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RE: Steemit Inc now censors posts from the UI

in #steem3 years ago

This makes sense as it will be a Chinese blogging platform very soon. Censorship had to happen in order to gain government approval to allow the Chinese to use this. I believe this was the plan all along whether we all stayed or not and one of the reasons why he needed to control the witness votes.


First hand experience, its blocked in China.

I am think that if Justin Sun wants to use Steemit for China, then why did he not just create a clone or a fork of it for such purpose?

I think because Steem was an established name already and the Chinese want what the rest of the world is using. A clone would have worked but it wouldn't have been as sell able to the people I don't think. People want the original and not a clone. They are not allowed Facebook and such things so having an original block chain would have more appeal.

Thank you for your answer. However, if is just a front-end to its blockchain, pretty much anyone can create another front-end where there is no centralized censorship. I like Hive, but why create the Hive fork instead of creating a better front-end for Steem?