvote. Should have an award for that... "Steem Persona-non-grata"

What a ....... insert your favorite swear word

What the hell?! I knew only about @hiveio post. I didn't realize about other posts.
I don't like Justin's Sun efforts but now he carries censorship too far.
Let's go with #HIVE!

Much thanks for the heads up!

What a dicktator! ))

Shared this on Twitter!
I will be sharing other places as well.
Justin Sun making Steem part of the CCP!

Will I also get the 2000 HIVE if my 2000 STEEM are in Savings. Do you know more?

Savings will carry over.

Steempeak allows you to login without typing in your public keys (using Steem-keychain and peek-lock) and without using Steemconnect which could get compromised one day and serve evil javascript code.

We know Steemconnect are ran by upstanding guys but in principle it is better to structure a site to not need or ask for trust even if that trust is going through a third party.

Another good reason to move to Hive, I suppose.

Thanks for the advice.

Is the Blacklist SPS not yours? Maybe they can just use that one instead of hardcore hardcode post links into the UI -.- less embarrassing

하이브 를 축하하고 잘해보세요.

I'm confused, is there a question, or just a statement?
Are you saying this list is the same as what Justin Sun is doing?

I announce officially that I will not support somebody like #SunnyBabyBoy @justinsunsteemit and will switch to HIVE immediately after the fork! I have experienced a LOOOT since I joined in June 2016 but this blocking and censorship stuff is the worse ever! Thank you to all of you witnesses and community as well as @blocktrades to get us out of this huge poo 💩 mess! Yours @mammasitta

My Resteems about him and hive are gone on the steemit Ui

I was already wondering why my resteems vanished?! (I need to check again) My last post where I call this Brat #SunnyBabyBoy disappeared as well. Anyways! What a great marketing concept to help HIVE 😋🙉

@themarkymark I would suggest that we all do what is outlined here in my idea it will remove all seo benefits for and they would be left with nothing more than a backlink for people to find the content on hive lol!!!

First hit bottom
Next dig deeper
This place is a mess.

Hive on!

There's some scientific research that shows that a man's brain doesn't reach full maturity until about age 25, or even as late as 30. It's part of the reason young men are often reckless and make dumb illogical decisions that in hindsight, at a later age, they realise and often regret.

No disrespect to young people, but sometimes people act their age in the absence of life experience.

What we have to expect about our funds on steem? do you suggest to withdrawal?

I can't suggest anything as I can't give you financial advice, but any funds you have on Steem or supporting exchanges will be air dropped as HIVE on the Hive chain.

weird how i can see those posts using steemit.Com ...

!giphy awesome

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Justin must think we're all in China.

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Same memes are back but in Hive style. Let me guess One of them will be the photo with couple, the boy(STEEM) whistling behind from the passing girl(HIVE)

Justin Sun makes it too easy for us to dislike (or hate) him. I have this feeling that he is just trying to take away our attention from something more sinister.

I don't know if this is related to the Justin Sun hostile takeover but my account is being falsely flagged as spam by steem cleaners. I tried to reason with them but they wouldn't show me proof or listen. Steem is really becoming a shit show. Time to move onto better platforms like Uptrennd, Publish0x etc.

Probably because you spam

Check my steem page and tell me what is spam in there. Don’t be one of them!

No one has ever been blacklisted by me for disagreeing with the soft fork or even disagreeing with me. You are full of shit.

Blacklist me daddi, I deserve it, everyone gets blacklisted but me. I want to be your little bitch.

@Themarkymark You backlisted @majes.tytyty and all efforts to reach out to you was not dignified with a response. That's centralization too in a bit different shade. Practice what you preach.

I blacklisted him because he was posting garbage and buying a ton of bid bot votes for it. I never once censored him.


Before @Smartsteem opted out of your Global API blacklist at a point all of @Majes.tytyty's posts were hidden. That amounted to censorship if not for @Smartsteem's magnanimity.

Recall that we pleaded with you to remove him from your blacklist but you didn't even though it is now impossible to abuse bots. You feel that it's your blacklist and you have the right to decide who stays or gets removed. That's exactly what Sun is doing with Steemit right now. Dictatorship. Centralization. Autocracy.

I hope your blacklist will be refreshed when Hive kicks off. If not, wait for me. Regards sir.

SmartSteem didn't opt out, they stopped maintaining it as they no longer ran a bid bot and anti-abuse wasn't their primary objective.

All his posts were still visible.

Recall that we pleaded with you to remove him from your blacklist but you didn't even though it is now impossible to abuse bots.

I remember you all spamming me over and over across multiple accounts.

With all due respect, I have never posted anything that can be called "garbage."

When composing each post, I spend a few hours to ensure that the content is well-written, interesting, and informative, and that the layout is attractive and worthy of publication.

SmartSteem didn't opt out, they stopped maintaining it as they no longer ran a bid bot and anti-abuse wasn't their primary objective.

@Smartsteem by so doing took a noble decision. Do you still run a bid bot? If not, why do you still have people like @Majes.tytyty on your list? Malice is the only answer that comes into my head.

I remember you all spamming me over and over across multiple accounts.

You call the voice of genuine community members "spammers"? Is this different from Sun who calls the elected witnesses " hackers"? Well, it is your blacklist the same way Steemit is Sun's you guys can do anything you like with it. Regards sir.

@Smartsteem by so doing took a noble decision.

No they stopped maintaining it, so it was pointless to have a stale list.

Do you still run a bid bot? If not, why do you still have people like @Majes.tytyty on your list? Malice is the only answer that comes into my head.

My blacklist was not about my bid bot, my blacklist was because I spend a huge amount of time finding and fighting abuse.

I spend every day here fighting spam and abuse. That never changed if I ran a blacklist or not.

You call the voice of genuine community members "spammers"? Is this different from Sun who calls the elected witnesses " hackers"? Well, it is your blacklist the same way Steemit is Sun's you guys can do anything you like with it. Regards sir.

He was put on the list for a legitimate reason (bid bot abuse and low effort posts). Everyone added is for a legitimate reason. I review requests for removal but I only have so much time and resources doing this by myself without funding or help.

All his posts were still visible.

Yes it is. But do you realize the stigma that comes with a blacklist? It is beyond posts being visible or not.