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RE: Why I won’t be compromising with Justin Sun

in #steem11 months ago

I'm all aboard :)

Just please, please don't name it steem classic.

"classic" sounds like old, obsolete. Now we have a chance to distinct ourselfs from steam gaming platform (google always asks in the search option: did you mean steam?:D )


Good because I would flip the table if it were to be called Steem Classic. lol

Would you flip the table if it was named “BROchain?”

Because it might be BROchain, bro. :)

Do you even crypto, bro? 😁

Sounds like a gambling crypto. lol

To me it sounds like a faucet that hands out free crypto for poker and casino style social entertainment with zero risks.

Those are my suggestions if name's case isn't closed.

Swarms = communities ??

darn it... now I almost wish for a new user name.... Can we have nicknames also?? no worries if not.

I'm using an app called SWARM, it's a location checkin and review app.

Great to hear!

thats good :)

I hope it's a good one! The name "Steem" has always been highly disappointing... doesn't reflect what the coin does IMO :-D

Awesome, a rebrand will reflect the fresh start!

It will be called NEDCHAIN to honor our beloved ex-leader.

oh, no, lets get better names ;-)

Also please don't name it like Synereo Plus or SynerSomething alike :P

Im glad you said it. Damn. 😀
If we fucked up like that again id turn red. lol

If we fucked up like that again id turn red. lol

lol! Please no!!

Agreed. Actually, the token holders should be voting on the new name. It shouldn't be decided by anyone but the majority of the community.

In fact, the entire fork and new features to be added should be voted on by the entire community.

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