A new series by @faddat: SteemLeaks!

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For those not in the know, sometimes a little transparency can shed light on difficult and complex issues.

Sorry it's on google cloud. I know that I'm working on solutions to that.


Fuck it-- kim.com is cool, too:


I figure it was @sneak or @menta who hacked me. Except when I reflect on it, I feel pretty confident that @menta isn't that kind of person. Hell, at the time things went down, his father had just died. He did not know what was going on, and I knew that and decided not to hold anything against him. I should have been a bit more convicted about that, though. Anyone who hacked me could have seen easily that I'd stupidly said ghosts would haunt Jan. He's probably like anyone else: just another schmuck struggling to do as best as he can, and for that, and for teaching me about cannabis oils, he has my respect. maybe some other stuff, less so.

But I'm sure he could say the same about me.

Coming soon:

  • The proposal I made to Stinc (would have solved many problems)
  • The proposal @sneak had me prepare (frankly did nothing to benefit stinc, and harmed the chain and its user community)

All proceeds from this post and tips and whatever I get on steemit, will go to support the three musketeers in their efforts to create a content platform similar to steemit, without the truth obscuring warp-laser-ray. And no, that's not a clone: Honesty is a feature that is sorely lacking around here.

......and maybe you, too?


  • Coders
    • Go
    • JavaScript
    • Android
    • iOS
  • Crypto


  • Donations only

You can send sbd/steem to any of us and know that we'll distribute it 30/30/30/10. 30's to the humans, and 10 for sustaining our work (servers, domains, etc.) . But fact is 100% goes to sustaining our work since your donations allow us to keep creating.

@l0k1 is incredible at systems, period. Working with him is a joy and we multiply each other's output.
@ebryans is incredible at conveying the urgency of our problem set. If you don't know why I've been making so many posts like this, he'd be a great person to talk with.

Downvote me, sure. Yeah, I bet that's totally going to help.


I hate to do this...ive been SO nice faddat. So patient. But since you wont stop. And mostly since you like acting like you dont know what happened to the "old" fuzzy let me show you.

When you read this people...know this is what he said to me about my money when i gave 15k toward a project it turns out faddat didnt even check to see if he could do it.
He got me to buy a server to run our service and instead mined zcoin with it. He even offered to give me some at the time. I said "just get the job done". A job he never finished...but made sure to charge 2x the initial quote.

So when people see faddat asking like i have changed, know that i treat him differently now for GOOD reason.

P.S. faddat please dont add bb tag anymore util i have reason to believe u are something above common scammers. If u do i will not only dowvote and flag it...but will add a comment with this pic^ to warn people.

Id prefer you simply leave bb out of posts from now on so at least you can stop DRAINING my productivity however...so as always if you do as i kindly ask...i will not post it all over the place. In short you decide how many times i have to be an asshole.

That's fine fuz.

I don't mind. Publish all of them.

Then keep being an asshole and cluttering bb tags with your incessant shit please.

There's nothing I've said to you that I'm ashamed of.

I was a dick a few times. And I'm sorry about that. But we've been there, and done that.

None of my own shortcomings make the technical realities I approached you with any less real.

What im sorry about is that i opened this can of worms by ever TRUSTING you to accomplish a goal with determination and resilience.

Not only have you absolutely failed at doing your task paid in full for...
You have caused hours of wasted time for me (even after ive asked you to please just stop). Then i get to both warn people about you when you ask for MORE donations(!?!?!?) And let people know that the FACT is you only act like you give a shit about yourself when it really comes down to it.


That's right, you said that you would. That was fine by me of course. And you did and that was also find by me. And tuan finished 100%-- and then oops, poop in the river again.....

He did not work on this for the majority of the time it was worked on. Anyway dude no worries I am just going through our chats now. God, my finger is tired from scrolling up through them all.

@baabeetaa has been quite direct about his total non-dissatisfaction with anything regarding my and his collaboration in trying to build your site.

Back to scrolling up.

.....and you seem to be entirely neglecting the reality that you brought me on to get a job done. I had difficulties because of poop in the river-- I spoke to someone I thought could help (This is regarded to be a GOOD THING in most circles: Asking for help when it is needed) -- he helped, and then stinc shat in the river again!

Fuz they never wanted people to build stuff like what you wanted built it would have cost them CONTROL.

.....and since I am genuinely not ashamed of anything re: what happened here


Not shouting from the rooftops that you had heard that there were deliberate issues in graphene's interfaces, as loud as I could and fleeing the scene (I am really ashamed and regretful of this now, but-- I was helping a friend, or so I thought).....

I'm just going to put all of our conversations ever on this here blockchain. It'll be quite evident to any reader that:

  • You're a decent:
    • Husband
    • Father
    • Community organizer (for a very shitty community)
    • Friend
  • You're a stellar
    • Ideator of crypto-related stuff
  • You stated-- long after beginning-- that you'd heard there were issues with graphene APIs.

