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RE: Steem has more abusers from downvote groups now.

in #steemlast year (edited)

So just let Steem die? These people own the upvote bots and the downvote groups. This is really how we want the network to be? They are going to downvote anyone other than people in their group and upvote each other. Also look at the prices of BTC, ETH, LTC and others compared to STEEM. We need to do something.


I am pretty sure that is not what is happening at the moment. Without me actually doing some research, would it be fair to say that you got downvoted for using bidbots?

I have looked into a couple of the accounts who support steemflags and they do not own the bidbots. Who specifically are you inferring owns the bidbots and also owns steemflagsrewards?

downvoted for using a product offered on the network and then downvoted by those same people lol. Idk exactly who owns what. They do not make it that easy to figure out.

Just take it as a learning moment and move on my friend. Things are changing and that is a good thing. Sucks you got downvoted but it s not the end of the world. Find another way to promote your post's and all is good.