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RE: Steemit Inc now censors posts from the UI

in #steem3 years ago

It’s like Justin is trying his hardest to push everyone off of the Steem blockchain. Dude has lost his fuckin mind.


All and any of the open source dApps will run on the old chain regardless if support leaves. Google is not going to reset its links to the traffic content. There is an ad revenue stream on steemit now you know. Do you think he cares what 500,000 crypto geeks think? He will be targeting users who don'[t even know they are using a blockchain and paying for their ride with credit cards.

P.S. The more traders of STEEM out of the market the easier it will be for a billionaire to manipulate. Pump and dump until his prick turns blue.

You are absolutely right! 😷

That's implying that he had a mind of his own to begin with which seems a bit unlikely at this point.