Man, my fuckin scroll-up finger....

Oh jesus....you mean like all the shit people are devving ALL THE TIME on steem? The guy who built photosteem told me he couldnhave built it too and he WORKED WITH THE SAME API

.....using steem-js.

Which is an incredible thing-- that did not exist when I began this work. @fabien has invested enormous energy in unfucking that API and should be commended for it. I've said many times that I should have built your project in javascript. But ya see, when all this began there wasn't any way to filter by category/tag. So I began building ingestron.

Regarding donations:

I am asking for donations because steemit.com is proof positive that I was 100% dead-on when I wrote about the horse and jockey. One thing that this means is that I cannot form a company when starting its far superior alternative, lest it suffer the same fate.

Lol. 100% bs. Just like the trail of tears from past endeavors. Not many people it seems appreciate your lack of focus who have worked with you in the past it seems. Some of whome were even convinced to spend 5k (against my warnings behind the scenes mind you) to go across tue world and live with you.

You know what they say about you? "Now that faddat isnt on our team we get things done."

"Every time a dog takes a shit in your house, rub its nose in it" ~A Wise Guru~

I am glad for them. I hope they are very, very successful. If they needed to ditch me to succeed, that is what they should have done.

Flagged for unsubstantiated libel. If this continues I will instruct my attorney to contact you for next steps.

Sneak ill gladly work with you...

Why don't you just do that now, and save yourself the anxiety?

I don't know if you hacked me, @sneak. But I sure as hell think you did. And I think you want me to be afraid of you.

Not in this lifetime.

I'm too busy to waste time on people who don't matter, sorry.

Then why, oh, why, did you just do so?

If I don't matter, why do you care what I am saying?

I refuse to read your stuff lately fad. There was a time i thought posts from u were meant to help. Not sure what to say at present.

So ill leave it at this: i have asked you to run things by me if u are goi g to post them to bb. Since u did not, i will downvote this. Please next time do this without inserting beyond bitcoin as a community into it.

Let me be clear: I posted this with the beyondbitcoin tag 100% aware that you'd not just asked me to run things by you-- 100% aware in fact that you had gone further than that, and asked me simply not to post to it.

I am so disappointed in you.

@fuzzyvest: plugs ears and goes "lalalalalalalalalalalalalalala"

you, of all people. Don't you understand I don't like this particular position? Don't you get that this is not the easier path? Who are you and what happened to Fuzzy?

That guy, he cared about details.

Blah blah blah. That is what i see. From now on post whatever shit you want. Im done warning people about you man. But leave bb tag alone unless you have something NOT drama-producing.

How exactly does this tag and this word correlate to some exclusive right someone has? I don't think you can even trademark a word in this way.

The evidence relating to someone breaching by some method @faddat's account on riot.im is not really that difficult to dig up, and it was, if I remember correctly, someone else who allerted him to it.

Personally, I don't know why he is so sure about who did it but when I consider what I know about how he was cut out of the project he was in, why is it any surprise that there isn't really any obligation from his end about this alleged money that allegedly was given to allegedly fulfill a deal which it looks pretty clear to me, either it's pots and kettles or there really is some spiteful shit out there... and I've seen enough generally to know that there is a significant cohort of this kind of vile in the steem community, which is why there is so much ... I mean, what is the subject of pfunk's latest top hit post here?

I know. Pains me, too.

I hope you will get it. I hope you will read through my posts. I hope that the fuzzy I once knew, before I agreed to help him build a front end for steemit, shows up again. But I don't expect any help from you.

That said, quite sure you haven't seen upcoming docs.

Help?????? LOL

Not sure what you've leaked except a chatlog with sneak. Generally a leak would have something interesting in it. Also you're providing no context at all about whatever hack you're talking about.

CONSTANT drama...alll surrounding faddat nonstop. Stop it please faddat. I see a pattern...which means many others do too. Your actions continue to bury you (sadly).

"Downvote me, sure. Yeah, I bet that's totally going to help."

Actually it does help to constantly warn people about you. Otherwise they might get sucked i to your next effort that has every intention of requiring funding...then double funding...then doesnt get done.

If it helps on that if EVEN by not giving u monetary incentive to post your bullcrap, ill continue doing it.

HAH. monetary incentive. We could have a conversation about that in Steem with the in-crowd mentality that goes on about what actually gets money through the mechanism built into steem. In fact, this business was why I started to look for something better to do than be a witness for this bullcrap. And yes, my witness has probably broadcast your crap as well. Thanks for that. Shame that the fact that the system I built for managing a witness got paid less in rewards than it makes for zero monitoring from me, without a glitch.

Hey, why don't you get one of your friends to do to my witness what was done on riot? hm?