Envisioning a future based on User Created Value and Social Governance in the 'real world'.

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Envisioning a future based on User Created Value and Social Governance in the 'real world'.

What if you lived in a time where you, your time and your skills were sought after by online communities in the thousands?

I've been into crypto and heavily invested most of my last 5 years to being a full time crypto nerd, I would like to think that excitement stems from something I fundamentally understood about this space that I find not only useful to me personally but possibly earth shattering in terms of how we interact with employers and earn a living in general.

Being that I have always been more of a freelancer at heart than a die hard loyal corporate employee I always felt myself looking for ways to invest into myself and create a better life overall for pursuing my career path and polishing my skills. The main problems I always ran into were people either wanted to pay less than I wanted to earn or there was too much competition for the jobs which results in lower wages overall.

Once I found Bitcoin all of that slowly started to change, you see Bitcoin has this magical feature no one really appreciates enough, its a borderless technology which enables one the ability to open up their income to a global space thus relieving some of the pressure to become an employee and instead provides incentives and opportunity to start investing in yourself, your business, and your ideas.

In the past one was expected to go learn a skill by attending college for many years and then working for a small handful of companies during their careers, this has slowly become a thing of the past and we are now entering an age of self employment and self investment, which is not to say these concepts have not been huge in the past, but technologies such as Bitcoin are creating many new opportunities for this to become even more of a possible day to day goal for normal folks. Accredited investors, stock markets, investing in Facebook and the like are slowly being sidelined for concepts like Steem, Bitcoin, self empowerment and pursuance of a real concept of ownership of ones value.

But what is User Created Value?

The idea that people spend time to work is what creates much of our basic economic value as a society, the same can be said about much of what happens online, and while much of that activity is already funded by businesses there is still alot of room for growth in the funding of users directly. If I spend all of my time writing about an education subject, surely I am creating some form of value and would be entitled to some form of income to compensate the value I have created. In traditional employment this is very understood, but for some reason the internet is still waiting to catch up in regards to paying people for value they create, projects like Steem are a start at fixing this unfairness.

How does Social Governance play in here though?

Once the networks are alive and kicking and users have become educated enough to make the switches, there will be an overall rise in personal earnings as employers wont have a huge monopoly on wages and people will be able to start small businesses on the web where they are the primary beneficiary of the income, as opposed to less than 1% of revenue, the question becomes whos in charge of these systems and the decisions around the overall goals. Once people can be expected to have some form of online currency then ideally shareholder driven system will arise, the best of which should ideally have a proper social media front end and experience to incentivise the shareholder conversations and overall network growth. Overtime the users would ideally gravitate to the networks that are paying them mostly fairly for the values they produce while other users will start businesses on top of those very same networks, the businesses would generally follow the largest pool of earners which should increase the profitability of said business long term.

Now what if that was entirely possible today?

Beyond proof such as this very social network, networks like YouTube are also well known for paying users to create content(aka value) on their websites, this is a standard model for crowd sourcing value through a userbase and crypto is primed to create incentives to expand this into a more user focused concept. The projects that put users at the forefront of the project design will be the networks to be the most heavily adopted and likely to succeed long term. The networks that sap the value from their users will be the ones that die very quick deaths as the users will quickly watch the market gobble up short term thinkers.

Earning crypto currency as a side or passive income is difficult, but it doesn't have to be.

I was trying to find ways as a young guy out of College to earn Bitcoin as early as 2011 and wish there was more avenues back then, but it eventually started to work and today I can proudly say I have earned more Bitcoin than I have ever purchased and that is a world I want more people to be a part of.

Whether you are a web designer, a writer, a photographer or anything, there should be a way for you to earn crypto, sometimes you just have to dig for it!

Having trouble earning Crypto? Don't give up! The world is changing and all you need to do is stick around for it!

Hope you guys enjoyed my first post in a while, just trying out getting some of my opinions on my steem page to hide all the old Smartcash crap and all that. Looking forward to posting more often!

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